Thursday, February 27, 2014

Music that I LOVE and appreciate

I am a music lover. If you know me, you will know that I live my life basically with music surrounding me. I can turn off the air-conditioning of my car but not my radio. I love listening to music and I know which music (from the era) that I can appreciate.

I never heard about this group before but I really LOVE their music. Their current song is being played on the radio is ‘Strong’. I don’t know why but whenever I listen to this song, it reminds me of clouds, airplanes, and foreign countries. It reminds me of me travelling and living at peace. This music gives me peace.


Excuse me for a while
While I’m wide-eyed
And I’m so down caught in the middle
I’ve excused you for a while
While I’m wide-eyed
And I’m so down caught in the middle

And a lion, a lion roars would you not listen?
If a child, a child cries would you not forgive them?

Yeah, I might seem so strong
Yeah, I might speak so long
I've never been so wrong
Yeah, I might seem so strong
Yeah, I might speak so long
I've never been so wrong

Excuse me for a while,
Turn a blind eye
With a stare caught right in the middle
Have you wondered for a while
I have a feeling deep down
You’re caught in the middle?

If a lion, a lion roars would you not listen?
If a child, a child cries would you not forgive them?

Yeah, I might seem so strong
Yeah, I might speak so long
I've never been so wrong
Yeah, I might seem so strong
Yeah, I might speak so long
I've never been so wrong

Excuse me for a while
While I’m wide-eyed
And I’m so down caught in the middle
Have you wondered for a while
I have a feeling deep down?
You’re caught in the middle

Yeah, I might seem so strong
Yeah, I might speak so long
I've never been so wrong
Yeah, I might seem so strong
Yeah, I might speak so long
I've never been so wrong

If you did follow them on YouTube, you can listen to their songs and ALL of them are AMAZING! I love songs which are so nice to be appreciate and so hard to let it out of my mind. I am so going to purchase their full album on iTunes!

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sneak Peak : Dove Skindulgence

Hello guys and girls. Yesterday I was being invited by Butterfly Project Malaysia to attend the event by DOVE. They call it ‘Let’s shower with DOVE’ at The Apartment, The Curve. I wont be saying much as I will be typing a full entry on this event, But just some pictures to share with you all about the event that I attended yesterday. ;)

DSC09691 editDSC09693 edit

we also did a lot of fun activities during the event. Want to know what my group did yesterday? Wait for my full report entry on this event soon! ;)


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BOTD–The Lilac Box 2014

The Lilac Box has already launched their first box for 2014! We are all so excited to see the new 2014 debut box for The Lilac Box. Come lets see what do we get for this year first box!

DSC09680 edit

Yet another same dark blue design box with a little touch of ribbon and heart button. I think they should at least change their box design by now. People now do recognize the box so I guess it is time for a change. :)

DSC09681 edit

A little note to reuse this box as a re-gift to our loved ones. :)

DSC09682 edit

Just a little sneak peak on the inside of the box. Feeling excited! Well, I usually go and take a peek of the coming box inside their website but this time, I just forgot to do that!

DSC09684 edit

The products! Well, this time there was no full size product. A little bit disappointed on this matter. Usually, TLB has a lot of other products if they did not have a full size item but this time, it was just all sample sized, deluxe sized I should say. So, let get started with the items one by one. :)

DSC09685 edit

Eau De Toilette – Vial size.

Eau D’Ivoire Balmain

DSC09686 edit

Kerastase Specifique Sensidote Dermoa-Calm

Hair mask

DSC09687 edit

Kerastase Homme Capital Force Shampoo

Daily Treatment Shampoo

DSC09688 edit

StriVectin-WH Photo-White Night Cream

DSC09689 edit

Kreipp Herbal Bath Eucalyptus

Sinus Relief

*I really do love the smell!*

DSC09690 edit

ALGOTHERM Cosmetique Marine

Youth Clarifying Fluid & Foaming Cleansing Clarifying Gel

Overall, I am a little bit disappointed in this debut box for 2014. The products were good, I absolutely love the Kreipp Herbal Bath scent and I did tried them and it does work if you have blocking nose, stress or even headache. :) But, it seems like there are no full size product in this box, makes it a little disappointment.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Me is here!


I am finally at my new home! So no more no internet excuses anymore! :P I am so glad that most of my cats are okay with this transformations. Glad that they were all independent and can adapt very quickly. Glad that we did not caged them before and made them sort of like stupid. They were among the brightest cats around!

Now, I am working from home. But that does not mean that I wont be going to my office. I shall go to my office to clear up my things and advise some of my friends on my work cause she’ll be the one to continue my tasks.

As for now, I am happy to be at my new home with my cats. Glad we were all okay. :) Happy Saturday guys. Another 8 days more till I start to report at my new office. ;)


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BOTD–3 days Dermedex Challenge!

Good day all! So as promised in my Facebook Page, I am going to blog about my experience using this Dermedex cream and cleanser for 3 days. It claims to have clearer skin in just 3 days! Sounds good to me as on the day that I found out about this cleanser, I had such a horrible skin looking. I had red spots nearly everywhere on my face especially under my eyes. My face feels rough, kind of dry and very dull looking.

011 edit

I cant believe that I have been holding this cleanser for a really long time. I could not remember when and where did I received this but what I know is it from one of the beauty boxes that I subscribed last year. If you know from which box, do let me know. :) So the 3 days challenge is now on!

How to actually use this challenge pack? Well, all of the instructions are at the back of the pack so if you wanted to tear the package, tear carefully. ;) Basically, what you have to do is..

1. Biotox Cleanser : Pump just a tiny white cleanser cream onto your palm, dots it on your wet face. Focus on the area that is oily to you. I just basically dots on my whole face. Spread it evenly, until the thick cream turns into white milky cream. Leave it for 15-30 minutes. You can also use this as an overnight mask. You will feel a little but minty and cold on your face.

008 edit009 edit


* Wet your face *

* Apply the cleanser onto your face *


* Rub it until it turns out to be milky *

* Leave it for 15 – 30 minutes *

2. Refining Cream 2 : Pump a little bit of the refining cream onto your palm. With clean, fresh dry face, apply onto the area that you think might be oilier. I just applied them onto my whole face. This cream has a little herbal smell. You might not like it. You will also feel kinda cold and tingling.

015 edit016 edit


* Apply the cream after washing your face using the Biotox Cleanser *

018 edit

* Can you see how stress made my face looks horrible? *

So let see how this so called 3 days challenge pack is progressing on my face..

013 edit

You can see that my face is dull, there are little dots of pimples and acne I believe. This picture is taken after one whole night of Biotox Cleanser mask on my face.

007 edit

Day 2, my face is not that dull anymore but those little acne / dots / pimples are still there. UGH! My skin looks a little bit clearer.

017 edit

In day 3, all those acne a pretty much gone. And you can see a clearer skin on my face. Eye bags are being reduced a little bit and those tiny dots just vanished.


I think this cream does work on my skin but for 3 days of clear skin as mentioned, I think it takes a little bit more than that. Maybe 1 week for clearer skin. The kit does make my skin looks a little more brighter and not THAT dull anymore which is nice. My small rice pimples are also gone after sometimes around day 2.

The set does not tingles my skin in a bad way. It does make your skin feels really really cold and windy and the smell of the cream is just not pleasant but if it works, I don’t mind at all smelling those gross smell. :P I only use twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Overall, I do think this cleaner & cream is brilliant. It does shows results in 3 days. I am loving it at the moment. :)

For more information about Dermedex you may visit their website :

Monday, February 17, 2014

Best Friend Makeup!

Last Saturday, I had this opportunity to do the makeup for my best friend! She has this Gala dinner going on so she decided to ask me to do her makeup on. I only do the eye makeup and also some blusher and bronzer. She has already have a nice complexion so I skipped foundation on. :)

I love the time that we spend together. I miss that kind of moment. We used to hang out everyday! We studied together, we sang and dance to Westlife songs together, we played (my first social media accout!) together and got to know the same guy name Jens and make friends with him, together. We were inseparable! Now, we are 28 years old this year still things did not changed one bit. Although we did not see each other that often anymore as we both have our own life routine but still whenever we had the chance, we just don’t blow it. :)

006 edit

Just a simple eye makeup like what she requested. She wanted something natural but since it’s a dinner, I did glammed it a little bit by using some shimmering eye shadow. This makeup was done only by using the eye shadows from FRONT COVER Party Queen Makeup Kit. :) The kit has some gorgeous cold colors. Blusher is from H&M Rose Petal shade & Lip Gloss by Heavy Rotation. :)

I actually had fun, more that anything that she’s here in my new home. I kind of missing these kind of moments where we just chit chatting, gossiping and laughing, telling stories and all that. I did not tell that much stories to her yet. But still, I want to say thank you for trusting me to do your make up. I don’t know if it’s okay but I did my best! I do hope that you really like it. :)

Zati, maybe tunggu kita dah tukar kerja nanti banyak nak story mory kat kamu hehe! Datang rumah kita tau, sleepover! Kalau dayan boleh datang jugak kan best! Bawak baby skali! Hehe :P

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Seventeen Makeover Party!

Well, I know I am a little bit late in posting this event on my blog but better late than never right girls! Haha. Well, with lacking on my internet connection and being quite bust for the past month, I can now say I am a little bit settled down although I am still having some internet connection problems. I thought, that wont be my problem anymore cause now I just use what’s left of my iPhone connection data to connect to the internet world. Well, forget about all that. In this entry I want to express how happy I am, when I went to this makeover party by Seventeen.

011 edit

Being groomed by Mamasan Tammy and The Butterfly Project Malaysia group, I know what to do when we are at any events. I met with Claudine when I arrived that FullHouse Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid. She stood there in front of the entrance, waiting for another butterfly Ms. Shivani. Once registered inside, me, Claudine & Shivani was in the same group which was group 2. We were happy! Chit chatting and Claudine took some photos of us and posted in instgram. The event was supposed to start at around 11am and I am still waiting for another butterfly to come, Nurliyana. She arrived and I immediately asked her which group she’s in and she’s also in group 2! So mainly all butterflies were in the same group. Then Vera came along as well and again, in the same group! So we are happy! :)


* Taken from Claudine instagram (L-R : Me, Shivani & Claudine)

012 edit

* Nurliyana and I *

The first stop for group 2 on that day was at the makeup counter! YAYNESS! We were all happy to be the first one to play with makeup. It was one of the best activities that we had on that day! The makeup was sponsored by KATE, the very well known Japanese makeup brand. Mr. Steven was the makeup artist on that day and has given a lot of good tips for all makeup beginners and also steady makeup users like me and the butterflies. Claudine did asked a questions on how to get the perfect cat eye shape using eyeliner and she did get a demo on herself from Steven!

018 edit

026 dit

We were all given a group of KATE makeup for us to play around and test. I have never seen such a pretty eye shadow colors like the ones that KATE has! They have these gold eye shadow and some other lovely color shades!

015 edit

We were all need to choose one eye shadow palette that we love, and had to apply them onto our eyes using the given mini tools! I choose this!

019 edit

Yeah. I know!! Boring colors but…when you swatch them on your hands, it was marvelous! I forgot to swatch mine cause we were in a hurry. Each counters, the group were given around 20-30 mins only to play around with.

After makeup counter, there was a lunch break and we were served with delicious foods by FullHouse! I had this spaghetti with some vegetables. Yummy! So worth it for RM30! You can eat as many as you want but be considerate-lah. :P

027 edit

After lunch, another session begins! Now group 2 has to go to the Fortune Telling table organized by Soleil Trinity. We were all needed to add all the numbers in our birthdate and the final number is our fortune number. To my surprise it was the same as Liyana too! So, we shared the same tarot card number and our card was the High Priestess.

028 edit

030 edit

The next stop would be accessories making by Sze Accessories! Another yahoo for us! We could DIY our own bracelet! All the materials were given and we were thought on how to to make it too! While trying to make our own bracelet, Sze Accessories also has their accessories displayed on the table, in front of us and I just cant stop staring at those gorgeous bracelets and necklaces!

036 edit

038 edit

033 edit035 edit

The last stop of the day would be Skechers counter! On the table, there were some few sketchers shoes and we could hold, feel and test out each one. But, there was a purpose for them to display those shoes. We need to write down which shoes do we want to purchase as we might be getting the chance to win one pair of the shoes if we were lucky. After submitting the paper, we were divided onto 3 groups and each has to come up with the best and most creative way on how / what to style or use with Sketchers shoes. Each group were given a pair of shoe and we have to discuss among our group members. Lastly, one of the member needs to present our discussion and Vera, represent my group did a very good job! Haha. Of course Claudine and another member did impressively well as well! :)

039 edit

040 editgroups edit

* Each group presenter with their point and shoe! *

048 edit

Before I forgot, Liyana won a Sketchers voucher as she has the most interesting point on why do she wanted / needed a pair of sketchers quiz! :) Congratulations babe! I did won a lucky draw too on that day! Hehe.

To summarize up all, this was such a great event to mingle and meet people and have fun! I did have fun although I did feel a little bit old to be in this party but what the heck. haha. :P Some even think I am around 23 years old, which is nice. ;p I had fun, we all had fun and at the end of the day, it was all that matters.

If ever Seventeen Magazine organize this kind of party in the future, I do suggest you to join in as well. :) Oh by the way, the goodie bag was AWESOME too! I forgot to take the picture of my goodie bag so sorry! :(

Friday, February 14, 2014


I have this obsession with lip lacquer. The longer it last on my lips, the more love I give to it! Haha. Plus, the price must be affordable as well. Found out about this lip lacquer while I was browsing some lippies with Nur Liyana after Seventeen Makeover Party few weeks back but did not purchase it at that time cause I am way over budget on makeup. HAHA. So, when my salary comes in, I instantly asked my boyfriend to bring me to Sephora cause I really want to get this one! :)

017 edit

Look at the gorgeous color! I am so into deep dark lip color now I have no idea why. Maybe maturity is the answer. Although for everyday look, I am still preferring my pink lip color but sometimes when I need a little vampy/serious look, I always wanted something bold and dark. I did tested this lip lacquer at Sephora and fell in love with it instantly!

I believe Sephora only has two color choices for this type of lip sticks/cream. Burgundy and black. I did tried out the black as well and are very perfect for layering but still, I prefer this one better but still, I will buy the black ones when the time comes.

016 edit

I do hope you can see the label a little bit clearer but it says BURGANDY on it and 0.237 oz. So far, this is the cheapest lip lacquer that I have encountered to far that is serious long lasting and does not feel sticky at all. Well, just make sure you did not swatch this on your hands as it does leave a little stain once you removed it. It is that pigmented!

018 edit

The gorgeous deep burgundy color! I just could not resist from not to buy it! Look at how the consistency with just one swipe from the wand. It does not have any patches of products and glides very smoothly on the lips. Very easy to apply with just one stroke!

014 edit

Since I have a tiny teeny lips, dark color did brings out my lips a little bit. To me, this lip lacquer feels like a gloss but does have that lipstick effect on the lips. It glossed up my lips but still, it does feel a little bit matte too. It’s hard to describe it! Haha. It does not dries up fast so, once applied you have to let it set for a little while. Maybe around 1-2 minutes or so. It does also sticks on your teeth so be careful after applying these on your lips, especially tiny lips like mine. Haha.

- Long lasting
- Cheap
- Feels very nice on lips
- Does have a nice scent
- Easy to apply wand

- Does not have many color range
- Only available at Sephora (it’s from Sephora’s makeup line)
- Stuck on teeth
- Will leave stains

5 stars

This is all the way 5 stars product! I believe that the price is just RM32-35 only! Really really cheap. It does sells quite fast so if you did see them on Sephora’s counter, do grab them! With the price and the quality I know that this would be the product that everybody will love. :)

013 edit

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