Wednesday, February 19, 2014

BOTD–3 days Dermedex Challenge!

Good day all! So as promised in my Facebook Page, I am going to blog about my experience using this Dermedex cream and cleanser for 3 days. It claims to have clearer skin in just 3 days! Sounds good to me as on the day that I found out about this cleanser, I had such a horrible skin looking. I had red spots nearly everywhere on my face especially under my eyes. My face feels rough, kind of dry and very dull looking.

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I cant believe that I have been holding this cleanser for a really long time. I could not remember when and where did I received this but what I know is it from one of the beauty boxes that I subscribed last year. If you know from which box, do let me know. :) So the 3 days challenge is now on!

How to actually use this challenge pack? Well, all of the instructions are at the back of the pack so if you wanted to tear the package, tear carefully. ;) Basically, what you have to do is..

1. Biotox Cleanser : Pump just a tiny white cleanser cream onto your palm, dots it on your wet face. Focus on the area that is oily to you. I just basically dots on my whole face. Spread it evenly, until the thick cream turns into white milky cream. Leave it for 15-30 minutes. You can also use this as an overnight mask. You will feel a little but minty and cold on your face.

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* Wet your face *

* Apply the cleanser onto your face *


* Rub it until it turns out to be milky *

* Leave it for 15 – 30 minutes *

2. Refining Cream 2 : Pump a little bit of the refining cream onto your palm. With clean, fresh dry face, apply onto the area that you think might be oilier. I just applied them onto my whole face. This cream has a little herbal smell. You might not like it. You will also feel kinda cold and tingling.

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* Apply the cream after washing your face using the Biotox Cleanser *

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* Can you see how stress made my face looks horrible? *

So let see how this so called 3 days challenge pack is progressing on my face..

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You can see that my face is dull, there are little dots of pimples and acne I believe. This picture is taken after one whole night of Biotox Cleanser mask on my face.

007 edit

Day 2, my face is not that dull anymore but those little acne / dots / pimples are still there. UGH! My skin looks a little bit clearer.

017 edit

In day 3, all those acne a pretty much gone. And you can see a clearer skin on my face. Eye bags are being reduced a little bit and those tiny dots just vanished.


I think this cream does work on my skin but for 3 days of clear skin as mentioned, I think it takes a little bit more than that. Maybe 1 week for clearer skin. The kit does make my skin looks a little more brighter and not THAT dull anymore which is nice. My small rice pimples are also gone after sometimes around day 2.

The set does not tingles my skin in a bad way. It does make your skin feels really really cold and windy and the smell of the cream is just not pleasant but if it works, I don’t mind at all smelling those gross smell. :P I only use twice a day, one in the morning and one in the evening.

Overall, I do think this cleaner & cream is brilliant. It does shows results in 3 days. I am loving it at the moment. :)

For more information about Dermedex you may visit their website :

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