Friday, February 14, 2014


I have this obsession with lip lacquer. The longer it last on my lips, the more love I give to it! Haha. Plus, the price must be affordable as well. Found out about this lip lacquer while I was browsing some lippies with Nur Liyana after Seventeen Makeover Party few weeks back but did not purchase it at that time cause I am way over budget on makeup. HAHA. So, when my salary comes in, I instantly asked my boyfriend to bring me to Sephora cause I really want to get this one! :)

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Look at the gorgeous color! I am so into deep dark lip color now I have no idea why. Maybe maturity is the answer. Although for everyday look, I am still preferring my pink lip color but sometimes when I need a little vampy/serious look, I always wanted something bold and dark. I did tested this lip lacquer at Sephora and fell in love with it instantly!

I believe Sephora only has two color choices for this type of lip sticks/cream. Burgundy and black. I did tried out the black as well and are very perfect for layering but still, I prefer this one better but still, I will buy the black ones when the time comes.

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I do hope you can see the label a little bit clearer but it says BURGANDY on it and 0.237 oz. So far, this is the cheapest lip lacquer that I have encountered to far that is serious long lasting and does not feel sticky at all. Well, just make sure you did not swatch this on your hands as it does leave a little stain once you removed it. It is that pigmented!

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The gorgeous deep burgundy color! I just could not resist from not to buy it! Look at how the consistency with just one swipe from the wand. It does not have any patches of products and glides very smoothly on the lips. Very easy to apply with just one stroke!

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Since I have a tiny teeny lips, dark color did brings out my lips a little bit. To me, this lip lacquer feels like a gloss but does have that lipstick effect on the lips. It glossed up my lips but still, it does feel a little bit matte too. It’s hard to describe it! Haha. It does not dries up fast so, once applied you have to let it set for a little while. Maybe around 1-2 minutes or so. It does also sticks on your teeth so be careful after applying these on your lips, especially tiny lips like mine. Haha.

- Long lasting
- Cheap
- Feels very nice on lips
- Does have a nice scent
- Easy to apply wand

- Does not have many color range
- Only available at Sephora (it’s from Sephora’s makeup line)
- Stuck on teeth
- Will leave stains

5 stars

This is all the way 5 stars product! I believe that the price is just RM32-35 only! Really really cheap. It does sells quite fast so if you did see them on Sephora’s counter, do grab them! With the price and the quality I know that this would be the product that everybody will love. :)

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