Tuesday, February 25, 2014

BOTD–The Lilac Box 2014

The Lilac Box has already launched their first box for 2014! We are all so excited to see the new 2014 debut box for The Lilac Box. Come lets see what do we get for this year first box!

DSC09680 edit

Yet another same dark blue design box with a little touch of ribbon and heart button. I think they should at least change their box design by now. People now do recognize the box so I guess it is time for a change. :)

DSC09681 edit

A little note to reuse this box as a re-gift to our loved ones. :)

DSC09682 edit

Just a little sneak peak on the inside of the box. Feeling excited! Well, I usually go and take a peek of the coming box inside their website but this time, I just forgot to do that!

DSC09684 edit

The products! Well, this time there was no full size product. A little bit disappointed on this matter. Usually, TLB has a lot of other products if they did not have a full size item but this time, it was just all sample sized, deluxe sized I should say. So, let get started with the items one by one. :)

DSC09685 edit

Eau De Toilette – Vial size.

Eau D’Ivoire Balmain

DSC09686 edit

Kerastase Specifique Sensidote Dermoa-Calm

Hair mask

DSC09687 edit

Kerastase Homme Capital Force Shampoo

Daily Treatment Shampoo

DSC09688 edit

StriVectin-WH Photo-White Night Cream

DSC09689 edit

Kreipp Herbal Bath Eucalyptus

Sinus Relief

*I really do love the smell!*

DSC09690 edit

ALGOTHERM Cosmetique Marine

Youth Clarifying Fluid & Foaming Cleansing Clarifying Gel

Overall, I am a little bit disappointed in this debut box for 2014. The products were good, I absolutely love the Kreipp Herbal Bath scent and I did tried them and it does work if you have blocking nose, stress or even headache. :) But, it seems like there are no full size product in this box, makes it a little disappointment.

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