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Seventeen Makeover Party!

Well, I know I am a little bit late in posting this event on my blog but better late than never right girls! Haha. Well, with lacking on my internet connection and being quite bust for the past month, I can now say I am a little bit settled down although I am still having some internet connection problems. I thought, that wont be my problem anymore cause now I just use what’s left of my iPhone connection data to connect to the internet world. Well, forget about all that. In this entry I want to express how happy I am, when I went to this makeover party by Seventeen.

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Being groomed by Mamasan Tammy and The Butterfly Project Malaysia group, I know what to do when we are at any events. I met with Claudine when I arrived that FullHouse Restaurant in Sunway Pyramid. She stood there in front of the entrance, waiting for another butterfly Ms. Shivani. Once registered inside, me, Claudine & Shivani was in the same group which was group 2. We were happy! Chit chatting and Claudine took some photos of us and posted in instgram. The event was supposed to start at around 11am and I am still waiting for another butterfly to come, Nurliyana. She arrived and I immediately asked her which group she’s in and she’s also in group 2! So mainly all butterflies were in the same group. Then Vera came along as well and again, in the same group! So we are happy! :)


* Taken from Claudine instagram (L-R : Me, Shivani & Claudine)

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* Nurliyana and I *

The first stop for group 2 on that day was at the makeup counter! YAYNESS! We were all happy to be the first one to play with makeup. It was one of the best activities that we had on that day! The makeup was sponsored by KATE, the very well known Japanese makeup brand. Mr. Steven was the makeup artist on that day and has given a lot of good tips for all makeup beginners and also steady makeup users like me and the butterflies. Claudine did asked a questions on how to get the perfect cat eye shape using eyeliner and she did get a demo on herself from Steven!

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We were all given a group of KATE makeup for us to play around and test. I have never seen such a pretty eye shadow colors like the ones that KATE has! They have these gold eye shadow and some other lovely color shades!

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We were all need to choose one eye shadow palette that we love, and had to apply them onto our eyes using the given mini tools! I choose this!

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Yeah. I know!! Boring colors but…when you swatch them on your hands, it was marvelous! I forgot to swatch mine cause we were in a hurry. Each counters, the group were given around 20-30 mins only to play around with.

After makeup counter, there was a lunch break and we were served with delicious foods by FullHouse! I had this spaghetti with some vegetables. Yummy! So worth it for RM30! You can eat as many as you want but be considerate-lah. :P

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After lunch, another session begins! Now group 2 has to go to the Fortune Telling table organized by Soleil Trinity. We were all needed to add all the numbers in our birthdate and the final number is our fortune number. To my surprise it was the same as Liyana too! So, we shared the same tarot card number and our card was the High Priestess.

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The next stop would be accessories making by Sze Accessories! Another yahoo for us! We could DIY our own bracelet! All the materials were given and we were thought on how to to make it too! While trying to make our own bracelet, Sze Accessories also has their accessories displayed on the table, in front of us and I just cant stop staring at those gorgeous bracelets and necklaces!

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The last stop of the day would be Skechers counter! On the table, there were some few sketchers shoes and we could hold, feel and test out each one. But, there was a purpose for them to display those shoes. We need to write down which shoes do we want to purchase as we might be getting the chance to win one pair of the shoes if we were lucky. After submitting the paper, we were divided onto 3 groups and each has to come up with the best and most creative way on how / what to style or use with Sketchers shoes. Each group were given a pair of shoe and we have to discuss among our group members. Lastly, one of the member needs to present our discussion and Vera, represent my group did a very good job! Haha. Of course Claudine and another member did impressively well as well! :)

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* Each group presenter with their point and shoe! *

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Before I forgot, Liyana won a Sketchers voucher as she has the most interesting point on why do she wanted / needed a pair of sketchers quiz! :) Congratulations babe! I did won a lucky draw too on that day! Hehe.

To summarize up all, this was such a great event to mingle and meet people and have fun! I did have fun although I did feel a little bit old to be in this party but what the heck. haha. :P Some even think I am around 23 years old, which is nice. ;p I had fun, we all had fun and at the end of the day, it was all that matters.

If ever Seventeen Magazine organize this kind of party in the future, I do suggest you to join in as well. :) Oh by the way, the goodie bag was AWESOME too! I forgot to take the picture of my goodie bag so sorry! :(

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