Sunday, March 30, 2014

BOTD : Long lasting Lipgloss #20

Hello all,

This is just another update about the long lasting lipgloss from Sashimiko! I have written one entry about this lip gloss HERE. Read them first if you have not. All of the information are in that entry. The Pros and Cons and all. :)

In this entry, I would just want to show the color of the number 20!

DSC09772 edit

Bare Lips there.

DSC09773 edit

Half full lips! You can see the color is nearly like my natural lip color. So nice! :)


016 edit

Full lips!

DSC09775 edit

This is one of my current favorite lip gloss. Although I like them, but there are some of the things that I don’t really like as well. As said, you can refer to my first entry to find out why. ;)

Thursday, March 27, 2014

BOTD - Product on testing!

IMG_6057.JPG (2)
Products currently on testing!
1. Loreal Leteint True Match Foundation
3. CATHYDOLL Sparkling Winter Powder Pact
4. TOPSHOP Crescent Moon Highlighter

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

BOTD : Facial Regime

Hello girls and guys! I do hope that you’ll stay and read my blog entry. This time, I would want to share with you my latest skin care / facial regime. What did I use as my daily facial and all that stuffs. So, if you want to know what did I use now, read more below. :)

First and foremost, if you did follow me on twitter/instagram you would know that I rant about my face skin quite a lot. I am actually having this little bumps all over my left cheek, out of nowhere. Pretty bumped with all the bumps and obviously, I am sad. My skin has never breakout this way before and I am scared of loosing my one and only nice skin area. Some of my body parts are filled with ew eczema scars and blisters. My face is the only place that I could take care of and would not want anything happen to it.

From the previous entry, you can see that those little bumps has already started to show up more and more. I have tried everything, from Hada Labo the arbutin version to St. Ives apricot scrub and also pinching it as well but all of that does not work with these little bumps at all. So, I tried to google the causes and how to reduce it. Some say use a facial wash that has AHA / BHA in it so that it could kill away all the bacteria. I did try them now actually.

DSC09787 edit

So, as you can see from the above picture, Biore Waterbased makeup remover. I always clean my face using this now, even if I do not have any makeup on my face. I just want my face to be clean from all sorts of nasty dusts. This is also one of the product that I am currently testing out as well. And in the middle is the Hada Labo AHA + BHA facial wash. I heard that AHA + BHA could actually remove all the blackheads and whiteheads so I am not testing it out to see if it’s true. Lastly but not least, Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Blemish Gel. This one I think helps the most. I applied the gel every morning and night and it is a transparent one so you can just applied it and let it leave.

I shall do a dedicated post on each of the products mentioned here after I think all of these has made a HUGE impact on my face skin. As for now, I can see improvements but still I have a long way to go.

I do hope that you could be patient in order for me to review all of the products above cause I do not want to just simply say things are good but it is actually not.

Thank you!


Saturday, March 22, 2014

How’s life treatin’ ya?

Hello blog readers! How’s life treatin ya? My life has been fine as for now. :) I am happy with what has gotten me. Everything is fine and perfect in the sense that, I am still a normal person. Haha. Well, abnormal in certain things for sure but on the other hand, still wise, still breathing and still thinking using my still functional brain.

Well, I don’t really have that much beauty products to blog about as for this month alone. I did not use any foundation, any new makeup item. I am currently taking very deep care of my face skin. I have no idea what happened but I do have these tiny teeny bit of acne all over my left cheek, out of nowhere. I am sad because of that. So, I keep my facial cleansing routine, I tried to put on some Tea Tree Oil gels on and see if it’s working, and are drinkin back my Kinohimitsu collagen back. I miss my old not-so-smooth-but-ok skin. I am thinking of going to the dermatologist if all of the above are not making my skin any good.

I hate my face skin now. Really really do and I am willing to pay any amount to make it right again. I never had anything like this before. If you did experience this kind of skin condition before, do buzz me. I need to know how did you get rid of it, or is it never going to go away? Let me know! T_T


Tension level 100000000!

So, how’s life treatin’ ya all so far? ;)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

When dreams are still..dreams

Well, I know I always said that I shall start actively blogging back again like I used to. I know, I did promise some of my reader that I would update my blog regularly, like before. I am so sorry guys. It is not that I am extensively busy, it’s just that I am still trying to adjust my so call new life at the moment. I need to cherish my new life now a bit. But that does not made me a different person. I am still this weird girl who likes to do random things. Haha.

I shall try to blog as regularly as I could. Pertaining that you are still reading my blog, whoever you are. I don’t know if I do really have a regular reader or silent reader what ever you want to call it. I just hope that somebody could actually appreciate what I express here, in my blog.

Actually, my blog started as a personal blog. A place where I could say what ever I want to say. A place where I rant, a place where I jot down all my feelings. I never ever thought of changing the direction of my blog to become a review blog. If you know me, I think you’d know that I did not started wearing makeup up until I was about 22 years old. But at that time, makeup was something that is expensive and hard to get. So, when ever I passed by M.A.C cosmetic store, I would just took a glance and will never ever go inside. Just like a jewelry store. I don’t like jewelry. Yes. I am weird like that. People say, diamonds are a girl best friend. To me, I think my best friend is music. If the diamond could play music, then it’ll be my best friend. I just HATE diamonds, gold or any types of jewelry. I don’t even bother to buy one cause I know at the end of the day, I will not wear it anyway. Why wasting money, aite? ;P

What kind of music do I listen to? Britney Spears? Well, I listen to all kinds of music. I love London Grammar type of music. I also listen to Gothic, Folk, Gothic Metal and other foreign languages music. I love Rammstein! Weird huh? No? Well, I don’t know. When ever I meet new people, they always say that I am kind of weird.

Here I serve to you, my favorite music from Rammstein. Old song, I tried to memorize this song. 80% now I guess. :p PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO. It is SUPERBLY AWESOME!!!!


BOTD : Long lasting lipgloss

Hello ladies! Assalamualaikum Wbt all! How are you doing? I hope everyone is fine and in a good health. We are still praying for MH370 up until now, there is not news about the plane whereabouts just yet. Hopefully everyone is fine. :’(

Today as promised in my previous entry, I will blog about the long lasting lipgloss by Sachimiko. I love browsing things in instagram. I love seeing pictures and videos. I am a pictograph person so I appreciate more photos than words although I am a blogger. Weird.

In this entry, I will blog about one of the color first which is the No.19. The very coral red color I would say.

DSC09777 edit

002 edit

As you can see from the picture above, this lip gloss are quite cute when it comes to the packaging. At a glance, it looks like a test tube. Haha. At least I think it is cute. ;) Let see the swatches on my lips.

DSC09769 edit

Bare lips

DSC09770 edit

Half of the lips covered with the lip gloss

DSC09771 edit

Full lips covered! Tadaa!

Well, first of all I think we shall read the pros and cons on this lip gloss for you to read and analyze.


- Variety of colors!
- Nice pigmentation
- Long lasting (this one has it’s cons as well)
- Matte finishing
- Wont dry up the lips

- Sticky if apply two coats of it. VERY STICKY!
- Will leave a dry residue around your lips if the gloss is drying (long lasting)
- Has a weird smell

PRICE : RM25 (not including postage)


If you are interested in purchase these lasting lip gloss, do drop by the instagram SACHIMIKO.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bag review! : Inspired by Chanel Boy

Hello all my friends! You know how much I LOVE bags. If you don’t know already, well I am obsessed with bags. Any kind of bags. Paper bags, plastic bags, luggage bags, handbags, briefcase what ever! Haha. I am not a shoe person but surely I am a bag person.

So, when it comes to bags, I will only buy them if I like them. Heh. Make sense, right? Who would by things if they did not like it. Well, usually my bags are all affordable and will not exceed RM250. Even Charles & Keith are expensive nowadays! –_- Yes. I am a cheapskate but I do buy bags nearly every month so why do I need to buy some expensive bag when I will just be changing my handbags every month, right? Besides that, I don’t really have that amount of money to just buy one Coach / LV / YSL / Chanel what-so-ever brand names that is selling handbags. Yes. I am poor. :)

Well, my handbags mostly are from Glossy Addiction. I always buy bags from these lovely ladies. Usually, I will Whatsapp Charmaine (Min) and ask for the latest bag that they have. They were very nice and I really love their bag collection so much! Their bags are also really really tip top with a 100% fine quality. Does not have any grade to the inspired by bags but I can assure you, they were all good and double thumbs up!

DSC09758 editDSC09759 edit

Today, I would like to introduce you my latest purchase from TheBagQueen (instagram) / GlossyAddiction (website)! Tadaa! Inspired by Chanel Boy Sling bag! I whatsapp Min, asking if they do have any sling bag cause I am looking for a small compact bag for either casual or dinner. She send me several kind of bags and then I saw this bag and was like, okay I WANT this now! Haha. Cause I am looking for an inspired by Chanel Boy bag for so LONG! And it’s always no stock. :(

DSC09760 edit

This bag is really really suitable if you do not want to carry so many things but still prefer a box-liked bag like this. I love bags that stays in shape no matter what. It makes it easier for me to find my things. Haha. You know how woman bags like. Even with little things, you still can lost some things inside it. Especially keys. :)

DSC09761 editDSC09762 edit

This bags comes in with a long strap and it is adjustable. I love bags that has a long strap like this and bags that only has one strap. I can handle two straps bag but I shall need to see how the straps looks like. LOL. I am very detail in choosing my bags.

DSC09763 edit

* Long adjustable strap *

DSC09764 editDSC09767 edit

This inside of this bag is made with a HIGH QUALITY PU, red in color. Very nice and in a very very very nice quality condition!

DSC09766 edit

It also has a gold Chanel stamp there! Looks like original, I guess. Haha. I never see any Chanel original bags before. LOL. Imma poor girl. Haha.

DSC09768 edit

This is how it looks like, comparing the bag with my hand there. Sorry I have not yet measured this bag of mine. If you want the measurement, do let me know! At the meantime, do check out their Instagram and website for more bags and details!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lasting lipgloss?

Well, I am in the middle of testing two new lip glosses that I bought from Sachimiko, an instagram seller. I was so intrigued by the colors of the lipglosses and straight away asked her how much is per lip gloss through whatsapp.

I think this lip glosses has more than 20 shades to choose from. A lot! Yes! And all of the colors are just simply amazing!

Just look at the colors! How can you resist all of these pretty colors? I cant. :( So, I purchased two of the available one. No.19 & No 20.

016 edit

This is No. 20. A very nice warm tone coral color. Well, as I said, these lip glosses are still under testing phase so I will do another separate blog entry on the lip glosses soon! I shall provide you with the pros and cons if there are any! :P

002 edit

This is No.19. A pretty red coral color. Matches my red top for some reason, eh? Haha. :p

Wait for the review entry soon!

Each lip glosses are RM20 (promotional price at that time) without postage. I think now, the price is RM25. Still affordable and cheap! :)

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

BOTD : Revlon Colorburst Laquer Balm

Hello girls!This entry was actually planned to be posted up yesterday night but something is wrong with my wifi connection (aprently because of the fire at the main cable of unifi. Thank God it’s just for a day. One hell day for me. Haha. Now the connection is back, lets blog!

DSC09744 edit

I have had this for nearly a 2 weeks now. Been using it daily so now I think it’s the time for me to do a blog entry on this particular lip balm. Well, the name Revlon Colorburst is no longer something that we are not familiar with. From their first batch of balms, I have been loving them dearly. I can still remember where did I purchased my first Colorburst, 2 years ago and now Colorburst has already came out with their brand new laquer type of lip balm! I think this version comes out together with the Matte version of it as well but different shades altogether.

DSC09746 edit

I believe they have 10 shades under the Laquer Balm version, which is the version for glossy type. I swatched them all and this color captured my eye the most. 115 Whimsical Fantaisiste, a bright pink color. Other colors are also really really good! It has nudes and reds as well! xx


* Taken from eatinglipstick *

DSC09748 edit

If you can notice, there are some glitter particles inside the balm. This gives such a nice glossy effects to your lips upon applying. As it is a balm, it claims to act like a lip balm. To me, this is a colored lip balm as it does give a little bit of moisture onto my lips without drying it at all, it also has a really good pigmentation for a balm.

Just one swatch, this is how it looks like on my hands. Look at how glossy the balm is and how pigmented it is as well. I think so far, no balm has this kind of pigmentation, as far as I know. Let see steps of this lip balm on my lips shall we? ;)

DSC09753 edit

*Bare lips*

DSC09754 edit

*Half of the lips (on the left side of lips)*

DSC09755 edit

*Full lips! YAY*

So that is how it looks like on my lips. It does makes my lips a little bit color doesn't it? :) This is what I think this balm is having a really great impact onto the makeup world now. Oh yes, before I forgot, when you apply this onto your lips, you will have a tingle feelings onto your lips, like it has some sort of mints / menthol inside the balm. Cool! ;)


- Really nice shades
- Moisturizing!
- Pigmented colors
- Last a little bit longer than regular balm

- Not really have one yet. ;)

So far, I am loving this lip balm and has been using it everyday. At work, meetings, dating. Haha. I forgot the price of it but I shall update here once I know the exact price. I think it is between RM35-RM38. Similar to the other Colorburst line.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review : Yadah Oh My Sun Block

Ever since I went to Murad’s skincare for a free facial treatment, I am aware that UV protector / sunblock is kind of important in life for us. I don’t really like to play with sunlight that much and therefore, I dislike having any sorts of sunblock on my skin especially on my face. If necessary, I would wear them. If not, I just skip.

But sometime around 2 months ago, I went to Yadah’s event by The Butterfly Project Group and there, one of the activities were to test out several sun blocks on our hands. We have to know which sun block is our favorite without knowing the brand of the sun block. It was revealed that sunblock No.2 won and it was the NEW Yadah’s Oh My Sun Block sunblock! Yes, quite mouthful there.

011 edit

For those who are not familiar with Yadah and its product, here is a little information about Yadah.


* Taken from Melissathegreat *

In the gift pack, we all receive this sun block for us to test it out. I did! And it was amazing. I honestly said that I did not use this every single day. Not because of anything, I just feel like not adding any cream on my face (mixture of them) as it will tend to get mixed and feels very greasy. But as a non regular user of this sun block, I find out that the sunblock is :

  • Non greasy at all!
  • Non oily!
  • Nice soft scent!
  • Not that thick!
  • Matte finishing! No more glossy looking. <3
  • Very very very lightweight!

YADAH Oh My Sun Block

As per what the picture says above, the sunblock has SPF 35 PA++. SPF 35 are just enough for us to protect our skin from UV rays. You don’t really need any higher SPF than this. Plus, this sun block contains natual ingredients as well! Aloe vera which is very popular in soothing and moisturize our skin, Chamomile for anti-oxidize and wound healing, and  lavender. 

012 edit

We all received in a cute tub of 20ml of sun block. The size is just perfect for travelling and for keeping it inside our handbag.

013 edit

* Just the size of my palm! *


014 edit

The sun block is white in color, looks quite runny / watery.

015 edit

Blended very well onto my hands! Nice nice nice!

If you are looking for a lightweight sun block, want to use it as an everyday sunblock this is the perfect sunblock for you! I will quote back the price for this but you can get Yadah products at selected SASA outlets in Malaysia!


Sunday, March 9, 2014

Review : Dove Body Wash

044 edit

Since I went to Dove event last 2 weeks, I have been using these two body wash by Dove just to test it out how it really does moisturize my skin if I use it regularly. If you have been an avid follower of my blog, you would know that I do have eczema, a medical conditions that could make my skin dry and itchy. Like seriously itchy and those little blisters will come out if it’s really really itchy. My feet tends to be the most driest body part of mine. That’s why I don’t really show off my leg part that much. I always cover them up, no matter what.

Right after the test done by Dove experts on my skin,it shows that Dove really could give my skin a little bit of boost of moisture.


* I used back my feet picture from my Orifera entry *

As you can see from above picture, I do have really scaly skin, especially on my feet and legs. Knee and below. It’s like so yucky if you could see it. I really hate my alligator skin at that time. But not anymore!


This is my feet today! Yes! Today! After 2 weeks of using Dove body wash! Miracle does happen. It does not even react to my eczema at all. No itchy feelings, no scaly legs and feet, no more alligator looking legs! Yahoo! This is no camera 360 guys. This is a no filter picture. Alhamdullilah. Now I have my moisturized leg back! Just using Dove body wash.

The body washes by Dove contains Nurtimoisture, proven to provide nutrium & moisture at the same time. Also said that it is better than milk! WOW!

I urged all of you who has the same problem like I do, not only eczema but maybe just plainly dry skin, please give Dove body wash a try. It really does do good to your skin. I experienced it myself. Self true experience here! <3

Thank you Dove for this incredible experience! I shall use your body wash from now on!

Dove all

It also comes in other types of body wash:

Sensitive Skin (Teal/Green bottle)

Gentle Exfoliating (Light Blue Bottle)

Beauty Nourishing (Dark Blue Bottle)

Cucumber & Green Tea Fresh (Green Bottle)

Lemon & Lemongrass Fresh (Yellow Bottle)

Pomegranate Fresh (Pink bottle) –> My new favorite now!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

BOTD–Go to office makeup

Hello all! I know I have been missing a lot of days of blogging. Still trying to adjust my life for now. So far Alhamdulillah, so good. Cant ask for a better one I think. But, my deep prayers are all now goes towards the MH370 Malaysia Airlines passengers and crews. The aircraft went missing from the control room and are currently at a missing stage, still. pray4mh370

We all Malaysian are patiently waiting for the latest news from our authorities. Do not spread fake news without any confirmation from Malaysia Airlines and MAB. Even the news are not a reliable source for now. Hope that everyone on the flight are safe. #Pray4MH370


* Another creepy GIF for you! *

Haha. Yes! Another creppy GIF for you! Today I just want to show my go-to office makeup. If you want to know how do I create this SERIOUSLY SIMPLE EYE MAKEUP look, I shall do a short gif video on it! I tell you, it’s bloody easy! Even people with no makeup experience can do this, for sure! :)

What I used was, the SEPHORA birthday makeup palette & Cosmetica Dual Ended Brush! That’s it! Simple, easy and no fuss anddddddddd safe your time a lot. Like,  a lot! ;)

Well, I see you all soon! Be good!


Wednesday, March 5, 2014

BOTD–Cresent Moon Highlighter (TOPSHOP)

005 edit

If you have followed me through out my journey of Makeup, I am not a huge fan of highlighting my face. I do not even own a single highlighter product and if I do want to try highlighting my face, I use eye shadow instead. But I just thought, why now if I purchase a true highlight product and see if it really works. So, I came across TOPSHOP yesterday at One Utama and while I was searching for my new delicates (by the way, I LOVE TOPSHOP delicates! HAHA :P) and was on my way to the cashier, I saw this rounded product. I swatch it on my hand and Irfan went ‘WOW’ and I was like, what the heck? Haha. Well, Irfan did not know highlighter exists in makeup as I never used one before! So, I instantly fell in love with the color of this highlighter and without second thought, I bought it.

006 edit

It’s not a chunky shimmering highlighter and it blends quite easily and nicely. But I have to be careful not to over blend the product as it will fade away easily. I believe that it is not a waterproof product so maybe you need to fix it with a fixed spray like the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray or other spray that you have used before.
007 edit
* Not blended *

008 edit
* Blended *

I have yet to tried this product to say that it is even good or bad, but I will do another blog post on the test soon. As I am very very new to highlighting my face, it may take a while for me to review on it. But I can do a review on one thing which I am not a fan of now. The packaging. First of all, it does not have any mirror at all. So, I guess, with a huge rounded package, it could at least have a mirror to it. To add an extra thing. Second of all, the packaging is white in color so it tends to get dirty quite fast. So that’s about it. I shall do an in depth review on this product soon! :)

WHERE TO BUY : TopShop Outlets (I bought mine at One Utama)

Skindulgence Dove Event!

dove skindulgence

Dear all, as per the introduction title above, I am going to blog about the event that I went under the invitation of Butterfly Project Malaysia and also Dove skin care. As you might know, I am not that internet savvy for the past one month so I did not really open my facebook account and see all the latest news and events. When I saw the Butterfly Project Malaysia published two of their latest events, I straight away registered and got to go to one of them. YAY!

DSC09691 edit

The event was held at The Apartment, The Curve. I have never been to this restaurant before and was quite excited on their decorations and sightings of it! It represents an apartment with bathrooms and all! Basically, upon arrival, all of us are needed to register at the registration table and are given a bag of goodies, also our group card as well. Each of the attendees will be assigned onto one group and I was in group B! Each groups has their own activities to do. For group A, they will be doing the cooking section, group B at the bathroom section and group C is at the exercise section. These groups basically represents each of the 21 days of pledge that we will be participating later on after the event.

First and foremost, there was a little speech given from Dove representative Miss Suhaila Abdul Hamid and there was also a short video shown to us. So sorry for the blurred / low light image. :(

DSC09709 edit

020 edit

DSC09693 edit

The is group B activities. It is a skin moisturizer tester! Well, I know my skin is going to be really really dry cause of the eczema and all so it’s no use in trying to test out. But I did tested and see did my skin really am dry? Well, my left and right moisture is totally different! The far left is the moisturizer tester, beside it was a milk, and then water then dove body wash.

First, they tested out my skin without anything on. Get the moisturizer reader to read my moisture level. And then, they added milk and my moisture level just dropped! I was shocked! What? Haha. Then, they tested with dove body wash and my moisture raised up! It shows that milk does not provide any moisture to my skin whilst Dove body wash did!

037 edit056 editI did get to go and visit Group A activity. They were doing some healthy food cooking. Inannie, Sabby, Tammy and others were in this group. Saw them cooking was fun! They had serious fun! I had fun too! :)

023 edit

The best part is that, I could hang out with all the lovely butterflies and catch up on things. I really miss all of them and I told Shasha to not to move to Johor, please!! Haha. :) Met with Sis Azah and she’s also like me, eczema sufferer! We did talked about our experiences with eczema and she’s just like my sister that I have never met before! Haha. We had the same experience, did the same exact thing when it comes to eczema. Thank you sis for the advice and for the lovely chat!

062 edit

dove edit

As always, all of us received our goodie bag that day! Yay! Now we can use our own Dove Body Wash and Body Scrub! It also comes with a scrunchie and sponge and a clear toiletries bag! Thank you DOVE!

015 edit

Join Dove #Betterthanmilk 21 days of pledge to #EatRight, #StayActive and #Betterthanmilk campaign! All you have to do is…

1. Snap pictures for each categories, Eat Right, Stay Active & Loving Yourself. Minimum pictures needed to snap are 21 pictures (7 pictures for each categories) for you to qualify to win the GRAND PRIZE! Maximum would be 64 pictures (21 pictures each categories)

2. Post those lovely pictures using your Instagram account and use the hashtag appropriate for the categories.

#EatRight – Eat right
#StayActive – Stay active
#BetterThanMilk – Loving yourself

Also use the hashtag #Skindulgence for ALL of the categories!

Easy peesey!

Now you want to know what you could be winning right?

Well, the GRAND PRIZE is a trip to KRABI!


What are you waiting for! Come and sign up for the pledge at the links given below!

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