Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bag review! : Inspired by Chanel Boy

Hello all my friends! You know how much I LOVE bags. If you don’t know already, well I am obsessed with bags. Any kind of bags. Paper bags, plastic bags, luggage bags, handbags, briefcase what ever! Haha. I am not a shoe person but surely I am a bag person.

So, when it comes to bags, I will only buy them if I like them. Heh. Make sense, right? Who would by things if they did not like it. Well, usually my bags are all affordable and will not exceed RM250. Even Charles & Keith are expensive nowadays! –_- Yes. I am a cheapskate but I do buy bags nearly every month so why do I need to buy some expensive bag when I will just be changing my handbags every month, right? Besides that, I don’t really have that amount of money to just buy one Coach / LV / YSL / Chanel what-so-ever brand names that is selling handbags. Yes. I am poor. :)

Well, my handbags mostly are from Glossy Addiction. I always buy bags from these lovely ladies. Usually, I will Whatsapp Charmaine (Min) and ask for the latest bag that they have. They were very nice and I really love their bag collection so much! Their bags are also really really tip top with a 100% fine quality. Does not have any grade to the inspired by bags but I can assure you, they were all good and double thumbs up!

DSC09758 editDSC09759 edit

Today, I would like to introduce you my latest purchase from TheBagQueen (instagram) / GlossyAddiction (website)! Tadaa! Inspired by Chanel Boy Sling bag! I whatsapp Min, asking if they do have any sling bag cause I am looking for a small compact bag for either casual or dinner. She send me several kind of bags and then I saw this bag and was like, okay I WANT this now! Haha. Cause I am looking for an inspired by Chanel Boy bag for so LONG! And it’s always no stock. :(

DSC09760 edit

This bag is really really suitable if you do not want to carry so many things but still prefer a box-liked bag like this. I love bags that stays in shape no matter what. It makes it easier for me to find my things. Haha. You know how woman bags like. Even with little things, you still can lost some things inside it. Especially keys. :)

DSC09761 editDSC09762 edit

This bags comes in with a long strap and it is adjustable. I love bags that has a long strap like this and bags that only has one strap. I can handle two straps bag but I shall need to see how the straps looks like. LOL. I am very detail in choosing my bags.

DSC09763 edit

* Long adjustable strap *

DSC09764 editDSC09767 edit

This inside of this bag is made with a HIGH QUALITY PU, red in color. Very nice and in a very very very nice quality condition!

DSC09766 edit

It also has a gold Chanel stamp there! Looks like original, I guess. Haha. I never see any Chanel original bags before. LOL. Imma poor girl. Haha.

DSC09768 edit

This is how it looks like, comparing the bag with my hand there. Sorry I have not yet measured this bag of mine. If you want the measurement, do let me know! At the meantime, do check out their Instagram and website for more bags and details!


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