Wednesday, March 12, 2014

BOTD : Revlon Colorburst Laquer Balm

Hello girls!This entry was actually planned to be posted up yesterday night but something is wrong with my wifi connection (aprently because of the fire at the main cable of unifi. Thank God it’s just for a day. One hell day for me. Haha. Now the connection is back, lets blog!

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I have had this for nearly a 2 weeks now. Been using it daily so now I think it’s the time for me to do a blog entry on this particular lip balm. Well, the name Revlon Colorburst is no longer something that we are not familiar with. From their first batch of balms, I have been loving them dearly. I can still remember where did I purchased my first Colorburst, 2 years ago and now Colorburst has already came out with their brand new laquer type of lip balm! I think this version comes out together with the Matte version of it as well but different shades altogether.

DSC09746 edit

I believe they have 10 shades under the Laquer Balm version, which is the version for glossy type. I swatched them all and this color captured my eye the most. 115 Whimsical Fantaisiste, a bright pink color. Other colors are also really really good! It has nudes and reds as well! xx


* Taken from eatinglipstick *

DSC09748 edit

If you can notice, there are some glitter particles inside the balm. This gives such a nice glossy effects to your lips upon applying. As it is a balm, it claims to act like a lip balm. To me, this is a colored lip balm as it does give a little bit of moisture onto my lips without drying it at all, it also has a really good pigmentation for a balm.

Just one swatch, this is how it looks like on my hands. Look at how glossy the balm is and how pigmented it is as well. I think so far, no balm has this kind of pigmentation, as far as I know. Let see steps of this lip balm on my lips shall we? ;)

DSC09753 edit

*Bare lips*

DSC09754 edit

*Half of the lips (on the left side of lips)*

DSC09755 edit

*Full lips! YAY*

So that is how it looks like on my lips. It does makes my lips a little bit color doesn't it? :) This is what I think this balm is having a really great impact onto the makeup world now. Oh yes, before I forgot, when you apply this onto your lips, you will have a tingle feelings onto your lips, like it has some sort of mints / menthol inside the balm. Cool! ;)


- Really nice shades
- Moisturizing!
- Pigmented colors
- Last a little bit longer than regular balm

- Not really have one yet. ;)

So far, I am loving this lip balm and has been using it everyday. At work, meetings, dating. Haha. I forgot the price of it but I shall update here once I know the exact price. I think it is between RM35-RM38. Similar to the other Colorburst line.

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