Wednesday, March 5, 2014

BOTD–Cresent Moon Highlighter (TOPSHOP)

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If you have followed me through out my journey of Makeup, I am not a huge fan of highlighting my face. I do not even own a single highlighter product and if I do want to try highlighting my face, I use eye shadow instead. But I just thought, why now if I purchase a true highlight product and see if it really works. So, I came across TOPSHOP yesterday at One Utama and while I was searching for my new delicates (by the way, I LOVE TOPSHOP delicates! HAHA :P) and was on my way to the cashier, I saw this rounded product. I swatch it on my hand and Irfan went ‘WOW’ and I was like, what the heck? Haha. Well, Irfan did not know highlighter exists in makeup as I never used one before! So, I instantly fell in love with the color of this highlighter and without second thought, I bought it.

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It’s not a chunky shimmering highlighter and it blends quite easily and nicely. But I have to be careful not to over blend the product as it will fade away easily. I believe that it is not a waterproof product so maybe you need to fix it with a fixed spray like the Urban Decay All Nighter Spray or other spray that you have used before.
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I have yet to tried this product to say that it is even good or bad, but I will do another blog post on the test soon. As I am very very new to highlighting my face, it may take a while for me to review on it. But I can do a review on one thing which I am not a fan of now. The packaging. First of all, it does not have any mirror at all. So, I guess, with a huge rounded package, it could at least have a mirror to it. To add an extra thing. Second of all, the packaging is white in color so it tends to get dirty quite fast. So that’s about it. I shall do an in depth review on this product soon! :)

WHERE TO BUY : TopShop Outlets (I bought mine at One Utama)

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