Saturday, March 8, 2014

BOTD–Go to office makeup

Hello all! I know I have been missing a lot of days of blogging. Still trying to adjust my life for now. So far Alhamdulillah, so good. Cant ask for a better one I think. But, my deep prayers are all now goes towards the MH370 Malaysia Airlines passengers and crews. The aircraft went missing from the control room and are currently at a missing stage, still. pray4mh370

We all Malaysian are patiently waiting for the latest news from our authorities. Do not spread fake news without any confirmation from Malaysia Airlines and MAB. Even the news are not a reliable source for now. Hope that everyone on the flight are safe. #Pray4MH370


* Another creepy GIF for you! *

Haha. Yes! Another creppy GIF for you! Today I just want to show my go-to office makeup. If you want to know how do I create this SERIOUSLY SIMPLE EYE MAKEUP look, I shall do a short gif video on it! I tell you, it’s bloody easy! Even people with no makeup experience can do this, for sure! :)

What I used was, the SEPHORA birthday makeup palette & Cosmetica Dual Ended Brush! That’s it! Simple, easy and no fuss anddddddddd safe your time a lot. Like,  a lot! ;)

Well, I see you all soon! Be good!


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