Saturday, March 22, 2014

How’s life treatin’ ya?

Hello blog readers! How’s life treatin ya? My life has been fine as for now. :) I am happy with what has gotten me. Everything is fine and perfect in the sense that, I am still a normal person. Haha. Well, abnormal in certain things for sure but on the other hand, still wise, still breathing and still thinking using my still functional brain.

Well, I don’t really have that much beauty products to blog about as for this month alone. I did not use any foundation, any new makeup item. I am currently taking very deep care of my face skin. I have no idea what happened but I do have these tiny teeny bit of acne all over my left cheek, out of nowhere. I am sad because of that. So, I keep my facial cleansing routine, I tried to put on some Tea Tree Oil gels on and see if it’s working, and are drinkin back my Kinohimitsu collagen back. I miss my old not-so-smooth-but-ok skin. I am thinking of going to the dermatologist if all of the above are not making my skin any good.

I hate my face skin now. Really really do and I am willing to pay any amount to make it right again. I never had anything like this before. If you did experience this kind of skin condition before, do buzz me. I need to know how did you get rid of it, or is it never going to go away? Let me know! T_T


Tension level 100000000!

So, how’s life treatin’ ya all so far? ;)

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  1. Having the same issues too. Totally feel the struggle girl


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