Sunday, March 9, 2014

Review : Dove Body Wash

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Since I went to Dove event last 2 weeks, I have been using these two body wash by Dove just to test it out how it really does moisturize my skin if I use it regularly. If you have been an avid follower of my blog, you would know that I do have eczema, a medical conditions that could make my skin dry and itchy. Like seriously itchy and those little blisters will come out if it’s really really itchy. My feet tends to be the most driest body part of mine. That’s why I don’t really show off my leg part that much. I always cover them up, no matter what.

Right after the test done by Dove experts on my skin,it shows that Dove really could give my skin a little bit of boost of moisture.


* I used back my feet picture from my Orifera entry *

As you can see from above picture, I do have really scaly skin, especially on my feet and legs. Knee and below. It’s like so yucky if you could see it. I really hate my alligator skin at that time. But not anymore!


This is my feet today! Yes! Today! After 2 weeks of using Dove body wash! Miracle does happen. It does not even react to my eczema at all. No itchy feelings, no scaly legs and feet, no more alligator looking legs! Yahoo! This is no camera 360 guys. This is a no filter picture. Alhamdullilah. Now I have my moisturized leg back! Just using Dove body wash.

The body washes by Dove contains Nurtimoisture, proven to provide nutrium & moisture at the same time. Also said that it is better than milk! WOW!

I urged all of you who has the same problem like I do, not only eczema but maybe just plainly dry skin, please give Dove body wash a try. It really does do good to your skin. I experienced it myself. Self true experience here! <3

Thank you Dove for this incredible experience! I shall use your body wash from now on!

Dove all

It also comes in other types of body wash:

Sensitive Skin (Teal/Green bottle)

Gentle Exfoliating (Light Blue Bottle)

Beauty Nourishing (Dark Blue Bottle)

Cucumber & Green Tea Fresh (Green Bottle)

Lemon & Lemongrass Fresh (Yellow Bottle)

Pomegranate Fresh (Pink bottle) –> My new favorite now!

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