Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Review : Yadah Oh My Sun Block

Ever since I went to Murad’s skincare for a free facial treatment, I am aware that UV protector / sunblock is kind of important in life for us. I don’t really like to play with sunlight that much and therefore, I dislike having any sorts of sunblock on my skin especially on my face. If necessary, I would wear them. If not, I just skip.

But sometime around 2 months ago, I went to Yadah’s event by The Butterfly Project Group and there, one of the activities were to test out several sun blocks on our hands. We have to know which sun block is our favorite without knowing the brand of the sun block. It was revealed that sunblock No.2 won and it was the NEW Yadah’s Oh My Sun Block sunblock! Yes, quite mouthful there.

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For those who are not familiar with Yadah and its product, here is a little information about Yadah.


* Taken from Melissathegreat *

In the gift pack, we all receive this sun block for us to test it out. I did! And it was amazing. I honestly said that I did not use this every single day. Not because of anything, I just feel like not adding any cream on my face (mixture of them) as it will tend to get mixed and feels very greasy. But as a non regular user of this sun block, I find out that the sunblock is :

  • Non greasy at all!
  • Non oily!
  • Nice soft scent!
  • Not that thick!
  • Matte finishing! No more glossy looking. <3
  • Very very very lightweight!

YADAH Oh My Sun Block

As per what the picture says above, the sunblock has SPF 35 PA++. SPF 35 are just enough for us to protect our skin from UV rays. You don’t really need any higher SPF than this. Plus, this sun block contains natual ingredients as well! Aloe vera which is very popular in soothing and moisturize our skin, Chamomile for anti-oxidize and wound healing, and  lavender. 

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We all received in a cute tub of 20ml of sun block. The size is just perfect for travelling and for keeping it inside our handbag.

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* Just the size of my palm! *


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The sun block is white in color, looks quite runny / watery.

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Blended very well onto my hands! Nice nice nice!

If you are looking for a lightweight sun block, want to use it as an everyday sunblock this is the perfect sunblock for you! I will quote back the price for this but you can get Yadah products at selected SASA outlets in Malaysia!


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