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Skindulgence Dove Event!

dove skindulgence

Dear all, as per the introduction title above, I am going to blog about the event that I went under the invitation of Butterfly Project Malaysia and also Dove skin care. As you might know, I am not that internet savvy for the past one month so I did not really open my facebook account and see all the latest news and events. When I saw the Butterfly Project Malaysia published two of their latest events, I straight away registered and got to go to one of them. YAY!

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The event was held at The Apartment, The Curve. I have never been to this restaurant before and was quite excited on their decorations and sightings of it! It represents an apartment with bathrooms and all! Basically, upon arrival, all of us are needed to register at the registration table and are given a bag of goodies, also our group card as well. Each of the attendees will be assigned onto one group and I was in group B! Each groups has their own activities to do. For group A, they will be doing the cooking section, group B at the bathroom section and group C is at the exercise section. These groups basically represents each of the 21 days of pledge that we will be participating later on after the event.

First and foremost, there was a little speech given from Dove representative Miss Suhaila Abdul Hamid and there was also a short video shown to us. So sorry for the blurred / low light image. :(

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The is group B activities. It is a skin moisturizer tester! Well, I know my skin is going to be really really dry cause of the eczema and all so it’s no use in trying to test out. But I did tested and see did my skin really am dry? Well, my left and right moisture is totally different! The far left is the moisturizer tester, beside it was a milk, and then water then dove body wash.

First, they tested out my skin without anything on. Get the moisturizer reader to read my moisture level. And then, they added milk and my moisture level just dropped! I was shocked! What? Haha. Then, they tested with dove body wash and my moisture raised up! It shows that milk does not provide any moisture to my skin whilst Dove body wash did!

037 edit056 editI did get to go and visit Group A activity. They were doing some healthy food cooking. Inannie, Sabby, Tammy and others were in this group. Saw them cooking was fun! They had serious fun! I had fun too! :)

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The best part is that, I could hang out with all the lovely butterflies and catch up on things. I really miss all of them and I told Shasha to not to move to Johor, please!! Haha. :) Met with Sis Azah and she’s also like me, eczema sufferer! We did talked about our experiences with eczema and she’s just like my sister that I have never met before! Haha. We had the same experience, did the same exact thing when it comes to eczema. Thank you sis for the advice and for the lovely chat!

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As always, all of us received our goodie bag that day! Yay! Now we can use our own Dove Body Wash and Body Scrub! It also comes with a scrunchie and sponge and a clear toiletries bag! Thank you DOVE!

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Join Dove #Betterthanmilk 21 days of pledge to #EatRight, #StayActive and #Betterthanmilk campaign! All you have to do is…

1. Snap pictures for each categories, Eat Right, Stay Active & Loving Yourself. Minimum pictures needed to snap are 21 pictures (7 pictures for each categories) for you to qualify to win the GRAND PRIZE! Maximum would be 64 pictures (21 pictures each categories)

2. Post those lovely pictures using your Instagram account and use the hashtag appropriate for the categories.

#EatRight – Eat right
#StayActive – Stay active
#BetterThanMilk – Loving yourself

Also use the hashtag #Skindulgence for ALL of the categories!

Easy peesey!

Now you want to know what you could be winning right?

Well, the GRAND PRIZE is a trip to KRABI!


What are you waiting for! Come and sign up for the pledge at the links given below!

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