Thursday, March 20, 2014

When dreams are still..dreams

Well, I know I always said that I shall start actively blogging back again like I used to. I know, I did promise some of my reader that I would update my blog regularly, like before. I am so sorry guys. It is not that I am extensively busy, it’s just that I am still trying to adjust my so call new life at the moment. I need to cherish my new life now a bit. But that does not made me a different person. I am still this weird girl who likes to do random things. Haha.

I shall try to blog as regularly as I could. Pertaining that you are still reading my blog, whoever you are. I don’t know if I do really have a regular reader or silent reader what ever you want to call it. I just hope that somebody could actually appreciate what I express here, in my blog.

Actually, my blog started as a personal blog. A place where I could say what ever I want to say. A place where I rant, a place where I jot down all my feelings. I never ever thought of changing the direction of my blog to become a review blog. If you know me, I think you’d know that I did not started wearing makeup up until I was about 22 years old. But at that time, makeup was something that is expensive and hard to get. So, when ever I passed by M.A.C cosmetic store, I would just took a glance and will never ever go inside. Just like a jewelry store. I don’t like jewelry. Yes. I am weird like that. People say, diamonds are a girl best friend. To me, I think my best friend is music. If the diamond could play music, then it’ll be my best friend. I just HATE diamonds, gold or any types of jewelry. I don’t even bother to buy one cause I know at the end of the day, I will not wear it anyway. Why wasting money, aite? ;P

What kind of music do I listen to? Britney Spears? Well, I listen to all kinds of music. I love London Grammar type of music. I also listen to Gothic, Folk, Gothic Metal and other foreign languages music. I love Rammstein! Weird huh? No? Well, I don’t know. When ever I meet new people, they always say that I am kind of weird.

Here I serve to you, my favorite music from Rammstein. Old song, I tried to memorize this song. 80% now I guess. :p PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO. It is SUPERBLY AWESOME!!!!


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