Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Shizens Stand Firm, Stay Firm Contest!


Hello everybody! Finally I could blog about this raved photo contest by Shizens. I have always think that woman now are aware of the possibilities that they could do to change the world. Men now can see that us women are strong enough to handle our life even some, can actually duplicate what a man can do. We are strong inside although we might seem fragile on the outside. As my quote in the picture says, being a lady is powerful but and if you have to tell others that you are powerful, you are not actually (and this I believe refers to men). Therefore, Shizens are holding up this photo contest to create the awareness of the power of woman.

Stand Firm, Stay Firm Photography Contest


Since ancient times, women inner strength can only be seen through their roles of giving birth to new life, taking care and protecting their family. But as time passed, women began demonstrating their capabilities in undertaking more responsibilities, raising a family as well as being part of the workforce and contributing to social welfare. As evolution enhanced the confidence level of every woman allowing them to showcase their inner strength, they still recognized the importance of physical beauty and strived to maintain their outer beauty through various means. As a means of acknowledging and recognizing the efforts of all women, Shizens will be launching a “STAND FIRM STAY FIRM” photo contest from 2 to 30 April, 2014.

The contest is divided into 2 categories, Photography Enthusiasts & Mobile Photography. All interested participants can actually submit their photos into three theme, “Strong emotions”, “Human” & “Feminine”. Prizes up to RM18,000 is up for grab!

shizens prizes

I believe in strong women. I believe in the woman who is able to stand up for herself. I believe in the woman who doesn't need to hide behind her husband's back. I believe that if you have problems, as a woman you deal with them, you don't play victim, you don't make yourself look pitiful, you don't point fingers. You stand and you deal. You face the world with a head held high and you carry the universe in your heart.” ― C. JoyBell C.

mama hug

How can you enter?


Open to all photography hobbyist who loves bringing picture to life! However, there are certain requirements needed for the photos selected for the finals will be printed in large. Photograph shall be taken using compact camera, DSLR camera (or of its similar) Minimum image size is: 5MB Studio photography with lightings are allowed.

- Click HERE to submit your photo


Specially dedicated to all smartphone photographers! Mobile photography has made huge strides in this modern era and we’ve seen lots of talented mobile photographers over the years. Must be taken by a smartphone or any other mobile devices. To take part via Instagram, hashtag#standfirmstayfirm on your photo.

- You can also submit your photo HERE

What are you waiting for! Come and grab this chance now!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Blogging VS Working

Hello all. As most of you might know, I am a working blogger. That means, I am not a fully 100% blogger although in my heart I think I am. I don’t really blog every single hour. I don’t blog regularly. I tried. I used to do that before. So, some people ask, what do I blog about? Personally, I blog about anything and everything but I can say that my blog focus has been on beauty products. Or I should say, reviewing products. It’s hard to do that without even having a bias thoughts especially when the products were given to you for a review purposes.

I am a working person. I don’t own my personal business. I don’t know how to do business. I love networking and meeting people. That’s what I do. At the end of the day, I can say that my business would be my blog. I don’t sell things anymore. It’s hard to cope as I don’t really focus on it 100%. People would be like, how can you work and blog at the same time? I used to to both simultaneously but as I change onto a new working world, I have to readjust my blogging time as well. I always try to blog every single day now but always failed. One, it is because I don’t really have any content to blog about and secondly I don’t have that time to blog more. Sometime I just feel like laying on my bed after work and watch movies and I don’t want my brain to think more. So that’s it. I feel lethargic and my brain cannot function that much anymore.

I know working people who blog can relate onto the same thing that I am having right now but I don’t know. Each people has their own lifestyle. I don’t think big, I think logically. I cant ever think that I am going to produce a product and sell it to someone cause I know I cannot make it. People who thinks logically can sometimes be narrow minded but I don’t care what other people are going to say.

I am proud to see my friends who is working full time but still have the time to blog and attend events. I am proud to see that they are successful and happy. Well, most of the events were on working days anyway. That is the disadvantages to working bloggers like me. I hope that at least, if the events were on working day, make it at night so that I could also spare some time and attend. Any who, still I am proud to all working bloggers who are dedicated to their work and also their blog. Kudos love!


Till then,


Saturday, April 26, 2014

BOTD : Lush Breath of God Solid Perfume

DSC09935 edit

Hello all! Welcome back to my blog! As you all might know, I did posted a photo of this solid perfume on my instagram account and now, I want to do a review about it! Well, first of all I bought this Lush solid perfume thorugh an Instagram online shop. As you might know we don’t have LUSH store here in Malaysia therefore we need to outsource to whoever has the access to LUSH. :P Whenever I visit Singapore or Barcelona, I will definitely go to LUSH store and buy whatever I want to.

Well, as most of you are not familiar with LUSH, let me just tell you a story about Lush Cosmetics. Lush Cosmetics are originally from the UK and it claims to only use natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables, essential oils and more. They also are against animal testing and did not use any animal fats at all in their products and it is actually a handmade cosmetics products. Lush has a wide range of products that you can test out from body to hair, cosmetics and face masks, bath bombs and many more!

I came across this instagram LUSHLUSHIOUS and did stalk them for few times before I finally purchase something. I have several Lush’s products but rarely use them as I am afraid that I might finish them and has no backup. Lush products to me are quite expensive especially when you buy them not in your own country currency. My Lush products are from Singapore and Barcelona. T_T I have tested their conditioner, solid shampoo, body butter and bath bombs and not to forget their lip scrub as well.

DSC09937 editDSC09936 edit

Everything is in Japanese as this baby was shipped from Japan! So it was from Lush Japan store. So cool and kawaii! First thing first, lets talk about it’s size. It is the most small size solid perfume I have ever encountered that is well made! I love the packaging, it’s black in color! You can easily dunk this inside your handbag and have a solid perfume on the go!

The lasting of the perfume is not that bad. I think for me, it lasted for about several hours but not more than 3. Well, for a scent that is surely like the name, it may have like a masculine scent to it but still I love it. To me, this is a unisex perfume. Men can use it, women can too! It’s hard to express how the scent is like. It has everything in it. Very complicate scent.

DSC09938 edit

Although the color of the perfume is blue, but it turns out to be transparent once applied on the skin. So, no worry about that for sure! And you have to push the perfume from the bottom of the case (like push-pop candy) but make sure not to push that much as it is hard to let the perfume to go back down.

Well, if you are in need of a solid perfume that could last for about 3-4 hours, Lush ones might do good for you. You can click to the instagram below and find out more. The price for this small is RM80. Yes. Expensive but I think I support any non cruelty in animal products so I think this product is worth it!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

A little bit about Kalumpang

Hello all. Well, last week my office did a team building session at Kalumpang Resort & Training Centre. It was near Tanjung Malim and also Kuala Kubu Baru area. You can exit from North-South Highway to Tanjung Malim exit.

The journey takes us about 2 1/2 hours to reach the place as we boarded a bus and the driver drives quite moderately slow. I am not going to talk so much about what we did but more towards the resort that we are staying. Unfortunately, I did not took any photos of my room / chalet so you can all see all the rates here : KALUMPANG RESORT & TRAINING CENTRE.

All the photos that I shall be showing to you all soon are not by me alone. It’s a collective photos taken by my team mates as well. Some did have some photography skills, and I am impressed!

035 edit

The main attraction at Kalumpang would be the river. Yes. Everybody is looking to swim in the river once you are there. Well, if you are looking to do some team building activities, you can do so too there. They have river tubing, flying fox, paintball and other team building activities. They also have a space for you to camp as well. Like in school, you will always have this camping trip under co-curriculum activities. You can actually do it there. I am not sure if the tents are provided but usually, they do right? ;)

DSC09857 edit

Do not mind the rope. That is just for their explorace activities that they do if you are under the explorace package. We did that activities and it was fun. Just a reminder, the river can be some part quite deep and some are reachable by feet. So, if you can swim, that rope is very helpful for you. The water is very cold during the day and still cold during lunch time. So, you can always dip into the river if you want to shrink some parts of your body. It is a little bit dirty as other river water would do but so far no leaches seen only little bees and of course, Mr. mosquitoes. :)

002 edit

Apart from river / wet activities, they also have paintball activities as well but I think it is under request. So, if you would want to go to Kalumpang and would love to play paintball there, you have to let the resort owner knows about it first cause I believe, they subbed the paintball activities to someone else. Well, try to find me in the picture above if you could. LOL :P

So many things to do here in Kalumpang. I bet you can experience it too if you want. The area is open to public during weekend and the entrance fee is RM10 and you can stay for the day. You can do what ever you want to do (as long as it’s legal in Malaysia and in Islamic world) and bring what ever you want to bring (and again, as long as it’s legal) and enjoy your day by the river banks and have BBQ and all with your families. It’s a nice place to go. The chalets are clean but very basic. They do have TV and bed and all but if you are going there, do bring your own hangers as they do not have any inside their locker. The shower does not have any water heater at all.

Adventurous enough? Go to Kalumpang and experience the nature!


Saturday, April 19, 2014

Living in two houses

Hello everybody! I am just going to treat this blog entry as my personal diary cum also some tips for you if you are living in two different houses. Let the house be as near as Shah Alam – Putrajaya or Shah Alam – Kota Bharu.

First of all, I never ever lived in two different houses in my life except during my university years but to tell you the truth, I rarely go back home during my university years. I don’t want to bother my dad to pick me up and send me back so instead, they would just come to my university and send me things if needed. Sometimes, I do go back home for a while to see them. I am cruel like that.

Sometimes, when you are in a rush, you tend to forget to pack some important things. Or maybe, you feel so lazy to pack heavy and bulk things so you just left them behind. To me, the only crucial thing that I need is a hair dryer. Yes, I do dried up my hair everyday using a hair dryer. So, last 2 weeks, my boyfriend gave me one new hair dryer and I am absolutely happy! (Who doesn’t! :P) so the new one now is at my Putrajaya house and the old one (which was actually a gift too from someone in the past, not ex boyfriend for sure!) will remains at my Shah Alam house. Neat and simple and I don’t really need to pack so many things when I am coming back home to Shah Alam. ;)

Next thing is the delicates. I know it’s hard to divide all those lovely delicates or undies but you just have to. It’s simple. Just count how many days will you be in your house and how many days will you be in the other house and plus 1 to it. 1 is for in case if something happened and you need an extra one let say there is no water at home and you need to stay extra one day, so you have extra. To me, always bring extra when it comes to undies. Or you might want to buy the disposable ones.

About the health and beauty things. I separate them according to usage. As for now, I don’t really wear makeup that much anymore. I don’t feel like painting my eyes everyday as I have these tiny bumps on my face and I don’t want my face to become the center of attention as I don’t want people to see those little bumps but eventually, they will see it anyway. For medicines, it is best if you could store it inside a container so that you can bring the whole container if you feel like do so, just like my dad. If you are not that keen in putting all your meds in a container, you can always divide them accordingly, knowing that you know how to divide them perfectly.

The one crucial thing that I think people does not realize is..electrical extensions. Yes. If you lived by your laptop 24/7 or handphones/iPad anything that needs to be charged, you need to have this little thing named extension. I swear by it. I always bring my extension where ever I go. My extension has been with me to several types on countries. Latest would be Barcelona. Haha. Me and my extension has a pretty tight relationship.

Well, I think that is from my list. What’s yours?

Till then,


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

BOTD–Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid

Hello all girls! How many of you are looking for the perfect drug store makeup remover that works like a miracle water? If you are one of those kind of people, you have come to the right page! I would like to share my experience in using this Biore Mild Cleansing Liquid water based makeup remover.

I have been using this makeup remover since 1 month ago and now, I have the courage to share with you my experience through out me using this makeup remover.

DSC09933 edit

If you are all aware, biore has came out with several types of makeup remover. I have already used the oil based makeup remover and I have also used the wipe makeup remover. Now, it’s the time for the water based makeup remover to be reviewed in my blog.

DSC09934 edit

Biore claims that this makeup remover could leave our skin soft and smooth after using it and it gently removes and resolves makeup including water proof mascara and also foundation. What a really adds in the value is that, it is a water based with gel texture so that you wont feel any less oil on your face. The last thing I want now is to have more oil on my face, after these tiny bumps shows up.

Lets do a roll out test shall we? Come and see what do I have here. Well, I have some makeup stuffs on my arm there, stuffs that I grabbed from my Shah Alam house and bring them to Putrajay house. Hope that you can see the concealer there, it was almost identical to my skin color. Hehe.

DSC09930 edit

With just one pump onto a cotton pad, and with just one swipe, mostly all of the makeup products are gone! This is what I love about this product. Just one easy pump, it could remove almost any makeup. From liquid to blusher to lipstick. Greatness in one bottle!

While cleaning all the makeup on my face, it does not dries up my skin and it leaves such a nice scent on my face before I wash all my face off.

DSC09931 edit

The yucky cotton pad is reveal! As you can see, the dot is actually the only product of Biore that I use and how effective it is to remove all the makeup on your face. It is THAT good! Now, if you have oily skin and do not want to mess up with your face anymore with oil based makeup remover, you may try this one instead! It costs RM20+ at Watsons. I am not sure about other drug stores though. The prices varies to each stores.

The picture above sums up on what I would want to say about this makeup remover. It is AWESOME and I am loving it very very much!

Till then!


Monday, April 14, 2014

“Patah kaki”

Hello and welcome to my blog. It’s been days eh? Well, last week was good. But I have less makeup items to review now. I think I need to purchase more makeup for me to actually do stuff or maybe attend any event organize by the butterfly group. But for sure, I will be blogging about the Bag of Love March / April bag which will be coming soon! :) Can’t wait!

I went to Kalumpang for my division team building session last Friday & Saturday. It was a fun filled trip and I love how all of us are well connected with each other no matter what ranks we are. No ranks, as said by one of the head of division. It was cool to feel accepted by the team although I just joined my new office for a month now, nearly 2 months. But the support and kindness are just overwhelmed. I wont be sharing any photos of my Team Building here to protect the privacy of my team  mates but for sure, it was awesome.

The most awesome is when I fell down because of a frog. What the hell? And then, I sprained my feet. Not my ankle but my feet. So I cannot walk that correctly now for sure.


I hope that I could recover soon. I need to walk like normal people again for sure! Haha. :) Thank you all for helping me towards my sickness at Kalumpang. I shall repay back to you soon.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

BOTD–Maybelline Master Drama Pencil Liner

Hello all! You know how much I LOVE my eyeshadows? Well, this time around, I can say that I have fallen in absolute LOVE with this eyeliner! Being the first makeup product that I used, eyeliner has always been my friend. I have tried several high end eyeliner brands and of course some drug stores ones as well. But let me tell you girls, this eyeliner that I am going to show to you are simply amazing!

018 edit

TADAA! This is Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner. I bought this at Barcelona in Corte El Ingles Mall. I don’t know how similar this is to the Malaysian version of Master Drama. I shall try to compare once I got my hands on our version of it. Hopefully it’ll be just the same if not, slightly similar. As a regular eyeliner user, I tend to buy a lot of black eyeliners and this is one of the best among the best eyeliner that I have used. Probably, the best ever!

019 edit

I could not actually read other things displayed on this eyeliner but I do understand that it has the power of 16 hours lasting which I have already tested and proved that that statement is definitely TRUE! I mean, this is just a drugstore eyeliner but it did what it is claim to be and I am super impressed! Now, I feel like idiot cause I did not purchase these more. :( I should have go back to Barcelona and get more of this, this year. :P

020 edit

So, this is how it looks like. It is a pencil liner and you can sharpened the tip just like regular pencil liner. I have not sharpened mine as I left my sharpener at my Shah Alam house. Nevertheless, this eyeliner can still be use. No problemo! :)

022 edit

I dare you to say that you are not impress with the swatch above. I am super impress with the pigmentation of this eyeliner. Bare in mind that this is just one time swatch. I did not give any pressure to the eyeliner. Just a gentle swatch of it. I love how creamy it is, how pigmented it is and how long lasting it is. The only problem that I am having with this eyeliner is that, it takes nearly 1 min to actually set cause it is so damn creamy! :)

024 edit

Apart from the lasting, it is also waterproof. This is the same swatch liner, I soak it in the tap water and just take a stroke out of it hence that is why it became longer like that.

I have nothing more to say, basically I really do love this eyeliner. It is creamy, black, longlasting, pigmented, waterproof and it’s a drug store brand. I can say that even Urban Decay Zero is not a match to this. The dupe might be Urban Decay Perversion pencil liner. This is super yummy to play around with. Haha.

Like I mentioned above, I shall compare this with the Malaysian version of Master Drama eyeliner and see if ours are much better or just similar.

Thank you for reading!


Monday, April 7, 2014

Food Porn–Cornetto Red Taylor Swift Limited Edition

Hello all! I think it’s been a while since I post up something nice to eat. Well, today’s entry is not some savory or healthy food but it’s really really good and we need to eat it once in a while. It’s the Limited Edition (I never knew that ice cream could also do limited edition. hehe) Taylor Swift RED Cornetto. Basically, it’s the Black Forest ice cream in red color instead of white.

008 edit

I saw the advertisement of this ice cream somewhere inside the net and thought that it’s somewhat a joke. I was like, why do they need to do a limited edition ice cream on Taylor Swift. Well, I am old. I tend to forget things. By then, I just realize that Taylor Swift is actually coming to Malaysia for a concert. Haha. I think I was one of the earliest person among my friends who knew that she’ll be coming here. I actually did want to buy her concert tickets but I am not a concert person actually. I hate the pre concert traffic jam, during concert human traffic and the post concert traffic. I have been through that before when I was young and I am not into those kind anymore except if Bruno Mars or maybe Evanescence is coming to do their concert again in Malaysia. :P

009 edit

Well, with this lovely ice cream cap, who could have resists right? :) I just cant! It looks like I did have an ice cream autographed by miss Taylor herself here! Haha.

010 edit

Like I said, instead of having white color cream of the ice cream, it is red in color. It has a vanilla taste so no worry about that. The rest is just the exact same as the regular Black Forest Cornetto ice cream. Nothing has change, taste wise.

You can get your hands on these lovely red ice cream at all places who sells Wall’s ice cream and just incase, keep the cap. You might win something from Taylor Swift (which I could not remember what is it. hehe).


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Under medication.

Hello all! I am currently under medication! Hehe. Not anything serious. Well, this is regarding about the small bumps on my face. I went to my dermatologist yesterday and apparently, these small bumps are called comodone. I did a research before and I have already know what comodone is actually. It does not freak me out at some point because I knew about this before. The doctor gave me some medicine so I have to go through with it for this month and see if it’s working. I always have faith in my dermatologist. She has nearly cured my eczema which I did suffered since I was 16 years old and now, I believe that the medicines that was given to me could cure these comodone away.

012 edit

I never thought that I would need this medicine, especially Roaccutane. But now I guess, I have to. Well, hopefully something good will happen soon. I shall blog about my face skin progress and what are the side effects when I am on Roaccutane. The doctor said that I could have dry lips if I consume this meds. Well, I think it does make my lips quite chapped today after I took a pill after lunch. Wow, that fast is it the effect? :(

014 edit

Roaccutane is not suitable for pregnancy ladies. So, if you are pregnant and are having some small bumps/comodone like me, you can take option 2 which is antibiotics. Well, I don’t want to have antibiotics cause I am impatient like that. I need faster results and improvements. I am over stress with my face already. :( It is said that Roaccutane is a little bit more effective and can show faster results too. So, only one pill per day after meal. If I eat it after lunch, just make it a habit to eat all 30 pills after lunch.

013 edit

Apart from the pill, I also need to apply these gel at night time only. So, if it’s working well, Alhamdulillah. Both medicines cost me RM250 at Klinik Dr. Ranjit, Subang Jaya.

Friday, April 4, 2014

BOTD–Current favorite makeup

Hello all! I thought about doing a March favorite entry but since I did not wear much makeup in March, might as well I just do my current favorite makeup entry instead. Well, since last week, I have been using back some of my old makeup items just to get the feeling of having to do makeup back on my face. If you did catch up things with me, you would have known that I am now suffering on this small bumps on my cheek. It really does brings my confidence level down.

017 edit

Picture above are all my current favorite eye products now. The products that I use every single day. From eyeliners to eye shadow and mascara. I never skipped one bit on the eyeliners and mascara. For the eye shadow, whenever I feel like putting it, I will do it. If not, I shall just skip it.

018 edit

Next product would be from NYX which is the butter gloss. I have had this butter gloss for several months now and has been always liking it each time I put it on my lips. I think it has the best consistency, the best pigmentation, the best among the best in all of its kind. You can read more on this butter gloss entry HERE.

019 edit

Last but not least, is my Etude House Cushion Foundation which I asked my friend to purchase it when they went to Korea last year. It’s more cheaper there then in Malaysia actually. ;) I have been using this foundation since last Monday cause I just cant stand my face looking horrible anymore. I dap some on my face and I think it did help to make my face looks a little bit okay and covered. I like the coverage and how it feels like on my face. I just realize that I have not yet blogged about this foundation so, wait for it! ;)

015 edit

Overall, those are the makeup items that I am currently using now. Easy makeup, fast and reliable. ;) I trust all of these brands and love them so dearly. I shall update you if I do have a current favorite makeup item, even if it’s from my old collection and not new ones.

Thank you for reading my blog.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

The new Honda City!

Well, this entry is not like the other car bloggers. I am not a car blogger review (just yet) and I am not that knowledgeable about cars. I do love cars, but I think it’s best if I let the guys to do the review about this new Honda City. I am just a nobody who apparently got nothing to do and went to the Honda Sales Gallery for a quick look and a test drive.

As my boyfriend currently driving a Honda City year 2010, I think we can actually compare both of the cars instantly.

DSC09782 edit

Well, looking at the price tags..Hmm..It’s hard to choose when you have so many options here. 4 types are quite a lot for a normal sedan cars. I mean, do not confuse the buyers with these kind of prices. I think, maximum 2 types would be great. One is the higher version and the other one is the lower version. That’s it. But hey, I don’t know that guys also likes to compare things before they buy. :P

DSC09784 edit

The front grill. Now it has bigger chrome grill. A little bit sporty bumper below. Looks like Lamborghini there for an instance. :P

DSC09785 edit

The back I think is totally different from the previous version. This looks similar to my favorite Honda car which is Integra. But I think the bumper makes it look a bit bulkier and some how weird if you start to stare at it for a longer time. Just try. I really love the red lights design and all. I think the design makes the car looks a little bit elegant.

DSC09786 edit

The showroom model are all the low type ones. So, the dashboard would be looking like this. Very plain, like Proton Saga type. No buttons on the steering wheel for audio and phone.

DSC09781 edit

So, this is the higher spec version of the steering. As you can see, the materials of the steering are also different. Not just the steering buttons, the air condition buttons are also touch screen for the higher spec. To me, that was not necessary. If you would want to speed up the air condition, I think by having a knob is much more faster than you have to press up, up, up, up onto the touch screen button just to get the desired temperature. But hey, that is just my opinion. Like I said, I am not a car critique blogger. I am not even a car review blogger. So, do not take my word for it.

It is better if you could go and test it out yourself. If you are driving the previous version of Honda City, it’s fun to see what your car is lacking and what this car is lacking. Yes. It does disappoint me at some point but you have to go and test it out yourself.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

BOTD–Thin Vs Bold

Hello everybody! I do hope that everyone is doing great today! Another new month I suppose. Another new days, new life begins and more. I am blessed with all of these beautiful people surrounding me. Well, today’s entry is not about some pep talk haha. I would want to show to you, my current favorite eyeliner.

I purchased two of the eyeliner from the same brand, Loreal. One is thin and the other is bold. If you have followed me on any of my social media, you might have came across my first makeup item that I have used before. It was eyeliner. I love wearing eyeliner. It’s a must to me.

As an eyeliner freak (I am also an eyeshadow freak as well!), I think it’s time for me to express which one I love. Thin or bold.

DSC09808 edit

Here, I have 2 types of eyeliner from the same line. Loreal Super Liner. One is the Ultra Sharp and the other is Blackbuster. You can see the differences right after you see the picture above, and also from the name of the eyeliner itself.

Lets start with the thinner ones. Loreal Super Liner.


For a person who does not have a steady hands like I do, this eyeliner is one of the perfect eyeliner for you. It just glides through like a thin line, perfectly. To me, the prefect pen liners are the one who has sturdy tips and flow-able ink.

DSC09815 edit

As from the sample lines above, both were made by using the Ultra Thin eyeliner. The bold ones seems to look a little bit jagged but the thin line is perfect! With the perfect ink flow and perfect tip, this thin line could be created, easy.

Now, we go to the second type, Super Liner Blackbuster.


Just from the huge size of the pen, you can see that this is actually for those who prefer bold liners like Adele or most of the Korean artist.

DSC09814 edit

From the sample done above, you can see that this blackbuster liner cannot make any thin lines at all. It can be done, but you need a really sturdy hands to do so. If you love bold and big eyeliner, this is the right one for you! With just one stroke, you can fill in almost all of your eye from inner corner to the outer part. Saves time and ink and energy! Although the black is not that dark, I think it is because I have not use this eyeliner for quite sometime as I am now more prefer to do thin line.

As the picture shown above, I do hope that you can at least get the idea of which eyeliners should you choose. I shall add is my eye photos using both of the eyeliner soon in this entry. :) To me personally, I love the Ultra Sharp cause it’s just superb to me. Any who, it depends on which type of liner style would you prefer. ;)

Till then!

Thank you for reading!


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