Sunday, April 20, 2014

A little bit about Kalumpang

Hello all. Well, last week my office did a team building session at Kalumpang Resort & Training Centre. It was near Tanjung Malim and also Kuala Kubu Baru area. You can exit from North-South Highway to Tanjung Malim exit.

The journey takes us about 2 1/2 hours to reach the place as we boarded a bus and the driver drives quite moderately slow. I am not going to talk so much about what we did but more towards the resort that we are staying. Unfortunately, I did not took any photos of my room / chalet so you can all see all the rates here : KALUMPANG RESORT & TRAINING CENTRE.

All the photos that I shall be showing to you all soon are not by me alone. It’s a collective photos taken by my team mates as well. Some did have some photography skills, and I am impressed!

035 edit

The main attraction at Kalumpang would be the river. Yes. Everybody is looking to swim in the river once you are there. Well, if you are looking to do some team building activities, you can do so too there. They have river tubing, flying fox, paintball and other team building activities. They also have a space for you to camp as well. Like in school, you will always have this camping trip under co-curriculum activities. You can actually do it there. I am not sure if the tents are provided but usually, they do right? ;)

DSC09857 edit

Do not mind the rope. That is just for their explorace activities that they do if you are under the explorace package. We did that activities and it was fun. Just a reminder, the river can be some part quite deep and some are reachable by feet. So, if you can swim, that rope is very helpful for you. The water is very cold during the day and still cold during lunch time. So, you can always dip into the river if you want to shrink some parts of your body. It is a little bit dirty as other river water would do but so far no leaches seen only little bees and of course, Mr. mosquitoes. :)

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Apart from river / wet activities, they also have paintball activities as well but I think it is under request. So, if you would want to go to Kalumpang and would love to play paintball there, you have to let the resort owner knows about it first cause I believe, they subbed the paintball activities to someone else. Well, try to find me in the picture above if you could. LOL :P

So many things to do here in Kalumpang. I bet you can experience it too if you want. The area is open to public during weekend and the entrance fee is RM10 and you can stay for the day. You can do what ever you want to do (as long as it’s legal in Malaysia and in Islamic world) and bring what ever you want to bring (and again, as long as it’s legal) and enjoy your day by the river banks and have BBQ and all with your families. It’s a nice place to go. The chalets are clean but very basic. They do have TV and bed and all but if you are going there, do bring your own hangers as they do not have any inside their locker. The shower does not have any water heater at all.

Adventurous enough? Go to Kalumpang and experience the nature!


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