Sunday, April 27, 2014

Blogging VS Working

Hello all. As most of you might know, I am a working blogger. That means, I am not a fully 100% blogger although in my heart I think I am. I don’t really blog every single hour. I don’t blog regularly. I tried. I used to do that before. So, some people ask, what do I blog about? Personally, I blog about anything and everything but I can say that my blog focus has been on beauty products. Or I should say, reviewing products. It’s hard to do that without even having a bias thoughts especially when the products were given to you for a review purposes.

I am a working person. I don’t own my personal business. I don’t know how to do business. I love networking and meeting people. That’s what I do. At the end of the day, I can say that my business would be my blog. I don’t sell things anymore. It’s hard to cope as I don’t really focus on it 100%. People would be like, how can you work and blog at the same time? I used to to both simultaneously but as I change onto a new working world, I have to readjust my blogging time as well. I always try to blog every single day now but always failed. One, it is because I don’t really have any content to blog about and secondly I don’t have that time to blog more. Sometime I just feel like laying on my bed after work and watch movies and I don’t want my brain to think more. So that’s it. I feel lethargic and my brain cannot function that much anymore.

I know working people who blog can relate onto the same thing that I am having right now but I don’t know. Each people has their own lifestyle. I don’t think big, I think logically. I cant ever think that I am going to produce a product and sell it to someone cause I know I cannot make it. People who thinks logically can sometimes be narrow minded but I don’t care what other people are going to say.

I am proud to see my friends who is working full time but still have the time to blog and attend events. I am proud to see that they are successful and happy. Well, most of the events were on working days anyway. That is the disadvantages to working bloggers like me. I hope that at least, if the events were on working day, make it at night so that I could also spare some time and attend. Any who, still I am proud to all working bloggers who are dedicated to their work and also their blog. Kudos love!


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