Saturday, April 26, 2014

BOTD : Lush Breath of God Solid Perfume

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Hello all! Welcome back to my blog! As you all might know, I did posted a photo of this solid perfume on my instagram account and now, I want to do a review about it! Well, first of all I bought this Lush solid perfume thorugh an Instagram online shop. As you might know we don’t have LUSH store here in Malaysia therefore we need to outsource to whoever has the access to LUSH. :P Whenever I visit Singapore or Barcelona, I will definitely go to LUSH store and buy whatever I want to.

Well, as most of you are not familiar with LUSH, let me just tell you a story about Lush Cosmetics. Lush Cosmetics are originally from the UK and it claims to only use natural ingredients like fruits, vegetables, essential oils and more. They also are against animal testing and did not use any animal fats at all in their products and it is actually a handmade cosmetics products. Lush has a wide range of products that you can test out from body to hair, cosmetics and face masks, bath bombs and many more!

I came across this instagram LUSHLUSHIOUS and did stalk them for few times before I finally purchase something. I have several Lush’s products but rarely use them as I am afraid that I might finish them and has no backup. Lush products to me are quite expensive especially when you buy them not in your own country currency. My Lush products are from Singapore and Barcelona. T_T I have tested their conditioner, solid shampoo, body butter and bath bombs and not to forget their lip scrub as well.

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Everything is in Japanese as this baby was shipped from Japan! So it was from Lush Japan store. So cool and kawaii! First thing first, lets talk about it’s size. It is the most small size solid perfume I have ever encountered that is well made! I love the packaging, it’s black in color! You can easily dunk this inside your handbag and have a solid perfume on the go!

The lasting of the perfume is not that bad. I think for me, it lasted for about several hours but not more than 3. Well, for a scent that is surely like the name, it may have like a masculine scent to it but still I love it. To me, this is a unisex perfume. Men can use it, women can too! It’s hard to express how the scent is like. It has everything in it. Very complicate scent.

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Although the color of the perfume is blue, but it turns out to be transparent once applied on the skin. So, no worry about that for sure! And you have to push the perfume from the bottom of the case (like push-pop candy) but make sure not to push that much as it is hard to let the perfume to go back down.

Well, if you are in need of a solid perfume that could last for about 3-4 hours, Lush ones might do good for you. You can click to the instagram below and find out more. The price for this small is RM80. Yes. Expensive but I think I support any non cruelty in animal products so I think this product is worth it!

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