Wednesday, April 9, 2014

BOTD–Maybelline Master Drama Pencil Liner

Hello all! You know how much I LOVE my eyeshadows? Well, this time around, I can say that I have fallen in absolute LOVE with this eyeliner! Being the first makeup product that I used, eyeliner has always been my friend. I have tried several high end eyeliner brands and of course some drug stores ones as well. But let me tell you girls, this eyeliner that I am going to show to you are simply amazing!

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TADAA! This is Maybelline Master Drama Khol Liner. I bought this at Barcelona in Corte El Ingles Mall. I don’t know how similar this is to the Malaysian version of Master Drama. I shall try to compare once I got my hands on our version of it. Hopefully it’ll be just the same if not, slightly similar. As a regular eyeliner user, I tend to buy a lot of black eyeliners and this is one of the best among the best eyeliner that I have used. Probably, the best ever!

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I could not actually read other things displayed on this eyeliner but I do understand that it has the power of 16 hours lasting which I have already tested and proved that that statement is definitely TRUE! I mean, this is just a drugstore eyeliner but it did what it is claim to be and I am super impressed! Now, I feel like idiot cause I did not purchase these more. :( I should have go back to Barcelona and get more of this, this year. :P

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So, this is how it looks like. It is a pencil liner and you can sharpened the tip just like regular pencil liner. I have not sharpened mine as I left my sharpener at my Shah Alam house. Nevertheless, this eyeliner can still be use. No problemo! :)

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I dare you to say that you are not impress with the swatch above. I am super impress with the pigmentation of this eyeliner. Bare in mind that this is just one time swatch. I did not give any pressure to the eyeliner. Just a gentle swatch of it. I love how creamy it is, how pigmented it is and how long lasting it is. The only problem that I am having with this eyeliner is that, it takes nearly 1 min to actually set cause it is so damn creamy! :)

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Apart from the lasting, it is also waterproof. This is the same swatch liner, I soak it in the tap water and just take a stroke out of it hence that is why it became longer like that.

I have nothing more to say, basically I really do love this eyeliner. It is creamy, black, longlasting, pigmented, waterproof and it’s a drug store brand. I can say that even Urban Decay Zero is not a match to this. The dupe might be Urban Decay Perversion pencil liner. This is super yummy to play around with. Haha.

Like I mentioned above, I shall compare this with the Malaysian version of Master Drama eyeliner and see if ours are much better or just similar.

Thank you for reading!


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