Wednesday, April 2, 2014

BOTD–Thin Vs Bold

Hello everybody! I do hope that everyone is doing great today! Another new month I suppose. Another new days, new life begins and more. I am blessed with all of these beautiful people surrounding me. Well, today’s entry is not about some pep talk haha. I would want to show to you, my current favorite eyeliner.

I purchased two of the eyeliner from the same brand, Loreal. One is thin and the other is bold. If you have followed me on any of my social media, you might have came across my first makeup item that I have used before. It was eyeliner. I love wearing eyeliner. It’s a must to me.

As an eyeliner freak (I am also an eyeshadow freak as well!), I think it’s time for me to express which one I love. Thin or bold.

DSC09808 edit

Here, I have 2 types of eyeliner from the same line. Loreal Super Liner. One is the Ultra Sharp and the other is Blackbuster. You can see the differences right after you see the picture above, and also from the name of the eyeliner itself.

Lets start with the thinner ones. Loreal Super Liner.


For a person who does not have a steady hands like I do, this eyeliner is one of the perfect eyeliner for you. It just glides through like a thin line, perfectly. To me, the prefect pen liners are the one who has sturdy tips and flow-able ink.

DSC09815 edit

As from the sample lines above, both were made by using the Ultra Thin eyeliner. The bold ones seems to look a little bit jagged but the thin line is perfect! With the perfect ink flow and perfect tip, this thin line could be created, easy.

Now, we go to the second type, Super Liner Blackbuster.


Just from the huge size of the pen, you can see that this is actually for those who prefer bold liners like Adele or most of the Korean artist.

DSC09814 edit

From the sample done above, you can see that this blackbuster liner cannot make any thin lines at all. It can be done, but you need a really sturdy hands to do so. If you love bold and big eyeliner, this is the right one for you! With just one stroke, you can fill in almost all of your eye from inner corner to the outer part. Saves time and ink and energy! Although the black is not that dark, I think it is because I have not use this eyeliner for quite sometime as I am now more prefer to do thin line.

As the picture shown above, I do hope that you can at least get the idea of which eyeliners should you choose. I shall add is my eye photos using both of the eyeliner soon in this entry. :) To me personally, I love the Ultra Sharp cause it’s just superb to me. Any who, it depends on which type of liner style would you prefer. ;)

Till then!

Thank you for reading!


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