Monday, April 7, 2014

Food Porn–Cornetto Red Taylor Swift Limited Edition

Hello all! I think it’s been a while since I post up something nice to eat. Well, today’s entry is not some savory or healthy food but it’s really really good and we need to eat it once in a while. It’s the Limited Edition (I never knew that ice cream could also do limited edition. hehe) Taylor Swift RED Cornetto. Basically, it’s the Black Forest ice cream in red color instead of white.

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I saw the advertisement of this ice cream somewhere inside the net and thought that it’s somewhat a joke. I was like, why do they need to do a limited edition ice cream on Taylor Swift. Well, I am old. I tend to forget things. By then, I just realize that Taylor Swift is actually coming to Malaysia for a concert. Haha. I think I was one of the earliest person among my friends who knew that she’ll be coming here. I actually did want to buy her concert tickets but I am not a concert person actually. I hate the pre concert traffic jam, during concert human traffic and the post concert traffic. I have been through that before when I was young and I am not into those kind anymore except if Bruno Mars or maybe Evanescence is coming to do their concert again in Malaysia. :P

009 edit

Well, with this lovely ice cream cap, who could have resists right? :) I just cant! It looks like I did have an ice cream autographed by miss Taylor herself here! Haha.

010 edit

Like I said, instead of having white color cream of the ice cream, it is red in color. It has a vanilla taste so no worry about that. The rest is just the exact same as the regular Black Forest Cornetto ice cream. Nothing has change, taste wise.

You can get your hands on these lovely red ice cream at all places who sells Wall’s ice cream and just incase, keep the cap. You might win something from Taylor Swift (which I could not remember what is it. hehe).


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