Saturday, April 19, 2014

Living in two houses

Hello everybody! I am just going to treat this blog entry as my personal diary cum also some tips for you if you are living in two different houses. Let the house be as near as Shah Alam – Putrajaya or Shah Alam – Kota Bharu.

First of all, I never ever lived in two different houses in my life except during my university years but to tell you the truth, I rarely go back home during my university years. I don’t want to bother my dad to pick me up and send me back so instead, they would just come to my university and send me things if needed. Sometimes, I do go back home for a while to see them. I am cruel like that.

Sometimes, when you are in a rush, you tend to forget to pack some important things. Or maybe, you feel so lazy to pack heavy and bulk things so you just left them behind. To me, the only crucial thing that I need is a hair dryer. Yes, I do dried up my hair everyday using a hair dryer. So, last 2 weeks, my boyfriend gave me one new hair dryer and I am absolutely happy! (Who doesn’t! :P) so the new one now is at my Putrajaya house and the old one (which was actually a gift too from someone in the past, not ex boyfriend for sure!) will remains at my Shah Alam house. Neat and simple and I don’t really need to pack so many things when I am coming back home to Shah Alam. ;)

Next thing is the delicates. I know it’s hard to divide all those lovely delicates or undies but you just have to. It’s simple. Just count how many days will you be in your house and how many days will you be in the other house and plus 1 to it. 1 is for in case if something happened and you need an extra one let say there is no water at home and you need to stay extra one day, so you have extra. To me, always bring extra when it comes to undies. Or you might want to buy the disposable ones.

About the health and beauty things. I separate them according to usage. As for now, I don’t really wear makeup that much anymore. I don’t feel like painting my eyes everyday as I have these tiny bumps on my face and I don’t want my face to become the center of attention as I don’t want people to see those little bumps but eventually, they will see it anyway. For medicines, it is best if you could store it inside a container so that you can bring the whole container if you feel like do so, just like my dad. If you are not that keen in putting all your meds in a container, you can always divide them accordingly, knowing that you know how to divide them perfectly.

The one crucial thing that I think people does not realize is..electrical extensions. Yes. If you lived by your laptop 24/7 or handphones/iPad anything that needs to be charged, you need to have this little thing named extension. I swear by it. I always bring my extension where ever I go. My extension has been with me to several types on countries. Latest would be Barcelona. Haha. Me and my extension has a pretty tight relationship.

Well, I think that is from my list. What’s yours?

Till then,


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