Monday, April 14, 2014

“Patah kaki”

Hello and welcome to my blog. It’s been days eh? Well, last week was good. But I have less makeup items to review now. I think I need to purchase more makeup for me to actually do stuff or maybe attend any event organize by the butterfly group. But for sure, I will be blogging about the Bag of Love March / April bag which will be coming soon! :) Can’t wait!

I went to Kalumpang for my division team building session last Friday & Saturday. It was a fun filled trip and I love how all of us are well connected with each other no matter what ranks we are. No ranks, as said by one of the head of division. It was cool to feel accepted by the team although I just joined my new office for a month now, nearly 2 months. But the support and kindness are just overwhelmed. I wont be sharing any photos of my Team Building here to protect the privacy of my team  mates but for sure, it was awesome.

The most awesome is when I fell down because of a frog. What the hell? And then, I sprained my feet. Not my ankle but my feet. So I cannot walk that correctly now for sure.


I hope that I could recover soon. I need to walk like normal people again for sure! Haha. :) Thank you all for helping me towards my sickness at Kalumpang. I shall repay back to you soon.

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