Thursday, April 3, 2014

The new Honda City!

Well, this entry is not like the other car bloggers. I am not a car blogger review (just yet) and I am not that knowledgeable about cars. I do love cars, but I think it’s best if I let the guys to do the review about this new Honda City. I am just a nobody who apparently got nothing to do and went to the Honda Sales Gallery for a quick look and a test drive.

As my boyfriend currently driving a Honda City year 2010, I think we can actually compare both of the cars instantly.

DSC09782 edit

Well, looking at the price tags..Hmm..It’s hard to choose when you have so many options here. 4 types are quite a lot for a normal sedan cars. I mean, do not confuse the buyers with these kind of prices. I think, maximum 2 types would be great. One is the higher version and the other one is the lower version. That’s it. But hey, I don’t know that guys also likes to compare things before they buy. :P

DSC09784 edit

The front grill. Now it has bigger chrome grill. A little bit sporty bumper below. Looks like Lamborghini there for an instance. :P

DSC09785 edit

The back I think is totally different from the previous version. This looks similar to my favorite Honda car which is Integra. But I think the bumper makes it look a bit bulkier and some how weird if you start to stare at it for a longer time. Just try. I really love the red lights design and all. I think the design makes the car looks a little bit elegant.

DSC09786 edit

The showroom model are all the low type ones. So, the dashboard would be looking like this. Very plain, like Proton Saga type. No buttons on the steering wheel for audio and phone.

DSC09781 edit

So, this is the higher spec version of the steering. As you can see, the materials of the steering are also different. Not just the steering buttons, the air condition buttons are also touch screen for the higher spec. To me, that was not necessary. If you would want to speed up the air condition, I think by having a knob is much more faster than you have to press up, up, up, up onto the touch screen button just to get the desired temperature. But hey, that is just my opinion. Like I said, I am not a car critique blogger. I am not even a car review blogger. So, do not take my word for it.

It is better if you could go and test it out yourself. If you are driving the previous version of Honda City, it’s fun to see what your car is lacking and what this car is lacking. Yes. It does disappoint me at some point but you have to go and test it out yourself.

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