Sunday, April 6, 2014

Under medication.

Hello all! I am currently under medication! Hehe. Not anything serious. Well, this is regarding about the small bumps on my face. I went to my dermatologist yesterday and apparently, these small bumps are called comodone. I did a research before and I have already know what comodone is actually. It does not freak me out at some point because I knew about this before. The doctor gave me some medicine so I have to go through with it for this month and see if it’s working. I always have faith in my dermatologist. She has nearly cured my eczema which I did suffered since I was 16 years old and now, I believe that the medicines that was given to me could cure these comodone away.

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I never thought that I would need this medicine, especially Roaccutane. But now I guess, I have to. Well, hopefully something good will happen soon. I shall blog about my face skin progress and what are the side effects when I am on Roaccutane. The doctor said that I could have dry lips if I consume this meds. Well, I think it does make my lips quite chapped today after I took a pill after lunch. Wow, that fast is it the effect? :(

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Roaccutane is not suitable for pregnancy ladies. So, if you are pregnant and are having some small bumps/comodone like me, you can take option 2 which is antibiotics. Well, I don’t want to have antibiotics cause I am impatient like that. I need faster results and improvements. I am over stress with my face already. :( It is said that Roaccutane is a little bit more effective and can show faster results too. So, only one pill per day after meal. If I eat it after lunch, just make it a habit to eat all 30 pills after lunch.

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Apart from the pill, I also need to apply these gel at night time only. So, if it’s working well, Alhamdulillah. Both medicines cost me RM250 at Klinik Dr. Ranjit, Subang Jaya.


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