Friday, May 30, 2014

BOTD : Silky Girl Roll On Perfume (Egyptian Lily)

Hello everybody! Happy Friday to all. I know the weekend is just around the corner. This weekend I am not going anywhere as le boyfie has to go to work. Nevertheless, I still have a product to review here in my blog today. :)

I am very picky when it comes to scent. I hate any smoke scents, restaurant scents. I don’t like whenever I had my lunch, the smell of the restaurant sticks onto my clothes. Oh pantang nya! So, I really need to have something nice smelling inside my handbag so that I am just a roll away from smelling yucky to smelling nice. I think this Silky Girl Roll On perfume is the perfect one for me. It’s small in size, it’s affordable and it smells so nice!

042 edit

I personally like this scent. It reminds me of the smell of some high brands perfume like seriously! Also the reason why I choose this one was the Lily part. I love lily scent and I was just hoping that this would have a smell like lily plant.

040 edit

This is how the bottle looks like. It has a lotus flower on the bottom of the bottle there. I am not sure why though. Was it suppose to have like a lily flower instead of lotus? Or lily is actually water lily? It does not have any water lily scent (not that I know how water lily smells like, but I don’t think so it smells like the perfume scent!) at all. Nevertheless, the bottle of 9ml roll on perfume is just small and perfect to have inside a handbag. ;)

041 edit

Another thing that I like about this perfume is that it is actually a roll on perfume! Yahoo! I really like roll on perfume. It does rolled out some quite amount of perfume which is nice and very easy to control! You can roll on for the maximum of 2 times and have the best pop of smell ever.

The scent lasts about nearly 3-4 hours which is not that long for a so called concentrated perfume but, for the price that I am paying, I think it is worth it. This perfume costs RM9.90 at the time I purchased at Guardian. I believe it was one some sort of sale at that time.

038 edit

Well, worry no more! Now you can have a nice scent instantly with this roll on perfume. :)

Till then,


Monday, May 26, 2014

BOTD : Collection HOTLIGHTS Lipgloss

Yes! Another review on the Collection makeup! This would be the second review from this UK cosmetic brand. If you have not read my first review on Collection eyeliner, do click Collection Extreme 24 Hour eyeliner and please do read about it. I did give out my outmost honest opinion inside the entry. :)

Today, it’s about a lip stuff. A lip gloss I should say. I am not a huge lip gloss fan. I don’t like sticky lip glosses. I hate them so damn much cause everything will stick on it. My hair, someone else’s hair. Yuck! :P I think everybody hates sticky lip glosses but sometimes, we do need them for lasting purposes. There are so many brands nowadays did come out with some gloss / lip crème kind of texture that lasted quite long. Some are matte and some did look like a gloss. Well, it is up to the individual how they want their lips to feel like either glossy or matte.

DSC00079 edit

This time, let me introduce to you this HOTLIGHTS Lip gloss by Collection. Well, lip gloss is not overrated yet so I think this lip gloss will have its own fan sooner or later. The packaging is sleek, just like the other lip glosses that you can get from other brands as well. Nothing fancy about it but I love square packaging rather than rounded. I don’t know why. I have been loving square shaped since forever. Sometimes, shape does influence me in buying makeup products. LOL.

DSC00080 edit

I believe they have around 5-6 color choices but I took no 2, Dazzle cause it’s a bit reddish. The others are more into nude or orangy kind of color. Correct me if I am wrong. I don’t really remember cause I do not shop that much now. I  mostly purchase things online as I don’t really have the time / car to go shopping around my favorite places anymore. So, forgive me if I am wrong and please correct me in the comment box.

DSC00081 edit

Like I said, the packaging is just simple square shaped just like other square shaped lip glosses. Nothing fancy at all. But wait, why does the inside on the wand looks brighter? What do they have there? What is it inside it?

DSC00082 edit

Tadaa! It’s actually two led lights! Once you twist up the gloss wand, the lights will automatically lights up! So I guess that is why the name of the lip gloss is HOTLIGHTS. These lights does help a little bit for us to apply the gloss in dark environment especially to those who likes to wear makeup in the car, on their way to a dinner, or maybe just those who likes to socialize in a club and need some touch ups. How amazing this is, right? Well, this is not my first encounter with these led lights lip glosses. My first ever light lip gloss is from Boots which I purchased in Chiang Mai,Thailand last year. That lip glosses has a button to on and off the led lights. Much convenience as you might not need the lights after all if you are applying it during day time.

DSC00084 edit

Well, the boring usual lip gloss wand. It somewhat feels kind of soft on the lips and picks up a gentle amount of glosses to be applied on lips too. Nice wand but nothing special about it. Well, what is the point of having two led lights when you do not have any mirror to apply it, right?

DSC00085 edit

Tadaa again! Yes! This lip gloss comes with a mirror attached to its side! Convenience and very sleek looking mirror. For those who concern, it is actually a real mirror and not some aluminum foil or fake mirror there. Nice!

DSC00086 edt

Well, enough about the packaging and the extra lights. This is a light swatch of this lip gloss. It looks quite intense in the tube, isn’t it? But when you applied it on your lips, the color is very subtle and wearable. It is not that sticky. I would rate the sticky-ness around mild, not to much and not to little. It will gives a little bit of glossy effect on lips with tiny sparkle of gold in it. Like other glosses, this does not last long. Well, I did not expect it to last long either as it is a gloss after all.

Well, I cannot remember how much I purchase this as it was on Watson’s Card sale. I will do check out the price and will revert back to you soon, here. All I can say is that, the price will be around RM20-26 per tube. :)

Thank you for reading!

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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kiehl’s Fun in the Sun!

Hello everybody! Today I would love to tell you a story about my skin. As you all might probably know, I am suffering from acne since a month ago. This is like, my first time ever having this kind of situation before and I really am taking EXTRA care of my skin now. I tend to look at the ingredients, I tend to browse more on acne prone skin products now. It’s not that I neglected my skin before this but I don’t really care that much whatever I put on my face. –_-“

Now, I got to know that Kiehl and The Butterfly Project Group are having this superb event Fun in the Sun, I just cant do nothing about it! I must take this opportunity to express my self concern about my skin condition right now.

026 edit

Well, this is my skin condition now. Acne, pimples, whiteheads whatever that a girl hates, are here on my face. It’s like they love it there. And as most people know now, acne prone skin is actually oily. I tend to block the oiliness by eating some medicines. Although my face is not 100% oily as it is actually a combination normal to oily skin, I can still know that what ever happens, oil has got to do with it, even for just a tiny bit. And, when it is oily, it will tend to be shiny! Ugh! I hate it!

Apart from the oiliness, my skin also needs hydration cause of the Stevia-A medicine. If you are acne sufferer you must have heard about this medicine before or probably have used it before this. This Stevia-A contains tretinoin that can actually helps the outer layer of the skin to grow quickly so that it will replace with a new skin cells and reduce the growth of acne. And this medicine, if you use it just a bit more, you will get burning sensations and unfortunately, dried skin.

That is why I am so in need on the No-Shine fresh hydration by Kiehl’s to help me to reduce the effect of the dried skin and also to make my face shine-free! I have to make the best first impression to my client so that they will feel good when talking to me. Oh yes, by the way my job needs me to be poised and look good / neat all the time. I cant be looking as poised when I have these on my face, especially when my face has a shining effect on it. Oh my! I would be looking like a disco ball instead! NOOOOO!

Well, I do hope that I am one of the lucky 30 bloggers to be part of this event! Can’t wait to test out Kiehl’s product and see the results!

I love Kiehl’s product because apparently, it does work fantastically on me! I have someone recommended my a lip balm by Kiehl’s and it was absolutely amazing! I did test out once and felt the connection straight away! Kiehl’s product are also good because they use natural ingredients that is suitable for skin. They did very well in maintaining their products quality and ingredients. They were also among the pioneer in having natural ingredients in skin care products, started in this industry since 150 years ago.

Have you tried Kiehl’s product? Why not grab a free sample today! Visit your nearest Kiehl’s counter and ask for one!




Kiehl’s Malaysia Facebook :

The Butterfly Project Malaysia Facebook :

Thursday, May 22, 2014

BOTD : Miacare Acne Defense Concealer Stick

Hello ladies and gentleman! This post is directly to you who has been suffering with acne, be it girls or boys! Both can use this product no matter who and what age you are. I am suffering from acne since 1 month ago and just cant wait to heal these redness on my face. I shall show you my raw face without any makeup, and I beg you please do not ask me what happened, or why. I don’t know what happened. Some say it’s the cause of Roaccutane, some say my hormones, some say my digestions. Well, I have no clue and have been trying to find out why too.

First thing first, I am so sorry about the quality of the lighting is some of the pictures. I took these batches of pictures on different day, at different time. T_T

DSC00048 edit

To tell you all the truth, I only came across with this acne concealer just few weeks ago and I was actually looking for the acne patch by MiaCare at that time. Then only I saw that MiaCare has this kind of product and I straight away took it cause I really need these. I have been using the Maybelline concealer and I think it is not good to put on makeup when you have acne but what can I do. My work needs me to at least cover these redness cause I need to meet people mostly everyday. And these people are not just ordinary people. They are high level people. I feel embarrassed if I meet them and having these red patches and spots all over my face.

DSC00045 edit

I have also tried the other miacare products which is the acne patch for day and also night. That is how I actually think that this brand sounds familiar.

DSC00046 edit

As from what you can read from the picture above, this concealer contains salicylic acid which is one of the ingredients that could fight acne and can also clean the pores. I mean, the only reason I purchased this concealer is mainly because of the acid itself.

DSC00047 edit

You can see my ugly face there, before and after using the concealer stick. Well, all the redness are pretty much covered although you still can see the tiny redness on my jaw there. The coverage of this concealer is not to say the best but also not the worst. It’s like in the middle. Some may think that this concealer wont be covering much of their acne, I do think so too. It looks like it does not cover all but it looks pretty decent to me.

DSC00049 edit

This is how the concealer stick looks like. Nothing fancy, it’s just a twist body kind of packaging. Meh. Pretty boring right? Looks cheap some more. :P

Well, once applied on the hands you cannot really see the concealer although it is not 100% matches my skin color. It is blend-able but I don’t know how to blend on an acne. It’s painful! So I just leave it there once I applied it onto my face. :P

To me, this products are okay. Not brilliant and not worst. Well, it does not reduce any of my acne for sure. It just covers it up. Besides, for RM26 you get just a tiny bit of concealer. To me, it is kind of expensive. Plus, it is hard to find this concealer. Try to look at the Watsons Pharmacy near you.

Till then,


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Aviation industries

Hello all. Today I don’t really feel like talking about beauty / makeup products. I don’t really have that many makeup products to talk about as for now. So I think, why not talk about the new airport in Sepang? The KLIA2 or Kuala Lumpur International Airport 2 or the new low cost career terminal (LCCT).

People always say, when it comes to LCCT they will always think about Air Asia. It is because, Air Asia has been residing at LCCT Sepang for nearly a decade now. It’s like a synonym to LCCT. Remember LCCT, remember Air Asia. But now, in this new the world’s biggest LCCT, there are not only Air Asia (including Air Asia X) but also they do cater for Malindo Air, Cebu Pacific Air and Tiger Airways. It is huge! It has its own mall too.

I don’t know why and what makes me love aviation so much. I tend to get more involved when it comes to asking questions about aviation because I really want to know more. Maybe because my dad used to bring me and my mom to KLIA always when I was in my growing years, not to forget Subang Airport too. We used to hangout at Penang Airport whenever we are in Penang and we travel a lot using airlines. I tend to see that my first dream job is to become a flight attendant. I have always what to go to their auditions because I really want to be them. I’ve been to one cabin crew interview for Firefly but did not make it. Well, it’s a learning experience.

I don’t really want to ramble much about this aviation. I know I love it and I will be in love with aviation forever.

022 edit


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

BOTD : Collection EXTREME 24hour Felt Tip Liner

Ladies! If you are an eyeliner fan like me, you will always wanted to try out the newest eyeliner in the drugstore, right? I do! I think that eyeliner is an essential makeup tool that everybody at least need to try out and see. Like I said for the gazillion time, my first makeup was eyeliner and not even foundation. LOL.

DSC00030 edit

So, I saw this new brand from the UK called Collection. It was used to be called Collection2000 but I have no idea what made them change their name. I used to be in love with pencil liner but find it quite messy to put on a straight line without having the liner to be very smudging all over the lid. Then, I move onto ink/gel liners and I suck at it actually. So, my last resort would be this pen liners. I think, whoever invented this kind of liners deserve a HUGE hug from me. Pen liners are so easy to put on, some even did not smudge at all and it stays for a long long long time!

So, let see if this eyeliner actually did stay 24 hours long! I can always say that any long lasting eyeliner is quite hard to remove after wearing it for more than 8 hours long, so let see if this eyeliner is in those hard to remove categories, or not.

DSC00031 edit

First thing first, when ever the eyeliner said that it is 24 hour felt tip liner, without mentioning that it is actually waterproof, you have to think and decide. If you have oily eyelids like I do, you have to make sure that the 24 hour stays really works on oily lids as well otherwise, the statement is just BULLS. It wont work out on the oily lids and it wont stay as long as 24 hours I tell you!

DSC00033 edit

Precisely as you can see in the picture above, I try to make a thin line and also a thick line. And that thick line looks super yucky as the ink goes right into my skin lines and makes a caterpillar kind of shape there. Haha. The thin line however, looks smooth and nice. The ink color is also black, which is actually my kind of eyeliner color for sure. :)

DSC00035 edit

How it looks like on my eye? Well, here it is. I try to make thick lines and also thin line as well towards on the inner corner of my eyes. I bet it is working well. But, is it 24 hour lasting? Yes actually! It does last long onto my oily lids! Surprisingly! :)

DSC00037 edit

The waterproof test! Yawza! As I mentioned, this eyeliner does not have any waterproof mentioned on the tube so I don’t really see that it is going to be waterproof anyway.

DSC00038 edit

Ugh. Ugly ugly ugly. Well, as said, not waterproof. But, it does last long! I am quite surprise with the lasting effect, being to said that I do have oily lids. Well, I guess the formula does work for those who have average oily lids.

Oh yes, it also said on the tube that it has this fast dry formula. Well, I am not so going to agree with this cause apparently, it does not. You have to wait for about 1-2 minutes for the ink to completely dries up.

I actually forget the price of this eyeliner but I can assure you that it is not more than RM30. Probably around RM23-25 for sure! I purchased it at Watsons pharmacy in The Curve. :)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Butterfly Projects : Laser Tag & Butterfly 1st Anniversary!

I hardly play sports that could make my adrenalin rushed up. I hate competing with other people because I cant stand loosing. I don’t like to compete because I can be quite a competitor. Sometime I tend to give no mercy to my opponents therefore, I don’t really like to compete with others. This time around, I need to test myself. It took me quite sometime to join this laser tag activities held by The Butterfly Projects Malaysia and Warzone e@Curve. First, my feet is not 100% healed yet and secondly I afraid that I wont give any mercy to my other butterflies.

025 edit

My mind changed and after deep thinking, I think I can handle myself now, now that I am older and wiser as people might have already said so many times. So, I try my luck and I got chosen to take part in the activities! I was afraid and happy at the same time!

DSC09964 edit

So here are the rules. Well, apprently they say no running and all but still you can run, provided that you did not knock over the obstacles inside the battle arena.

DSC09965 editDSC09975 edit

This is the vest. This vest has lights onto it and the gun is attached to the jacket as well. The gun has special name on it like Tank, Nebula, Eagle and many more other cool name.This jacket has two kinds of lights, indicating the team that you are in. At first, I got the blue ones and my name on the gun is Nebula. Pretty cool huh? ;) You have to hold the gun using both of your hands. Meaning that, one hand on the pitcher and the other on the front of the gun. Obviously not like what I did up there, for sure. This picture was taken before we were briefed on how to play this game. ;)

DSC09968 edit

The inside of the game room looks like this, it’s dark but it has a lot of UV rays paint, with glow in the dark lights and all. It’s actually fun to play if you have more than 5 players. 10 I think is enough for 1 team. It can be a little bit crowded if more then that to play in a game.

DSC09979 editDSC09980 editDSC09977 edit

Well well well, before we play we must eat something to gives us a bit of an energy to run and let those adrenaline pumps up! So, they served us with delicious foods! Kuehs, nasi lemak, and sandwiches. Drinks too! What more could you ask for? I love The Butterfly Project Malaysia & WarZone!

DSC09984 editDSC09981 edit

After we had our tummy filled, it’s time for the briefing and welcoming speech from the representative of WarZone e@Curve. Together with that, a safety briefing and also we were being divided into 4 groups consists of 9 people per group. The usual 1,2,3,4 counts we being done an I am in group 3! We are required then to think about our group’s name. Group 1 is called Hunteress, Group 2 is Mulan, Group 3 is Athena and Group 4 is Laser Fly!

028 edit

While Group 1 & Group 2 were battling with each other, us group 3 & 4 were watching them playing on the CCTV parked inside the lasertag room! It was so fun but I was a bit afraid that I might be over enjoying it and do not give a damn about other people and just shoot. All I say to myself that all of these girls are not my enemy even though we are not in the same group. Haha.

My mission was to shoot whoever that is not in my team, be slightly aggressive and just have fun. Shoot, shoot & shoot all the way! It was fun cause during the battle, they turn on some nice medium pace songs and you feel like you want to dance but at the same time, you are in a lasertag battle! :P I got number 8 for my first game and number 7 on the second game. There were all in total of 4 games that we have to play! So much fun and who knows that you can actually sweat like heck playing this!

DSC09987 edit

Once finished playing all 4 games, we were anxious to wait for the final results to be revealed and surprisingly my team won second place! WOW! I never win any medal before at school or at any place but The Butterfly Projects Malaysia did break that record of mine! Haha. Thank you Group 3! :) We fought hard and fair! Lets go and see the team one by one shall we!

DSC09991 edit

Group 2 (Number 4)

DSC09999 edit

Group 1 (Number 3)

DSC00002 edit

Group 3 (Number 2)

DSC00009 edit

Group 4 (Number 1)

Congratulations all!

Apart from the game, there is another agenda from The Butterfly Project Malaysia. They were celebrating the 1st anniversary of our group! YAY! Even though I joined this group quite late, around September / October 2013, I do feel like I clicked in with all of the girls inside this group!
May we all grow and be friend and laugh together with each other forever!

030 edit

Oh yes, if you are wondering about the prices of the WarZone Laser Tag, see picture below. ;) It is affordable and you can actually play unlimited for a day! All you have to do is pay RM60 and you can come and anytime, and play anytime you want in one whole day. That’s cool huh? They also provide a locker for you to store your bags while playing inside. If you do have your student pass / card, show it to them and you’ll have student price. Psst, they do not check on the years I think. Just try and show. ;p

032 edit

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

BOTD : Etude House AC Clinic Toner (1 Week Review)

Being an acne sufferer now, I have tome to the extend whereby I need to do more research on the things that I put onto my face. For this while, I was just neglecting the ingredients part of the product but now, I guess it’s the time where I have to scan all the ingredients, do more research and read more articles on acne and its treatment. I don’t really believe everything that is online so I have to be extra careful on this matter.

DSC00016 edit

My current toner now is this AC Clinic Daily from Etude House. I have been using this toner for the past week now and have seen quite a result. The result is not that fast (maybe my acne is quite severe) but I can see that my black heads on my nose are mostly gone, left only the comodones on my cheeks and some really nice red acne at my jawlines.

DSC00017 edit

This is STEP 2 of the AC Clinic Daily range. Step 1 is actually it’s facial cleanser. Since I have mine and I wont be changing any cleanser for now, I wont be buying any new cleanser for now. Well, the bottle itself is actually made from glass. It’s heavy and not travel friendly at all. If you are travelling and would need to bring this toner with you, you have to depot it into some smaller tube/bottle.

DSC00018 edit

The mouth of the toner is just like the other types of toner.  It does not dispense a lot of products onto the cotton pad which is good because we can actually control the product without being over pouring.

Lets talk about the product shall we? Like any other toner, it’s clear in color. It has sort of like a medicine scent which for me is okay cause when you tend to have that medicine scent, your brain will usually said that it’s going to work for you. I have searched for some other blog reviews of this product and most of them said that they are okay with the scent. It does not tingles my skin once applied which is good. Even then I dapped it onto my acne, it does not tingles them at all. Appreciate it a lot actually when the skin care does not do worse on your skin.

DSC00020 edit

Let’s get into the ingredients since I am now an ingredients freak. It has Salicylic Acid which is so famous for those who are looking for an effective acne treatment. Salicylic Acid are used to dissolve the dead skin and prevents the pores from being congested. I think this is why my blackheads are almost gone! With the help of AHA + BHA cleanser and also this toner, it’s actually a perfect combination! :)


Picture on your left (<-) is the one that I took last week and on your right (->) is the one that I took yesterday. You can see I marked with two marks on the right picture, the redness has already gone. I know the others are yet still there unfortunately but I think the redness compared from left to right has reduce a little bit. To fight acne, it takes time. So, I have to be patience and be happy all the time.

I shall update you with my 2nd week updates next on my experience with this toner. Oh yes by the way, I am also using the Benzac 5 onto my acne as well so that might be also contributing to the less redness onto my acne. ;)

See you soon!

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