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BOTD : Bag of Love (March–April)

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Hello everybody! It’s time for me to feature my most favorite beauty subscription bag in Malaysia, the Bag of Love! I have been subscribing to their monthly bags since last year. I think I only missed few bags (probably one or two) on their earliest bags but since then, I have been trying to get their bags each month (not including their special edition bags. hehe) and I think I made it! Personally, I like this beauty subscriptions because it gives us not only the beauty products but a beauty bag as well! It’s like a bonus there!

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Sorry for the wrong angle of taking photos. I suck at this. I think I have to attend a photography class. Haha. Well, basically there are 8 items inside this bag. Well, I wont probably say the items are my favorite part for this month cause I think the only full size items would be the Dove Hair Therapy Conditioner and Uber man Hydrating Mist, the rest are basically sample / deluxe sample sizes.

Human Nature Overnight Elixir

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Retail price : RM129.90 / 30ml

It is said that this miracle elixir works well on skin. Apply it during night time before bed and you will wake up with a nice moisturized skin in the morning. I have not yet try it but I will soon once I could get rid all of these severe acne on my face. Now, I would not want to event put any oil on my face. Quarantine time!

Uber Man Hydrating Mist

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Retail Price : RM16.90

Well, another man product that I think I might be giving this out to my boyfriend, or maybe use it for my own. We’ll see. ;)

Nuxe Crème Nirvanesque First Expression Lines Cream

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I believe this was the product that not all the subscribers will get the same thing. Some may receive Philosophy Hope in a Jar (which I really want to test out!) and some might be getting this. Well, it says that Jennifer Anniston swears by this product. Well, again, we’ll see if it really does work.

Dove Hair Therapy Damage Solutions Intense Repair Conditioner

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Retail Price : RM9.90

Well, not something that I am keen to try out as this is widely available in Malaysia. I am no longer changing my shampoo routine for now so I guess I shall just have to wait to use this one. Basically, it’s a conditioner which I think are just the same as the conditioner that I am currently using now.

CK One RED Edition For Her Body Wash

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Retail Price : RM75 / 200ml

I love CK Perfumes. I will always love their Eternity & Euphoria scent. This one is not bad as well! I like the scent. I used to wear CK One, the unisex ones. It smells nice! :)

COVO HD Pic BB Cream SPF50 PA+++

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Retail Price : RM89 / 30ml

A BB Cream by COVO. A brand which I have heard before but never have the urge to try. Maybe because I am still on my no makeup buying as my skin is not that well kind of months. The packaging is cute. So small. I tried to pump a little bit but it wont come out. I have to drastically shake and press the tube then, a little bit of the BB Cream came out.

Miacare Acne Patch for Day

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Retail Price : RM9.50 for 12 patches

I LOVE this acne patch. Like seriously. I have no idea where to buy it but I did received the same sample pack of 3 patches sometime ago and has been trying them out and it works like miracle!

UNIQO Mask of Love Soothing & Hydrating Bio Cellulose Mask

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This Mask of Love is sort of like a co creating between Unico and Bag of Love. You can see the doodle of Mimi down there with a face mask on her hand! Mimi is the founder of Bag of Love. I will definitely try this mask on soon!


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All of us also received some vouchers from Fashion Culture and COVO :)


Well, to me I think the bag is good but this time, the goodies inside the bag is not that flattering. I am not hating it but I am also not loving it as well. Well, I think I have gotten more quality items than this one but, I believe that Mimi has already try her best in giving the best to the subscribers! :)

You can visit the link below to subscribe to Bag of Love.

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