Tuesday, May 20, 2014

BOTD : Collection EXTREME 24hour Felt Tip Liner

Ladies! If you are an eyeliner fan like me, you will always wanted to try out the newest eyeliner in the drugstore, right? I do! I think that eyeliner is an essential makeup tool that everybody at least need to try out and see. Like I said for the gazillion time, my first makeup was eyeliner and not even foundation. LOL.

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So, I saw this new brand from the UK called Collection. It was used to be called Collection2000 but I have no idea what made them change their name. I used to be in love with pencil liner but find it quite messy to put on a straight line without having the liner to be very smudging all over the lid. Then, I move onto ink/gel liners and I suck at it actually. So, my last resort would be this pen liners. I think, whoever invented this kind of liners deserve a HUGE hug from me. Pen liners are so easy to put on, some even did not smudge at all and it stays for a long long long time!

So, let see if this eyeliner actually did stay 24 hours long! I can always say that any long lasting eyeliner is quite hard to remove after wearing it for more than 8 hours long, so let see if this eyeliner is in those hard to remove categories, or not.

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First thing first, when ever the eyeliner said that it is 24 hour felt tip liner, without mentioning that it is actually waterproof, you have to think and decide. If you have oily eyelids like I do, you have to make sure that the 24 hour stays really works on oily lids as well otherwise, the statement is just BULLS. It wont work out on the oily lids and it wont stay as long as 24 hours I tell you!

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Precisely as you can see in the picture above, I try to make a thin line and also a thick line. And that thick line looks super yucky as the ink goes right into my skin lines and makes a caterpillar kind of shape there. Haha. The thin line however, looks smooth and nice. The ink color is also black, which is actually my kind of eyeliner color for sure. :)

DSC00035 edit

How it looks like on my eye? Well, here it is. I try to make thick lines and also thin line as well towards on the inner corner of my eyes. I bet it is working well. But, is it 24 hour lasting? Yes actually! It does last long onto my oily lids! Surprisingly! :)

DSC00037 edit

The waterproof test! Yawza! As I mentioned, this eyeliner does not have any waterproof mentioned on the tube so I don’t really see that it is going to be waterproof anyway.

DSC00038 edit

Ugh. Ugly ugly ugly. Well, as said, not waterproof. But, it does last long! I am quite surprise with the lasting effect, being to said that I do have oily lids. Well, I guess the formula does work for those who have average oily lids.

Oh yes, it also said on the tube that it has this fast dry formula. Well, I am not so going to agree with this cause apparently, it does not. You have to wait for about 1-2 minutes for the ink to completely dries up.

I actually forget the price of this eyeliner but I can assure you that it is not more than RM30. Probably around RM23-25 for sure! I purchased it at Watsons pharmacy in The Curve. :)

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