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BOTD : Collection HOTLIGHTS Lipgloss

Yes! Another review on the Collection makeup! This would be the second review from this UK cosmetic brand. If you have not read my first review on Collection eyeliner, do click Collection Extreme 24 Hour eyeliner and please do read about it. I did give out my outmost honest opinion inside the entry. :)

Today, it’s about a lip stuff. A lip gloss I should say. I am not a huge lip gloss fan. I don’t like sticky lip glosses. I hate them so damn much cause everything will stick on it. My hair, someone else’s hair. Yuck! :P I think everybody hates sticky lip glosses but sometimes, we do need them for lasting purposes. There are so many brands nowadays did come out with some gloss / lip crème kind of texture that lasted quite long. Some are matte and some did look like a gloss. Well, it is up to the individual how they want their lips to feel like either glossy or matte.

DSC00079 edit

This time, let me introduce to you this HOTLIGHTS Lip gloss by Collection. Well, lip gloss is not overrated yet so I think this lip gloss will have its own fan sooner or later. The packaging is sleek, just like the other lip glosses that you can get from other brands as well. Nothing fancy about it but I love square packaging rather than rounded. I don’t know why. I have been loving square shaped since forever. Sometimes, shape does influence me in buying makeup products. LOL.

DSC00080 edit

I believe they have around 5-6 color choices but I took no 2, Dazzle cause it’s a bit reddish. The others are more into nude or orangy kind of color. Correct me if I am wrong. I don’t really remember cause I do not shop that much now. I  mostly purchase things online as I don’t really have the time / car to go shopping around my favorite places anymore. So, forgive me if I am wrong and please correct me in the comment box.

DSC00081 edit

Like I said, the packaging is just simple square shaped just like other square shaped lip glosses. Nothing fancy at all. But wait, why does the inside on the wand looks brighter? What do they have there? What is it inside it?

DSC00082 edit

Tadaa! It’s actually two led lights! Once you twist up the gloss wand, the lights will automatically lights up! So I guess that is why the name of the lip gloss is HOTLIGHTS. These lights does help a little bit for us to apply the gloss in dark environment especially to those who likes to wear makeup in the car, on their way to a dinner, or maybe just those who likes to socialize in a club and need some touch ups. How amazing this is, right? Well, this is not my first encounter with these led lights lip glosses. My first ever light lip gloss is from Boots which I purchased in Chiang Mai,Thailand last year. That lip glosses has a button to on and off the led lights. Much convenience as you might not need the lights after all if you are applying it during day time.

DSC00084 edit

Well, the boring usual lip gloss wand. It somewhat feels kind of soft on the lips and picks up a gentle amount of glosses to be applied on lips too. Nice wand but nothing special about it. Well, what is the point of having two led lights when you do not have any mirror to apply it, right?

DSC00085 edit

Tadaa again! Yes! This lip gloss comes with a mirror attached to its side! Convenience and very sleek looking mirror. For those who concern, it is actually a real mirror and not some aluminum foil or fake mirror there. Nice!

DSC00086 edt

Well, enough about the packaging and the extra lights. This is a light swatch of this lip gloss. It looks quite intense in the tube, isn’t it? But when you applied it on your lips, the color is very subtle and wearable. It is not that sticky. I would rate the sticky-ness around mild, not to much and not to little. It will gives a little bit of glossy effect on lips with tiny sparkle of gold in it. Like other glosses, this does not last long. Well, I did not expect it to last long either as it is a gloss after all.

Well, I cannot remember how much I purchase this as it was on Watson’s Card sale. I will do check out the price and will revert back to you soon, here. All I can say is that, the price will be around RM20-26 per tube. :)

Thank you for reading!

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