Tuesday, May 13, 2014

BOTD : Etude House AC Clinic Toner (1 Week Review)

Being an acne sufferer now, I have tome to the extend whereby I need to do more research on the things that I put onto my face. For this while, I was just neglecting the ingredients part of the product but now, I guess it’s the time where I have to scan all the ingredients, do more research and read more articles on acne and its treatment. I don’t really believe everything that is online so I have to be extra careful on this matter.

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My current toner now is this AC Clinic Daily from Etude House. I have been using this toner for the past week now and have seen quite a result. The result is not that fast (maybe my acne is quite severe) but I can see that my black heads on my nose are mostly gone, left only the comodones on my cheeks and some really nice red acne at my jawlines.

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This is STEP 2 of the AC Clinic Daily range. Step 1 is actually it’s facial cleanser. Since I have mine and I wont be changing any cleanser for now, I wont be buying any new cleanser for now. Well, the bottle itself is actually made from glass. It’s heavy and not travel friendly at all. If you are travelling and would need to bring this toner with you, you have to depot it into some smaller tube/bottle.

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The mouth of the toner is just like the other types of toner.  It does not dispense a lot of products onto the cotton pad which is good because we can actually control the product without being over pouring.

Lets talk about the product shall we? Like any other toner, it’s clear in color. It has sort of like a medicine scent which for me is okay cause when you tend to have that medicine scent, your brain will usually said that it’s going to work for you. I have searched for some other blog reviews of this product and most of them said that they are okay with the scent. It does not tingles my skin once applied which is good. Even then I dapped it onto my acne, it does not tingles them at all. Appreciate it a lot actually when the skin care does not do worse on your skin.

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Let’s get into the ingredients since I am now an ingredients freak. It has Salicylic Acid which is so famous for those who are looking for an effective acne treatment. Salicylic Acid are used to dissolve the dead skin and prevents the pores from being congested. I think this is why my blackheads are almost gone! With the help of AHA + BHA cleanser and also this toner, it’s actually a perfect combination! :)


Picture on your left (<-) is the one that I took last week and on your right (->) is the one that I took yesterday. You can see I marked with two marks on the right picture, the redness has already gone. I know the others are yet still there unfortunately but I think the redness compared from left to right has reduce a little bit. To fight acne, it takes time. So, I have to be patience and be happy all the time.

I shall update you with my 2nd week updates next on my experience with this toner. Oh yes by the way, I am also using the Benzac 5 onto my acne as well so that might be also contributing to the less redness onto my acne. ;)

See you soon!

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  1. Hi!:) may I ask that how's the product so far? Isit make change on acne problem and pimple and blackhead problem ? Because I'm thinking whether to buy it or not. Looking forward for your reply ya ! Thanks :)


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