Thursday, May 22, 2014

BOTD : Miacare Acne Defense Concealer Stick

Hello ladies and gentleman! This post is directly to you who has been suffering with acne, be it girls or boys! Both can use this product no matter who and what age you are. I am suffering from acne since 1 month ago and just cant wait to heal these redness on my face. I shall show you my raw face without any makeup, and I beg you please do not ask me what happened, or why. I don’t know what happened. Some say it’s the cause of Roaccutane, some say my hormones, some say my digestions. Well, I have no clue and have been trying to find out why too.

First thing first, I am so sorry about the quality of the lighting is some of the pictures. I took these batches of pictures on different day, at different time. T_T

DSC00048 edit

To tell you all the truth, I only came across with this acne concealer just few weeks ago and I was actually looking for the acne patch by MiaCare at that time. Then only I saw that MiaCare has this kind of product and I straight away took it cause I really need these. I have been using the Maybelline concealer and I think it is not good to put on makeup when you have acne but what can I do. My work needs me to at least cover these redness cause I need to meet people mostly everyday. And these people are not just ordinary people. They are high level people. I feel embarrassed if I meet them and having these red patches and spots all over my face.

DSC00045 edit

I have also tried the other miacare products which is the acne patch for day and also night. That is how I actually think that this brand sounds familiar.

DSC00046 edit

As from what you can read from the picture above, this concealer contains salicylic acid which is one of the ingredients that could fight acne and can also clean the pores. I mean, the only reason I purchased this concealer is mainly because of the acid itself.

DSC00047 edit

You can see my ugly face there, before and after using the concealer stick. Well, all the redness are pretty much covered although you still can see the tiny redness on my jaw there. The coverage of this concealer is not to say the best but also not the worst. It’s like in the middle. Some may think that this concealer wont be covering much of their acne, I do think so too. It looks like it does not cover all but it looks pretty decent to me.

DSC00049 edit

This is how the concealer stick looks like. Nothing fancy, it’s just a twist body kind of packaging. Meh. Pretty boring right? Looks cheap some more. :P

Well, once applied on the hands you cannot really see the concealer although it is not 100% matches my skin color. It is blend-able but I don’t know how to blend on an acne. It’s painful! So I just leave it there once I applied it onto my face. :P

To me, this products are okay. Not brilliant and not worst. Well, it does not reduce any of my acne for sure. It just covers it up. Besides, for RM26 you get just a tiny bit of concealer. To me, it is kind of expensive. Plus, it is hard to find this concealer. Try to look at the Watsons Pharmacy near you.

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  1. Hi dear..ive been following ur blog last time when i search for tabita review..n i saw u do a lot of tabita review. then i decided to try it on.but wat make me regret after 4 mths using it i decided to stop immediately as i heard bad side effect due to the mercury. didnt expect afte i stop for few days the nightmare started. i had rashes n i thought its normal rashes but it turnout to be major breakout and it attack the same spot as wat u had on that was really bad even the Dr KO was suprised as it took very long tor ecover even he gve me the best medicine n treatment. then I saw one of my fren on FB also encounter d same prob like me as she also used i amde a conclusion tat tabita is not safe.

    1. Hi dear ! So sorry for the very late reply! Previously i used the imotiv app to track my blog post comments. Well, yes! Tabita is one of the major contribution to my problem. You can visit the facial that i have been to last year to get rid of all the pimples and face demons. It's at PV128, Setapak. Silvana Beauty.


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