Friday, May 30, 2014

BOTD : Silky Girl Roll On Perfume (Egyptian Lily)

Hello everybody! Happy Friday to all. I know the weekend is just around the corner. This weekend I am not going anywhere as le boyfie has to go to work. Nevertheless, I still have a product to review here in my blog today. :)

I am very picky when it comes to scent. I hate any smoke scents, restaurant scents. I don’t like whenever I had my lunch, the smell of the restaurant sticks onto my clothes. Oh pantang nya! So, I really need to have something nice smelling inside my handbag so that I am just a roll away from smelling yucky to smelling nice. I think this Silky Girl Roll On perfume is the perfect one for me. It’s small in size, it’s affordable and it smells so nice!

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I personally like this scent. It reminds me of the smell of some high brands perfume like seriously! Also the reason why I choose this one was the Lily part. I love lily scent and I was just hoping that this would have a smell like lily plant.

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This is how the bottle looks like. It has a lotus flower on the bottom of the bottle there. I am not sure why though. Was it suppose to have like a lily flower instead of lotus? Or lily is actually water lily? It does not have any water lily scent (not that I know how water lily smells like, but I don’t think so it smells like the perfume scent!) at all. Nevertheless, the bottle of 9ml roll on perfume is just small and perfect to have inside a handbag. ;)

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Another thing that I like about this perfume is that it is actually a roll on perfume! Yahoo! I really like roll on perfume. It does rolled out some quite amount of perfume which is nice and very easy to control! You can roll on for the maximum of 2 times and have the best pop of smell ever.

The scent lasts about nearly 3-4 hours which is not that long for a so called concentrated perfume but, for the price that I am paying, I think it is worth it. This perfume costs RM9.90 at the time I purchased at Guardian. I believe it was one some sort of sale at that time.

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Well, worry no more! Now you can have a nice scent instantly with this roll on perfume. :)

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