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Butterfly Projects : Laser Tag & Butterfly 1st Anniversary!

I hardly play sports that could make my adrenalin rushed up. I hate competing with other people because I cant stand loosing. I don’t like to compete because I can be quite a competitor. Sometime I tend to give no mercy to my opponents therefore, I don’t really like to compete with others. This time around, I need to test myself. It took me quite sometime to join this laser tag activities held by The Butterfly Projects Malaysia and Warzone e@Curve. First, my feet is not 100% healed yet and secondly I afraid that I wont give any mercy to my other butterflies.

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My mind changed and after deep thinking, I think I can handle myself now, now that I am older and wiser as people might have already said so many times. So, I try my luck and I got chosen to take part in the activities! I was afraid and happy at the same time!

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So here are the rules. Well, apprently they say no running and all but still you can run, provided that you did not knock over the obstacles inside the battle arena.

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This is the vest. This vest has lights onto it and the gun is attached to the jacket as well. The gun has special name on it like Tank, Nebula, Eagle and many more other cool name.This jacket has two kinds of lights, indicating the team that you are in. At first, I got the blue ones and my name on the gun is Nebula. Pretty cool huh? ;) You have to hold the gun using both of your hands. Meaning that, one hand on the pitcher and the other on the front of the gun. Obviously not like what I did up there, for sure. This picture was taken before we were briefed on how to play this game. ;)

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The inside of the game room looks like this, it’s dark but it has a lot of UV rays paint, with glow in the dark lights and all. It’s actually fun to play if you have more than 5 players. 10 I think is enough for 1 team. It can be a little bit crowded if more then that to play in a game.

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Well well well, before we play we must eat something to gives us a bit of an energy to run and let those adrenaline pumps up! So, they served us with delicious foods! Kuehs, nasi lemak, and sandwiches. Drinks too! What more could you ask for? I love The Butterfly Project Malaysia & WarZone!

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After we had our tummy filled, it’s time for the briefing and welcoming speech from the representative of WarZone e@Curve. Together with that, a safety briefing and also we were being divided into 4 groups consists of 9 people per group. The usual 1,2,3,4 counts we being done an I am in group 3! We are required then to think about our group’s name. Group 1 is called Hunteress, Group 2 is Mulan, Group 3 is Athena and Group 4 is Laser Fly!

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While Group 1 & Group 2 were battling with each other, us group 3 & 4 were watching them playing on the CCTV parked inside the lasertag room! It was so fun but I was a bit afraid that I might be over enjoying it and do not give a damn about other people and just shoot. All I say to myself that all of these girls are not my enemy even though we are not in the same group. Haha.

My mission was to shoot whoever that is not in my team, be slightly aggressive and just have fun. Shoot, shoot & shoot all the way! It was fun cause during the battle, they turn on some nice medium pace songs and you feel like you want to dance but at the same time, you are in a lasertag battle! :P I got number 8 for my first game and number 7 on the second game. There were all in total of 4 games that we have to play! So much fun and who knows that you can actually sweat like heck playing this!

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Once finished playing all 4 games, we were anxious to wait for the final results to be revealed and surprisingly my team won second place! WOW! I never win any medal before at school or at any place but The Butterfly Projects Malaysia did break that record of mine! Haha. Thank you Group 3! :) We fought hard and fair! Lets go and see the team one by one shall we!

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Group 2 (Number 4)

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Group 1 (Number 3)

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Group 3 (Number 2)

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Group 4 (Number 1)

Congratulations all!

Apart from the game, there is another agenda from The Butterfly Project Malaysia. They were celebrating the 1st anniversary of our group! YAY! Even though I joined this group quite late, around September / October 2013, I do feel like I clicked in with all of the girls inside this group!
May we all grow and be friend and laugh together with each other forever!

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Oh yes, if you are wondering about the prices of the WarZone Laser Tag, see picture below. ;) It is affordable and you can actually play unlimited for a day! All you have to do is pay RM60 and you can come and anytime, and play anytime you want in one whole day. That’s cool huh? They also provide a locker for you to store your bags while playing inside. If you do have your student pass / card, show it to them and you’ll have student price. Psst, they do not check on the years I think. Just try and show. ;p

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