Sunday, May 25, 2014

Kiehl’s Fun in the Sun!

Hello everybody! Today I would love to tell you a story about my skin. As you all might probably know, I am suffering from acne since a month ago. This is like, my first time ever having this kind of situation before and I really am taking EXTRA care of my skin now. I tend to look at the ingredients, I tend to browse more on acne prone skin products now. It’s not that I neglected my skin before this but I don’t really care that much whatever I put on my face. –_-“

Now, I got to know that Kiehl and The Butterfly Project Group are having this superb event Fun in the Sun, I just cant do nothing about it! I must take this opportunity to express my self concern about my skin condition right now.

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Well, this is my skin condition now. Acne, pimples, whiteheads whatever that a girl hates, are here on my face. It’s like they love it there. And as most people know now, acne prone skin is actually oily. I tend to block the oiliness by eating some medicines. Although my face is not 100% oily as it is actually a combination normal to oily skin, I can still know that what ever happens, oil has got to do with it, even for just a tiny bit. And, when it is oily, it will tend to be shiny! Ugh! I hate it!

Apart from the oiliness, my skin also needs hydration cause of the Stevia-A medicine. If you are acne sufferer you must have heard about this medicine before or probably have used it before this. This Stevia-A contains tretinoin that can actually helps the outer layer of the skin to grow quickly so that it will replace with a new skin cells and reduce the growth of acne. And this medicine, if you use it just a bit more, you will get burning sensations and unfortunately, dried skin.

That is why I am so in need on the No-Shine fresh hydration by Kiehl’s to help me to reduce the effect of the dried skin and also to make my face shine-free! I have to make the best first impression to my client so that they will feel good when talking to me. Oh yes, by the way my job needs me to be poised and look good / neat all the time. I cant be looking as poised when I have these on my face, especially when my face has a shining effect on it. Oh my! I would be looking like a disco ball instead! NOOOOO!

Well, I do hope that I am one of the lucky 30 bloggers to be part of this event! Can’t wait to test out Kiehl’s product and see the results!

I love Kiehl’s product because apparently, it does work fantastically on me! I have someone recommended my a lip balm by Kiehl’s and it was absolutely amazing! I did test out once and felt the connection straight away! Kiehl’s product are also good because they use natural ingredients that is suitable for skin. They did very well in maintaining their products quality and ingredients. They were also among the pioneer in having natural ingredients in skin care products, started in this industry since 150 years ago.

Have you tried Kiehl’s product? Why not grab a free sample today! Visit your nearest Kiehl’s counter and ask for one!




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