Tuesday, June 24, 2014

BOTD : Keihl’s Party in the Sun Event!

Hello lovelies! I would love to share my experience with all of you here in regards to this absolutely hot and simple but yet informative event, handled my Kiehl’s and also The Butterfly Projects Malaysia. At first, I thought I was not chosen for this event but when I saw my acne picture on the butterfly projects, I was like 0_0 what? Haha. Not my acne pictureeeeeeeeee!! But actually that picture makes me get the ticket to this event, as told by Mamasan Tammy. :D


The event was held in One Utama The Gardens Rooftop. This place opens up at 10am so before 10am, the lift could not send you up. You may take the stairs if you can or wait until 10am so that you could use the lift. Once reached, it was the most beautiful part in One Utama that I have not yet explored. Well, I have always seen the signage everywhere in One Utama but have not got the urge to go and see for myself.

We have to jot down our signature onto this Kiehl’s skeleton trademark. I had mine in green and I think it was cute enough! :P


I did met with other fellow butterflies on my way up, in the lift. Shasha, Shivani, Mieza and at the rooftop, we met with other butterflies like Liyana, Mamasan, Arpita and more!


Well, coincidently I am wearing a butterflies printed shirt from Uniqlo. Haha. I think it does follow with the theme a little bit. What do you think?

The place is quite huge and has a lot of plants and trees and water display. It was quite hot during the day and we were all sweating but that does not mean that we did not have FUN that day! It was seriously the best HOT day ever for me!


Kiehl’s is a very well known brand for skincare. Having to be in this industry since 1851, Kiehl’s has been their favorite skin care line for so long. Some say their lip products are good, their perfumes, their skin care products..and many more. Therefore, I think it is time for me to actually try their products and see if suitable for me too.


At this event, Kiehl’s are trying to promote their newest skin care item which is the Ultra Facial Oil Free Gel Cream. I can see that this cream will be working tremendously well on my combination oily to normal skin. Since I am having a heavy acne problem at that time, this gel-cream would be my best friend during the humidity time as such at the office or maybe during these hot hot hot days!


Oh yes, not to forget they have these Ice Cream Malaysia too! Yummzy!


The foods were also delish! It’s a balance of sweet and savory in one dish. But too bad they did not cater for Vegetarian as Shasha is allergic to eggs. :( I feel sorry for eating in front of her that day.

So lets go back to the main purpose shall we? Well, one of the activities at the event apart from the foods are DIY Terrarium! Yahoo! We could choose our own bowl, and then the trees and the representatives from Frozen Trees will teach us on how to make our own terrarium! Why terrarium? Well, one of the main ingredients inside Kiehl’s new product is cactus! Amazing, right? :)


As you can see, I am a bit greedy therefore, I choose the biggest bowl ever! Haha. With a little mushroom and a shell. So called my own sea.

Kiehl’s also displayed their other new products for the Oil-Free range which is the Cleanser and also Toner.


I also did some oil check during the event. Of course, with the hot sun on top of my head, my face would be looking like a giant disco ball by then. And it was indeed, I do have an oily skin. I think they should measure your skin not under the hot sun. It could somehow ruin the result. Hehe.


See that little oil blotter? They compared it with the oil scale on the sheet and gave me a little tester on the oil-free cream gel. It was indeed very moisturizing and cool!


I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kiehl’s and The butterfly projects Malaysia for again, inviting me to this event! I have never been so unlucky before. Hopefully, with the help of Kiehl’s, my face skin would be better each day!

Each of us did bring home a full size of the cleanser, toner and of course the gel cream! Happy us! Woohoo!


I am looking forward to the next event with The Butterfly Projects Malaysia & Kiehls’! Do wait for my review on these items. :)



Kiehl’s Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/KiehlsMalaysia?fref=ts
The Butterfly Projects Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ButterflyProjectMalaysia?fref=ts

Kiehl’s webpage : http://kiehlstimes.com.my/

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