Thursday, June 26, 2014

BOTD : Leaders Insolution Face Masks

Hello ladies, and gentleman if any. Today I would love to share with you one of my current favorite face mask that you can get it at Watsons. I am not sure if Guardian did sell this but I purchased this at Watsons. :) Well, I love Watsons more than Guardian as Watsons prices are slightly cheaper than Guardians. Anyway, here is the mask.

DSC00171 edit

Well, I am so sorry for the very poor lighting as I took all of the pictures during night time, right after I purchased this mask. I have not heard about this brand before to be honest but the huge packaging intrigues me a lot! It is actually from Leaders Insolution, which I believe is from Korea. Many masks are from Korea.

DSC00172 edit

The brand do carries a lot of other variant but I choose the one that could work very well with my acne / blemish skin. This is their Skin Clinic Mask which is suitable for my skin conditions right now. It does not focus much on the skin radiance but more on the facial blemish as per the scale above. :)

DSC00173 edit

It is also said to have a certification my KFDA which is the Korean Food and Drugs Administration which I think is equivalent to our KKM which is Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia. Nice!

DSC00174 edit

This is what the mask claims to be doing once applied. But, I don’t think so with just one usage, it could transform my skin to become better in an instant. It may take a while with more than 10 time usage. One of the best thing to is that it is dermatologist tested so, I can assume that it is safe to use.

DSC00175 edit

The mask is quite big but it is very very thin! With loads of products soaked in it, I think this is one of the thinnest face mask I have ever had my face on! Like seriously! It fits nicely on my face. Perfecto!

DSC00169 edit

Well, after application, I can see that my acne is getting red and it seems like the mask has done something to it. I know it’s a good thing as my acne just went away after few days wearing this mask! I am happy that the huge acne is now gone. :)

I am not sure about the price of the mask but I can assure you that it is not more than RM10 and not less than RM5. So, it’'ll probably be in the middle of these range.

I do hope that you could try the mask yourself and let me know what do you think of it. :)

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