Wednesday, July 30, 2014

CONTEST! : L'Oreal White Perfect Total 10

Hello everybody! 
I have an easy contest for you to win a L'Oreal White Perfect Total 10 for you and your friends too! All you have to do is...

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2. Comments on the picture, tag one of your friends and list down 5 things that you really like about her.
3. Ask you friend to REPLY to your comment and state 5 things that she really likes about you.

As simple as that!

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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Selamat Hari Raya

Hello everybody!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim friends, Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri. Maaf Zahir & Batin. If I ever do wrong to you, make your feel sad or depressed or angry, I apologize. Hopefully this coming Raya would be the best Hari Raya so far.

To all who is affected by the MH370 & MH17, my deepest condolences to all. I know it’s not something that you are looking forward to, this upcoming Hari Raya but I do hope that all of you would stay strong.


Hari Raya

Here’s my so called Hari Raya card. :)

Have a happy holiday all!

Till then,


BOTD : Stila In The Garden Palette

Hello all! I know I have been missing for nearly more than a week! I was so busy during night time and had no time to even take photos of all of the things that I need to make a review about! :( I know I am horrible.


So today, I would like to express my sorry and hope that all of you can forgive me, by doing a review about this lovely palette that I have had for months. :) The colors in this palette is simply GORGEOUS. Didn’t believe me? Watch for yerself! :P Oh yes, I believe you know what’s the palette’s name.

STILA In The Garden Eyeshadow Palette


This palette has 10 gorgeous eye shadows. Mostly are buttery glitter eye shadow. I think only two mattes were inside this palette and those were the two lightest shades. When I first saw this palette inside The_Fashionette Sister’s Instagram, I was like why is this palette so frekin cheap? Then, I start to google about it and found out that this palette has some really rare eye shadow colors that is really hard to find its dupe!

The case is made of cardbox and there is no mirror inside which is a big let down for me. I like palettes that has a mirror in it, be it huge or moderate. The palette also includes a full size Stila Waterproof Eyeliner in the shade Starfish.


The colors inside this palette are majorly cool tone. Even the darkest color in this palette, Moss is also going towards the cool tone side rather then warm tone. I love how they choose the eye shadow colors. They all compliments each other perfectly!

One of the other downside is that, the eyeshadow is so buttery sometimes you would need some primers to go with it as it tends to ‘melt’ when you applied it onto your lids. Please avoid any oil onto your lids as it wont be showing up as pigmented if there is any oil appears.

DSC00392 edit

This is the swatches of the first row from the palette. As you can probably see, Chinois is actually a matte eye shadow. The rest are metallic or stain finished instead. I love that shade Bark there. So lovely and rare!

DSC00393 edit

The second row of the palette also has a matte eye shadow in it which is nectar. The second row is more towards night time makeup. It is so nice to have Moss at the outer corner of the eyes with Honey on the lids.


This palette comes in with this very nice eyeliner pencil from Stila as well in the shade Starfish. It has some glitter to it but it is unnoticeable after you applied it onto your eye.


Apparently, it is not a true black color. It is more towards a darker Moss color instead. Quite sheer just like some of the eye shadows as well.

I have done a video tutorial using this eye shadow palette. If you do have time, you may click on the video below. ;)

I am not so sure if you can still purchase this palette. If you intended to purchase it on eBay, probably you can still get it.

Till then,


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

BOTD - Bloop Germ Blaster

Hello everybody! I know i am quite late in posting out a review about this newly anti bacterial hand sanitizer. Well, if you know me long enough you'd know that i love getting my hands clean. I dislike dirty, sticky and yucky feelings on my hands. Therefore, i do have around 3 hand sanitizers in my handbag. But today, i would like to do a review about this one particular hand sanitizer that was send to me from Bloop!

As you can see, i received in the scent Germ Blaster or, is that the name of this Anti-Bacterial hand gel? Do let me know if you know cause i am quite confused on this matter. Nevertheless, i really do think this is similar to Bath & Body Works PocketBac, which i do have a sample picture of the two later in my entry. :)

It is a perfect fit for my hand, actually it is a perfect size and amount to dump it inside a handbag. It's small in size with a good amount of hand gel.
The best thing about this hand gel is that, it contains Triclosan aka antiseptic as that my hands will be out of bacteria once used! Lovely! It also has some lovely strong ala Dettol scent to it. Makes us think that we did have our hands cleaned after using it.

Can you see those tiny blue ball? I bet that's the anti bacteria agents! The blue balls will dissolves instantly once you rubbed your hands with it. Sometimes, i would try to squeeze the blue ball but failed. :(

Here are the comparison pictures of the bloop version and bath & body works version. Looks exactly the same! The bottle size, height. It's like twins! From the bottle color to the label at the back of the bottle! Same! So, if you are looking for a dupe to Bath & Body Works PocketBac, you can have Bloop! Germ Blaster Hand-Gel anti-bacteria instead! Yahoo!

Well, so far when i use this hand gel, it does not have that sticky feelings at all! It gets rid of the tackiness, dirts and uneasy feelings on the palm of your hands! Superb hand gel! It could also moisturized your hands to make it softer and smells good! :)

P/S : This is a sponsored entry. Everything that is in this entry in my personal and honest review. My experience and yours might not be the same as each person has their own ability and strength.

Till then,

Saturday, July 12, 2014

BOTD : Sigma Beauty Individual Lip Gloss Collection

Hello ladies and friends! I know you have read through the title of this entry and was like, what? Sigma is selling lip glosses now? I only know Sigma brushes but now they are coming up with lip glosses? Yes they are!



6 colors of Sigma Beauty Individual Lip Gloss collection! How do you like the color range? It looks yummy to me! Wait until you see the price of these, I know you’ll want one for yourself, or maybe all six of them!

It is claim to have

1. Soft & pillowy texture
2. Non Sticky Formula
3. Contains Vitamin E to condition the lips
4. Brush applicator instead of doe foot
5. Slightly sheer color for more wearable effect

And, I know you have been waiting for the price of these lovely lip glosses. It’s USD 10 per gloss! I know it’s affordable right!

What are you waiting for! Click the picture below to go to Sigma Beauty website now!


Till then,


BOTD : Collection DOES IT ALL Waterproof Mascara

Yes! Finally I think I am ready to do a full review on this mascara. I purchased this mascara during the Collection event (which I am yet to blog about! *sighh*) that I attended, thanks to Sabrina Tajudin for opening up the slot for few winners to get the entry passes.

During the event, this mascara has been raved about from the sales person, professional makeup artist and even Nelydia Senrose, the ambassador of Collection, Malaysian market.

DSC00334 edit

I know the packaging is a little bit well, not favorable to me. But most of Collection’s products have this kind of funky packaging which I think suits the price and their target groups. I think they are targeting youth and teenagers (like me :P ). Therefore, when I first encounter with this mascara, I do have some trust issues with it. Does it REALLY DO IT ALL?

Before that, what does it mean by DO IT ALL? What else a mascara can do besides curling and making your lashes looks full? Let me describe to you what it does.

1. Waterproof
2. Curling
3. Voluminizing
4. Long Wearing and…
5. Conditioning!

What? Conditioning? What do you need a conditioning mascara for? I believe it is to conditioned your lashes, to make it feel soft even after applying the mascara. I am not so sure about this either. I just made that up, basically. Hehe.

DSC00335 edit

It says that this mascara is 100% waterproof. Which is a HUGE thing to promise for a drug store mascara. Does it really work? I did some test, wearing it for more than 12 hours from 8am – 8pm on my top lashes, it does stays put all hours long! Even in the most hottest days in Malaysia or raining days, it says put. I am quite impressive on the waterproof thing.

DSC00337 editDSC00336 edit

This is how the wand looks like. It has a huge wand, I think similar to one of my favorite no-clump mascara from Maybelline but maybe this one, the bristles are a bit longer than the Maybelline ones.

DSC00330 edit

This is how my lashes looks like, wearing this mascara without curling it. I know, I know I suppose to take the left without mascara and right with mascara on. Will do take one photo of that and put it in here soon! What? Cannot see the effect that clearly? Here it goes the side version of my ugly face! :P

DSC00333 edit

See! Can you see that? This is honestly without any curling of my lashes at all! I know my lashes looks curved and risen up high. Haha.

To me, I really like this mascara cause even without curling my lashes, it could hold the natural curl of my lashes and makes it even more curler! Hehe. Another thing is that, I love how this mascara does not even clump at all!

Despite all the loves, I do have some point whereby I done really like about this mascara. First thing first is the packaging. I know their target group is teenagers / youths but I think the packaging looks a bit cheaper. Secondly, I do not really like this mascara on my bottom lashes cause it will smudge my bottom lashes away with it’s big applicator. So, it’s a no no for bottom lashes but a serious YES to the upper lashes!

Well, hope that you could give this mascara a try! Even with waterproof, it is actually quite easy to remove by using makeup remover.

Till then,


Thursday, July 10, 2014

BOTD–Loreal Color Riche Moist Lipstick

Hello everybody! I would like to take this opportunity of my free time to blog about one of the current lipstick that I am in love with which is the Loreal Color Riche Moist Lipstick. I purchased this lipstick a while ago and have been using it for quite some time.

DSC00324 edit

First of all, I would like to say that if you are currently boycotting Loreal because it is one of those Israeli’s brand, please do not jot down any nasty comments onto my blog or Facebook. It’s your choice and I respect that, from the bottom of my heart. I also do hope that you could somehow respect my decision to have this brand in my blog for the sake of reviewing it. It is up to you, if you would want to purchase this or not. Thank you. :)

Okay, back to the story / review of this lipstick. I have been eyeing on this lipstick for a while but since I am not a lipstick wearer, I tend to delay the purchase of it until one fine day, I manage to grab one for myself.

DSC00325 edit

It has several shades which I think all are lovable but I choose this specifically shade cause it really does catches my eyes a lot. Dewy Beige. As the name goes, so does the lipstick color. It is so beige until it looks like a peach color! Not too bright, not too pinky.

DSC00326 edit

I love the packaging on this lipstick. To me, the best lipstick packaging has always been drug store brands. Even MAC or other high end brands could not surpass the packaging. This is a very nice and sleek one! With the color indicator on the side of the packaging, easier for us to see what’s the color looks like and we don’t have to open each lipstick to see the shade. Brilliant idea!

DSC00328 edit

I actually took this picture at night, but I do have a sample of the lipstick in true color down below.

DSC00320 edit

As you can see, the shade is very subtle and soft. That’s why I love this shade so much. It’s very moisturizing and I have not had any of my lips chapped because of this lipstick. The downside of it is that since it’s quite moisturizing, it does not tend to last long.

DSC00323 edit

The shade can be see as a light coral color as well.

I don’t really have that much to say about this lipstick. It is have that shiny effect and I like it as well. It is very pigmented and even with one application, you could actually see the color straight away! Well, I forgot about the pricing for this but I believe it’s not more than RM40.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Till then,


Tuesday, July 8, 2014

BOTD : Maybelline Hyper Sharp 0.01mm Eyeliner


Tadaa! Hello all readers! Today I would like to express my thoughts onto this eyeliner, the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner which is the new version of 0.01mm tip! I mean, I am actually a HUGE fan of their old version of sharp liner, the black ones. As it’s very easy to use and to carve the lines that I wanted.

I was send to me this eyeliner for a review, therefore what ever I said in this blog is truly 100% my honest review and it is not because I was send this product to me.

hypersharp liner

When I was being approached by Maybelline, asking me to do a review on this eyeliner, I was expecting to receive a black liner because I am not ready yet to go out from my comfort zone of black eyeliner. They send the brown color instead to me and now I am panicking as I do not really into brown colored eye liner except for gel liners.


The packaging is similar to the 0.05mm brush tip, it’s big sister! I don’t see any differences at all maybe except for the colors of the fonts and designs, matches the ink color inside.


As you can see, it has a brush tip with 0.01mm precision that means it can be either really really steep or really really sturdy. I am loving the brush tip so far. It does not hurt my eyes at all and I can easily do a thin or thick line in an instance!



Well, this is the only part that I am not really looking forward to. Sorry to say, maybe it is because I don’t really like other eyeliner colors except black, I don’t see that the ink is that dark for brown eyeliner. It looks very similar to my skin color. That’s why whenever I applied this eyeliner, it does not look as if I am having one on my eye. Maybe this color is suitable for those who does not like intense black eyeliner, and just need some subtle brown lines.


So this is how it looks like on my top lashes. You can still see the brown color but not as intense as the black ones.


But the best part is that, you can draw any kind of lines that you wanted. Thin thick, any kind! With the 0.01mm brush tip, you cannot go wrong with this. It’s very easy to control, for you to create your kind of eyeliner choices.

It is no doubt, the best eyeliner in terms of the tip. I like the freedom of lines that I gives, I like how thin the brush is and it does not hurting my eyes at all during application.

Overall, I am liking this eyeliner but I would purchase this in black instead of brown.

Thank you for reading my blog!

Till then,


(This is a sponsored entry. The opinion is from my own experience using the products and it is not based on the sponsorship. I say whatever I think is right based on my experience)

Sunday, July 6, 2014

How do ZALORA makes you buy their products?

Well, well, well, have you ever purchase things from the website Zalora? Of course some of you might say no. Okay, have you ever clicked onto Zalora’s website, and browse through their items? And then you click it to see how the items look like, what’s the pricing and what are the available sizes? If yes, I think you do want to read more on what am I going to say here. I mean, I just recently being very active clicking in Zalora’s website, just to browse through my Raya attire and just recently I notice that…

Zalora follows you EVERYWHERE!

If you have notice this before, thank you for being so alert on this matter. I mean, I don’t really call it a nasty marketing or what ever. It is at the end of the day would be our choice to either buy from them or not. But, they do really know girls so much that the moment when we saw the same nice thing over and over again, we tend to buy them.

Zalora is such a stalker! Haha. I mean, to all husbands who dislike their wife to order from online shoppers, do take note that it’s not 100% your wife’s fault. You can actually blame the internet and Zalora’s marketing strategy.

For example, I went to Zalora’s website and I clicked on their shoe section. I choose one and I click on it to see how the shoe looks like in better picture. Like this one in the picture below.


So, I closed Zalora’s website and open up my Facebook, refresh it and saw this same shoe on display in the Zalora advertisement as per picture below. Well, whenever the same lovely item keep following you around and not just on facebook but on EVERY ZALORA ADVERTS, you’ll have the urge to buy them. But thank God, I did not buy the shoe even though I really like the color. :P


See! That’s how Zalora keep on following you, where ever you surf. Any websites that carries advertisements. So, beware.

Well, the great thing about Zalora is that, they keep on giving you a coupon code for you to purchase again from them, again and again. That’s also one part of their marketing strategy to make people come and buy their products.


I dare you to visit now. :P

Experiencing CREMORLAB

Holla girls! Last week I attended this one special invites only event at MUSE by Watsons in Sunway Pyramid. It was the experiencing Cremorlab, a skin care from Korea. It was the most raved about skin care for now as Michelle Phan’s has also been raving about this skin care in her recent trip to Korea.

DSC00215 edit

I arrived quite early to Sunway Pyramid, browsing through some stuffs at Sephora and just walk through the mall, trying to find MUSE by Watsons. Actually I have not been to Sunway Pyramid for quite sometime. My place would always be at One Utama area.

DSC00216 edit

While I was registering, I heard that someone asked on how do they get the invitation to come for this event and the event manager said that this is only by invitation for bloggers. The thing is, the one who asked is a guy. Probably a guy beauty blogger? :)

DSC00217 edit

We were there for two things I guess, one is for the introduction of the Cremorlab brand itself, and secondly to introduce Cremorlab new skin care product, the T.E.N Cremor Mineral Treatment Essence, as pictured above.

DSC00218 editDSC00219 edit

Once entered MUSE by Watsons, we can see this huge table of Cremorlab, showing their latest skin care essence and some miniatures of their best selling items. It has 5 in 1 benefits which :

1. Hydrating
2. Skin Texture Care
3. Whitening
4. Pore Care
5. Anti-Wrinkle

This is similar to the very overly famous, SKII I think but of course the ingredients are very very different from SKII. It may looks the same, it may acts the same but the ingredients are not. Maybe this could be the alternative to SKII, slightly cheaper version of it.

DSC00222 edit

It is believed the by only using this essence for 1 week, it could give such transformations to the users. 97% of the users says that it brightens their complexion, making their skin clearer. Wow. That’s an impression that I would like to see on my skin as well. Especially right after all of these acne marks are gone. Hopefully I could give this a try soon!

DSC00223 edit

During the event itself, there were also a makeover session table and the makeup artist was the one that I saw from my previous event with Collection Makeup! The one who did the makeup for Nellydia Senrose. I did not go straight to the makeover session as it was full with other butterflies, so I tend to browse through MUSE shop, searching for Cremorlab’s shelves to see their other products.

DSC00225 edit

When I finally found the other Cremolab products, I tend to take a look at it one by one. The prices are affordable, considering that it’s a product line from Korea and is being used by most Korean (and Michelle Phan)! The one that caught my eyes were this HUGE facial mist! I really want to try this one so badly! :D

DSC00233 edit

See how huge the facial mist! It’s like triple my hand size! haha. I could not remember how much is this one but I am pretty sure it is affordable.

DSC00234 edit

They do serve some nice little sweets food, cupcakes and cream puffs and cheese tarts but since it’s Ramadhan month, for Muslims they do have a take out pack! Yay! :)

DSC00237 editDSC00240 edit

The event starts with Amanda (she has really really great flawless skin!!!!) giving out thank you notes and introducing the presenter for the day.

DSC00241 editDSC00243 edit

And the, Dr. Koh comes in and give the best and funny presentations I have ever heard! He’s so funny and really knows how to interact with bloggers and girls like us. He mentioned that, not all dermatologists in Malaysia are registered under Dermatologist Society. You can actually check if your dermatologist is a registered and genuine ones by visiting this link :

After Dr. Koh’s presentation, we were all given our chance to do whatever we like, be it to check our skin conditions or do a little make over, or maybe test out some of the Cremolab products. Shasha, Shivani and I did tested out the Fresh Water Gel and we were all so impressed with it. We keep on touching out hands as it feels so good after applying the gel! Haha

DSC00251 edit

This picture was taken by Arpita, right after we tested out the Fresh Water Gel. I still cant believe that I have these two pretty ladies as my friend. :) They are so gorgeous!

DSC00253 edit

Yes! Finally a photo with Arpita & Mieza! Mieza looks so nice in Kebaya top and Arpita has such a nice necklace! Pretty much these two ladies! Adore them!

DSC00257 editDSC00256 edit

These two items above were the ones that we received from the gift pack. I am so excited to try out the Fresh Water Gel and also the essence.

DSC00260 edit

I would like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to The Butterfly Projects Malaysia especially Tammy, MUSE by Watsons & Cremorlab for this incredible event. I learnt that when you have dry skin, you cannot ever use a toner, as per told by Dr. Koh to Shivani and she spread the words to me. But, I actually have combination normal to oily skin so I think I still have to use toner in my daily facial routine.

Till then,


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