Tuesday, July 15, 2014

BOTD - Bloop Germ Blaster

Hello everybody! I know i am quite late in posting out a review about this newly anti bacterial hand sanitizer. Well, if you know me long enough you'd know that i love getting my hands clean. I dislike dirty, sticky and yucky feelings on my hands. Therefore, i do have around 3 hand sanitizers in my handbag. But today, i would like to do a review about this one particular hand sanitizer that was send to me from Bloop!

As you can see, i received in the scent Germ Blaster or, is that the name of this Anti-Bacterial hand gel? Do let me know if you know cause i am quite confused on this matter. Nevertheless, i really do think this is similar to Bath & Body Works PocketBac, which i do have a sample picture of the two later in my entry. :)

It is a perfect fit for my hand, actually it is a perfect size and amount to dump it inside a handbag. It's small in size with a good amount of hand gel.
The best thing about this hand gel is that, it contains Triclosan aka antiseptic as that my hands will be out of bacteria once used! Lovely! It also has some lovely strong ala Dettol scent to it. Makes us think that we did have our hands cleaned after using it.

Can you see those tiny blue ball? I bet that's the anti bacteria agents! The blue balls will dissolves instantly once you rubbed your hands with it. Sometimes, i would try to squeeze the blue ball but failed. :(

Here are the comparison pictures of the bloop version and bath & body works version. Looks exactly the same! The bottle size, height. It's like twins! From the bottle color to the label at the back of the bottle! Same! So, if you are looking for a dupe to Bath & Body Works PocketBac, you can have Bloop! Germ Blaster Hand-Gel anti-bacteria instead! Yahoo!

Well, so far when i use this hand gel, it does not have that sticky feelings at all! It gets rid of the tackiness, dirts and uneasy feelings on the palm of your hands! Superb hand gel! It could also moisturized your hands to make it softer and smells good! :)

P/S : This is a sponsored entry. Everything that is in this entry in my personal and honest review. My experience and yours might not be the same as each person has their own ability and strength.

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