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BOTD : Collection DOES IT ALL Waterproof Mascara

Yes! Finally I think I am ready to do a full review on this mascara. I purchased this mascara during the Collection event (which I am yet to blog about! *sighh*) that I attended, thanks to Sabrina Tajudin for opening up the slot for few winners to get the entry passes.

During the event, this mascara has been raved about from the sales person, professional makeup artist and even Nelydia Senrose, the ambassador of Collection, Malaysian market.

DSC00334 edit

I know the packaging is a little bit well, not favorable to me. But most of Collection’s products have this kind of funky packaging which I think suits the price and their target groups. I think they are targeting youth and teenagers (like me :P ). Therefore, when I first encounter with this mascara, I do have some trust issues with it. Does it REALLY DO IT ALL?

Before that, what does it mean by DO IT ALL? What else a mascara can do besides curling and making your lashes looks full? Let me describe to you what it does.

1. Waterproof
2. Curling
3. Voluminizing
4. Long Wearing and…
5. Conditioning!

What? Conditioning? What do you need a conditioning mascara for? I believe it is to conditioned your lashes, to make it feel soft even after applying the mascara. I am not so sure about this either. I just made that up, basically. Hehe.

DSC00335 edit

It says that this mascara is 100% waterproof. Which is a HUGE thing to promise for a drug store mascara. Does it really work? I did some test, wearing it for more than 12 hours from 8am – 8pm on my top lashes, it does stays put all hours long! Even in the most hottest days in Malaysia or raining days, it says put. I am quite impressive on the waterproof thing.

DSC00337 editDSC00336 edit

This is how the wand looks like. It has a huge wand, I think similar to one of my favorite no-clump mascara from Maybelline but maybe this one, the bristles are a bit longer than the Maybelline ones.

DSC00330 edit

This is how my lashes looks like, wearing this mascara without curling it. I know, I know I suppose to take the left without mascara and right with mascara on. Will do take one photo of that and put it in here soon! What? Cannot see the effect that clearly? Here it goes the side version of my ugly face! :P

DSC00333 edit

See! Can you see that? This is honestly without any curling of my lashes at all! I know my lashes looks curved and risen up high. Haha.

To me, I really like this mascara cause even without curling my lashes, it could hold the natural curl of my lashes and makes it even more curler! Hehe. Another thing is that, I love how this mascara does not even clump at all!

Despite all the loves, I do have some point whereby I done really like about this mascara. First thing first is the packaging. I know their target group is teenagers / youths but I think the packaging looks a bit cheaper. Secondly, I do not really like this mascara on my bottom lashes cause it will smudge my bottom lashes away with it’s big applicator. So, it’s a no no for bottom lashes but a serious YES to the upper lashes!

Well, hope that you could give this mascara a try! Even with waterproof, it is actually quite easy to remove by using makeup remover.

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