Tuesday, July 8, 2014

BOTD : Maybelline Hyper Sharp 0.01mm Eyeliner


Tadaa! Hello all readers! Today I would like to express my thoughts onto this eyeliner, the Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner which is the new version of 0.01mm tip! I mean, I am actually a HUGE fan of their old version of sharp liner, the black ones. As it’s very easy to use and to carve the lines that I wanted.

I was send to me this eyeliner for a review, therefore what ever I said in this blog is truly 100% my honest review and it is not because I was send this product to me.

hypersharp liner

When I was being approached by Maybelline, asking me to do a review on this eyeliner, I was expecting to receive a black liner because I am not ready yet to go out from my comfort zone of black eyeliner. They send the brown color instead to me and now I am panicking as I do not really into brown colored eye liner except for gel liners.


The packaging is similar to the 0.05mm brush tip, it’s big sister! I don’t see any differences at all maybe except for the colors of the fonts and designs, matches the ink color inside.


As you can see, it has a brush tip with 0.01mm precision that means it can be either really really steep or really really sturdy. I am loving the brush tip so far. It does not hurt my eyes at all and I can easily do a thin or thick line in an instance!



Well, this is the only part that I am not really looking forward to. Sorry to say, maybe it is because I don’t really like other eyeliner colors except black, I don’t see that the ink is that dark for brown eyeliner. It looks very similar to my skin color. That’s why whenever I applied this eyeliner, it does not look as if I am having one on my eye. Maybe this color is suitable for those who does not like intense black eyeliner, and just need some subtle brown lines.


So this is how it looks like on my top lashes. You can still see the brown color but not as intense as the black ones.


But the best part is that, you can draw any kind of lines that you wanted. Thin thick, any kind! With the 0.01mm brush tip, you cannot go wrong with this. It’s very easy to control, for you to create your kind of eyeliner choices.

It is no doubt, the best eyeliner in terms of the tip. I like the freedom of lines that I gives, I like how thin the brush is and it does not hurting my eyes at all during application.

Overall, I am liking this eyeliner but I would purchase this in black instead of brown.

Thank you for reading my blog!

Till then,


(This is a sponsored entry. The opinion is from my own experience using the products and it is not based on the sponsorship. I say whatever I think is right based on my experience)

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