Tuesday, July 1, 2014

BOTD : Physician Formula Mineral Wear Flawless Airbrushing Kit (Medium)

Hello ladies! I have been reading, watching and listing to many beauty gurus about this product since last year. After several researches and attempt, finally I purchased it from iHerb.

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This kit contains one pressed powder, one bronzer and one blusher. A complete kit to a flawless airbrushed makeup as per the box said. I am not so keen at first, seeing that the powder looks very light for sure it could not cover up all my blemishes straight away. Having to say it could last 16 hour in an airbrushing finish, I am also not that keen on that too. Well, it’s a powder anyway. It will fade.

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Just look at the box, behind it. With a huge face of a lady before and after using this product. I mean, it’s not fair as her skin has no blemishes so you can’t even tell if there’s powder on it. LOL. I am not convinced that this powder could cover all my redness and blemishes.

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As you can see from the above picture, the bronzer is a bit darker than the powder. Blusher of course in pink color. The bronzer looks quite frightening at first with that deep chocolate color but apparently when you swatch it, you just cant see the bronzer color. Maybe it’s very similar to my skin color, that’s why.

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Lets talk about the Airbrushing Pressed Powder shall we? This is actually the real reason why I want to purchase this kit so badly. I have seen so many reviews on YouTube about this product. Everyone was like praising and saying positive things about it. Well, to me it was not that great in terms of coverage and lasting time. It said that up to 16 hours of airbrushed effect but I can see that even for around 7 hours indoor, the powder lasting was at its max. Kinda sad.

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Next is the airbrushing bronzer. Well, I don’t really apply bronzer that much as I don’t have fine flawless skin. I do have some acne scars left so I don’t see the point of me applying bronzer. Therefore, this bronzer can still be considered unused. But I like the color though. It has that red undertone it it and not some shimmering bronzer.

DSC00271 edit

So now lets go to the next favorite thing in this kit. The blusher! I kind of like the blusher. It is not that pinky nor that shimmering. I don’t really like shimmer blushers. I think it looks quite cheap compared to matte blushers. But on some special occasions, shimmer blushers are sometime needed.

I purchased this kit on iherb.com and it costs me USD21.22 (without shipping charge) for all these three items. If you’d ask me does it worth it? I’d say yes! I love everything about this kit. Not so much on the coverage and lasting side but still I love the texture of the powder, how it’s very very very fine and is blendable. The blusher and bronzer are also wearable as well.

I would definitely recommend these product if you do have oily skin. It does makes your skin looks glowing and matte. Besides, it’s a mineral powder for those who are obsessed with mineral makeup. It’s a plus!

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