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BOTD : Stila In The Garden Palette

Hello all! I know I have been missing for nearly more than a week! I was so busy during night time and had no time to even take photos of all of the things that I need to make a review about! :( I know I am horrible.


So today, I would like to express my sorry and hope that all of you can forgive me, by doing a review about this lovely palette that I have had for months. :) The colors in this palette is simply GORGEOUS. Didn’t believe me? Watch for yerself! :P Oh yes, I believe you know what’s the palette’s name.

STILA In The Garden Eyeshadow Palette


This palette has 10 gorgeous eye shadows. Mostly are buttery glitter eye shadow. I think only two mattes were inside this palette and those were the two lightest shades. When I first saw this palette inside The_Fashionette Sister’s Instagram, I was like why is this palette so frekin cheap? Then, I start to google about it and found out that this palette has some really rare eye shadow colors that is really hard to find its dupe!

The case is made of cardbox and there is no mirror inside which is a big let down for me. I like palettes that has a mirror in it, be it huge or moderate. The palette also includes a full size Stila Waterproof Eyeliner in the shade Starfish.


The colors inside this palette are majorly cool tone. Even the darkest color in this palette, Moss is also going towards the cool tone side rather then warm tone. I love how they choose the eye shadow colors. They all compliments each other perfectly!

One of the other downside is that, the eyeshadow is so buttery sometimes you would need some primers to go with it as it tends to ‘melt’ when you applied it onto your lids. Please avoid any oil onto your lids as it wont be showing up as pigmented if there is any oil appears.

DSC00392 edit

This is the swatches of the first row from the palette. As you can probably see, Chinois is actually a matte eye shadow. The rest are metallic or stain finished instead. I love that shade Bark there. So lovely and rare!

DSC00393 edit

The second row of the palette also has a matte eye shadow in it which is nectar. The second row is more towards night time makeup. It is so nice to have Moss at the outer corner of the eyes with Honey on the lids.


This palette comes in with this very nice eyeliner pencil from Stila as well in the shade Starfish. It has some glitter to it but it is unnoticeable after you applied it onto your eye.


Apparently, it is not a true black color. It is more towards a darker Moss color instead. Quite sheer just like some of the eye shadows as well.

I have done a video tutorial using this eye shadow palette. If you do have time, you may click on the video below. ;)

I am not so sure if you can still purchase this palette. If you intended to purchase it on eBay, probably you can still get it.

Till then,


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