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Experiencing CREMORLAB

Holla girls! Last week I attended this one special invites only event at MUSE by Watsons in Sunway Pyramid. It was the experiencing Cremorlab, a skin care from Korea. It was the most raved about skin care for now as Michelle Phan’s has also been raving about this skin care in her recent trip to Korea.

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I arrived quite early to Sunway Pyramid, browsing through some stuffs at Sephora and just walk through the mall, trying to find MUSE by Watsons. Actually I have not been to Sunway Pyramid for quite sometime. My place would always be at One Utama area.

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While I was registering, I heard that someone asked on how do they get the invitation to come for this event and the event manager said that this is only by invitation for bloggers. The thing is, the one who asked is a guy. Probably a guy beauty blogger? :)

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We were there for two things I guess, one is for the introduction of the Cremorlab brand itself, and secondly to introduce Cremorlab new skin care product, the T.E.N Cremor Mineral Treatment Essence, as pictured above.

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Once entered MUSE by Watsons, we can see this huge table of Cremorlab, showing their latest skin care essence and some miniatures of their best selling items. It has 5 in 1 benefits which :

1. Hydrating
2. Skin Texture Care
3. Whitening
4. Pore Care
5. Anti-Wrinkle

This is similar to the very overly famous, SKII I think but of course the ingredients are very very different from SKII. It may looks the same, it may acts the same but the ingredients are not. Maybe this could be the alternative to SKII, slightly cheaper version of it.

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It is believed the by only using this essence for 1 week, it could give such transformations to the users. 97% of the users says that it brightens their complexion, making their skin clearer. Wow. That’s an impression that I would like to see on my skin as well. Especially right after all of these acne marks are gone. Hopefully I could give this a try soon!

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During the event itself, there were also a makeover session table and the makeup artist was the one that I saw from my previous event with Collection Makeup! The one who did the makeup for Nellydia Senrose. I did not go straight to the makeover session as it was full with other butterflies, so I tend to browse through MUSE shop, searching for Cremorlab’s shelves to see their other products.

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When I finally found the other Cremolab products, I tend to take a look at it one by one. The prices are affordable, considering that it’s a product line from Korea and is being used by most Korean (and Michelle Phan)! The one that caught my eyes were this HUGE facial mist! I really want to try this one so badly! :D

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See how huge the facial mist! It’s like triple my hand size! haha. I could not remember how much is this one but I am pretty sure it is affordable.

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They do serve some nice little sweets food, cupcakes and cream puffs and cheese tarts but since it’s Ramadhan month, for Muslims they do have a take out pack! Yay! :)

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The event starts with Amanda (she has really really great flawless skin!!!!) giving out thank you notes and introducing the presenter for the day.

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And the, Dr. Koh comes in and give the best and funny presentations I have ever heard! He’s so funny and really knows how to interact with bloggers and girls like us. He mentioned that, not all dermatologists in Malaysia are registered under Dermatologist Society. You can actually check if your dermatologist is a registered and genuine ones by visiting this link :

After Dr. Koh’s presentation, we were all given our chance to do whatever we like, be it to check our skin conditions or do a little make over, or maybe test out some of the Cremolab products. Shasha, Shivani and I did tested out the Fresh Water Gel and we were all so impressed with it. We keep on touching out hands as it feels so good after applying the gel! Haha

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This picture was taken by Arpita, right after we tested out the Fresh Water Gel. I still cant believe that I have these two pretty ladies as my friend. :) They are so gorgeous!

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Yes! Finally a photo with Arpita & Mieza! Mieza looks so nice in Kebaya top and Arpita has such a nice necklace! Pretty much these two ladies! Adore them!

DSC00257 editDSC00256 edit

These two items above were the ones that we received from the gift pack. I am so excited to try out the Fresh Water Gel and also the essence.

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I would like to take this opportunity to say a HUGE thank you to The Butterfly Projects Malaysia especially Tammy, MUSE by Watsons & Cremorlab for this incredible event. I learnt that when you have dry skin, you cannot ever use a toner, as per told by Dr. Koh to Shivani and she spread the words to me. But, I actually have combination normal to oily skin so I think I still have to use toner in my daily facial routine.

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