Wednesday, July 2, 2014

How do I treat my acne?

Hello lovelies! I know you have been trying to know how do I get rid of my acne. Not really 100% of it but there are no bumpy acne on my face anymore as for now, and hopefully for the rest of my life. I have been in a major breakdown when my face was being attacked by serious acne. I could not even look at my own face, and feel so down and less motivated.

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That’s the non severe side. Acne strikes both of my cheeks like crazy! Well, after I met with Shims Mandagie which happens to have a beauty saloon and spa (courtesy of her mother, Ibu Silvana) she instantly removes all my acne, those bumpy things and instantly it becomes acne marks now. No more bumpy acne on my face and I am very happy with that. She recommends me to use her mother’s skin care line, Silvana and I did. So far, it does some good things to my skin. She said not to mix with anything else but as a Leo, I am a true stubborn girl. I did mix it up a bit with this Kiehl’s Acne Blemish Control Daily Skin-Clearing Treatment sample which I received during my Kiehl’s Fun in the Sun event. Well, separately. I went to Kiehl’s shop to ask for a sample. Hehe. :)

Well, if you want to know what products from Silvana that I am currently using, you can see the video below

I have all the details in the description box in the YouTube video. In this entry, I would want to specifically talk about Kiehl’s acne cream.

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At first, I don’t really trust any acne cream anymore as I have tried several and none of them works on me. It was such a waste of money, purchasing benzac and all that as it does not do anything on my skin what-so-ever. Well, it does do things but very minor. So, I was a bit skeptical to use this treatment cream. But, I did it anyway and I am so in LOVE with it I would want to purchase the full bottle soon!

This treatment cream is 100% Salicylic Acid which is very very very famous for acne treatment. It has this medicated scent which I am okay with it. I like it as it makes me realize that I have put it on my face. Just to alarm me. The scent does not linger that long eventually.

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The product may cause dryness as it’s purely Salicylic Acid. It may caused your skin to be looking as red as a crab! But fret not, it’s part of the process of the acid onto your skin. Nothing major.

I really love this treatment. It does a really good job in reducing the redness of the acne marks on my skin. Which I think would be great if it could diminished all the red marks straight away! Haha. I used it on day and night and I can see the differences right on the first application itself!

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That’s what left of the treatment cream. I need to run to Kiehl’s shop soon to purchase the bigger bottle of it! Arghh!

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