Sunday, July 6, 2014

How do ZALORA makes you buy their products?

Well, well, well, have you ever purchase things from the website Zalora? Of course some of you might say no. Okay, have you ever clicked onto Zalora’s website, and browse through their items? And then you click it to see how the items look like, what’s the pricing and what are the available sizes? If yes, I think you do want to read more on what am I going to say here. I mean, I just recently being very active clicking in Zalora’s website, just to browse through my Raya attire and just recently I notice that…

Zalora follows you EVERYWHERE!

If you have notice this before, thank you for being so alert on this matter. I mean, I don’t really call it a nasty marketing or what ever. It is at the end of the day would be our choice to either buy from them or not. But, they do really know girls so much that the moment when we saw the same nice thing over and over again, we tend to buy them.

Zalora is such a stalker! Haha. I mean, to all husbands who dislike their wife to order from online shoppers, do take note that it’s not 100% your wife’s fault. You can actually blame the internet and Zalora’s marketing strategy.

For example, I went to Zalora’s website and I clicked on their shoe section. I choose one and I click on it to see how the shoe looks like in better picture. Like this one in the picture below.


So, I closed Zalora’s website and open up my Facebook, refresh it and saw this same shoe on display in the Zalora advertisement as per picture below. Well, whenever the same lovely item keep following you around and not just on facebook but on EVERY ZALORA ADVERTS, you’ll have the urge to buy them. But thank God, I did not buy the shoe even though I really like the color. :P


See! That’s how Zalora keep on following you, where ever you surf. Any websites that carries advertisements. So, beware.

Well, the great thing about Zalora is that, they keep on giving you a coupon code for you to purchase again from them, again and again. That’s also one part of their marketing strategy to make people come and buy their products.


I dare you to visit now. :P

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