Saturday, August 30, 2014

Nuffnang Raya Open House #NNRaya

Hello everybody! I was being invited by Nuffnang to join their 2014 Raya open house last week. It was indeed a joyful moment for me as I love open house! Like seriously! Haha. If I could, I’ll go to every open houses invitation that I received. I love seeing the foods and desserts and drinks. I do not eat that much though.

IMG_8905 edit

I arrived quite late around 5pm as I do have other houses to attend beforehand. Therefore I have no idea what is happening, and I don’t really know who is attending the open house. It’s merely bloggers who knows each other and I am there, being just a small blogger which no one know about. It is quite scary. Haha. And oh yes, I did climbed up the Broga Hill earlier that morning. Yes I do! Haha.

011 edit

* Broga Hill moment! I shall do a blog about this soon! *

IMG_8895 edit

First thing first when I entered the gate, I saw this pretty girl, coming my way as she is leaving at that moment. Her name is Ayu! :) We chit chat for a while and I asked her where is the registration counter. She guided me and we split after that.

I went straight to the registration counter to register and was expecting a goodie bag. But I was quite disappointed that to have to goodie bag, I have to do certain things ( I know wayy too much diva demand! haha :P)

After registered myself with a plus one which is my boyfie, we had to play some games in order to get those goodie bag. I really want one. Haha. Being used to received goodie bags from attending several events, I know I can be quite demanding. We took some photos around the house. Well, I also met with Iqa during my registration time so we took a photo together! :)

IMG_8900 editIMG_8911 edit

This is me, at the U mobile room. Since they are doing this open house at a real bungalow house, there are rooms for activities. For example U mobile room has the activity of do a free call to win some prizes, do tweet u mobile or something like that.


This is the Ambi Pur room where you can play Batu Seremban & Congkak there and also to take pictures with the given AmbiPur products to win some AmbiPur prizes! So that is how their goodie bags turn out to be! Pretty nice idea! :)

IMG_8926 edit

There is also an unlimited photobooth for us to take pictures and have fun with the props by Wow Booth! I love Wow Booth as the pictures are really really bright with some really nice background when they printed it out! <3

Right after our photo booth session, I met with this incredible food blogger which I sendiri pun kagum which is Mahamahu!

IMG_8910 edit

Just look at how sporting he is when I asked to take a photo with him! Haha. Do visit his blog guys! You’ll feel really hungry after that I can assure you! :D

IMG_8906IMG_8909 edit

Also one of the activities are to pinned in some notes on the note board so I did write Selamat Hari Raya on a small piece of paper and pinned it on the board. :D Another activity checked!

008 edit

Last but not least, I have to write what is #thebestfree that I could think of. To me, the best free is Smile. I know very cliché but that’s the truth I guess. Smile, it is free after all. :)

IMG_8912 edit

So now it is time to redeem the prize! or should I say goodie bag. Hehe. I have not completed all of the activities but I think it is okay as not many people are sporting enough to be friends with me as I am a really non famous blogger. Nevertheless, I did have fun and that’s all that matters! :)

IMG_8924 edit

So this is some of the items inside the goodie bag! Ambi Pur collections, some Carama vouchers and Doof’s vouchers as well! Not to forget Joy Dishwashing liquid too!

Sorry I did not take the photo of the foods. :( Well, I actually had to leave early as well to run some other errands. But I did have fun despite by just being there for nearly one hour. The Nuffnang people were soooo friendly and I do hope that I could join their future events.

Thank you Nuffnang Malaysia for the invite!

Till then,


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

BOTD : Urban Decay Electric Palette

Hello everyone! Thank you for keep on supporting me all this while. I have been buying a lot of makeup items for the past month and now it is the time for a review / haul on the Urban Decay Electric palette!

At first, when I saw this palette at Sephora, I was reluctant whether I should get it or not. It costs quite some Ringgits so I really need to do more review about this palette. When I have decided that I am going to purchase it anyway, it was out of stock. Luckily my home town in Penang has Sephora outlet and when I went there, they do have it in stock so I straight away purchased it. Yahoo!

IMG_8877 edit

I knew the existence of this palette for quite some time actually. It was way before they even out in the USA! I subscribe to xsparkagex YouTube channel and she received this palette for a review and I managed to watch several of her tutorials using this palette. From the packaging itself, you know that this is not some ordinary boring neutrals palette. It’ll be the palette that you have never seen before.

IMG_8878 edit

At the back of the box, it stated the names and colors of the pigments. Bright, vibrant colors all together. This palette has 10 pigments, very nicely picked colors I would say. I am not a bright colors kind of person that is why I need to further my research on this palette before I purchased it.

IMG_8882 edit

Just look at those yummy pigments. I know some of you might say, what? Who is going to wear those colors anyway? Bright pink? Blue? Well, I am like that too. Keep on asking questions on who, why when am I doing to even use this palette. But, I purchased it anyway and I am really really really happy with the colors and quality of the pigments as well.

IMG_8886 edit

These are the swatches of the top row of the pigments inside this palette. Please bear in mind that these swatches are WITHOUT any primers what-so-ever and it is being swatched using my fingers and not a brush.

Revolt : Shimmering silver with silver micro dust.

Gonzo : An aqua blue color. It has a matte finishing to it.

Slowburn : A vampy red color and matte as well.

Savage : Really cool tone pink color. Matte as well.

Fringe : Turquoise blue color with tiny silver dust in it. Shimmer.

IMG_8889 edit

I can surely say that the bottom row are my favorite pigments inside this palette. It is way creamier, way easier to handle and way easier to blend. And of course, these are without any primers.

Chaos : Matte royal blue color.

Jilter : Satiny finished maroon color. NICE!

Urban : Satiny finished purple.

Freak : Satiny finished mint green. My favorite color ever!

Trash : Gold digger gold with a gold specks in it.

IMG_8893 edit

This palette includes a useable dual ended brush as well! One side is a normal eye shadow brush and on the other side is a smaller version of an eye shadow brush, suitable for lower lash line application.

So far, I have been loving the colors inside the palette but the bottom row really does makes me want to use it even more! It is creamier, really pigmented and last really long!

Just bear in mind that whenever you apply these pigments, please use a primer as it will stain your eyes. You would not want a red eyelids don’t you? I know this as it did happened to me previously.

You can also use these pigments as an eyeliner as well. Do wet just a tiny bit of your eyeliner brush and use these to create a bold color eyeliner.

I really do love this palette and I suggest if you are still contemplating, you can take your time and do more research on this. I know some might think that they wont be using these color anyway then why should they buy it? It is all up to you to decide. I am loving my palette at the moment!

Till then,


Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Food Porn : Pizza Hut New & Improved!

Herlo everybody! I cant wait to blog about this event that I attended last week. This is actually the first food tasting event I attended ever! I am super excited as they did it after working hours therefore I would not want to miss it at all.

The event was held at Pizza Hut, Pavillion. It starts at about 7.30 pm for registration and 8.00 pm is the arrival of Mr. Low Kang Moon, the Senior General Manager, Pizza Hut Malaysia and right after that the real event starts. They had a contest running during the earlier part of the event which is to take a selfie and post it on instagram with the #guaranteebest & #Pizzahutmalaysia and tag @pizzahutmalaysia. Well, say it no more! I did post it out and I did won a prize because of that! Haha. Selfie queen? :P

IMG_8724 edit

So I bet all of you must be hell waiting what is the so called New and Improved pan pizza. Well, pizza hut has always have the best pan pizza around. I really do love the crust of their pizza I can eat just them alone. Now, Pizza Hut has around 16 toppings to choose from, including 3 new toppings!

pizzaIMG_8809 edit

The event started with Mr. Low’s speech on how he has passions for to create a really good quality pizza. In fact, Pizza Hut does have a pizza inspector which inspects all the pizza which came out from the oven. Wow!

To me, my favorite will always be the old school Hawaiian Chicken but now they have BBQ Chicken as well, I love that one too!


Apart from the pizzas, Pizza Hut also introduces their new ranges of foods in the new menu as well. 18 of them to be exact! We did tasted several new menus and it was delicious! I really recommend you to try out their Fondue. It was one of the best ever! It’s creamy, it has just the right amount of cheese and saltiness in it. It is perfecto!

IMG_8775 edit

Apart from new food items on the menu, Pizza Hut did also came around this time with new drinks sequencers as well! We did get to taste one of the drinks which is the Tiramisu Treat and it smells EXACTLY like Play Doh! I do not kid you all! It does! And when you smell it, it’s like you can’t get away with the Play Doh scent! But it taste really good! It has a touch of mint to it with some tiramisu taste. Weird I know but trust me on the taste, it is yummy!


That’s the shot glass that we had out Tiramisu Treat drinks.

As far as I am concern, this time around Pizza Hut did make some play around with Pesto. They have Pesto Pizza and also Pasta. To those who are not familiar with Pesto, it is an authentic Italian thing whereby consists of Basil, crushed garlic, European Pine Nuts grounded with olive oil. It does have that weird taste for those who tasted it for the first time ever. Some may like some may not.

IMG_8843 edit

The above picture is the platters. Really really yummy especially for their chicken wings! Oh my God it’s like heaven here now in Pizza Hut.

Well, I bet you would want to run to Pizza Hut now to taste their new and improved Pan Pizza. I suggest you to try their old toppings to compare with the previous Pizza Hut’s pizza with this new one. They did improved with a really soft dough with a really really crunchy but yet softest crust!

We really did have the best night ever! We tasted few pizzas, pastas and also starters! That is just impossible for me as I am not a huge eater but during that night, I can eat around 3 pizzas, few criss cut potatoes and also some garlic breads. Phew! All are happy in my tummy that night!

I also did met with several bloggers and these were the ones that I have had the chance to take photos with!

IMG_8851 editIMG_8748 edit

Well, le boyfie do not want to miss this chance too! He did tried to take a selfie with Mr. Low! Haha.

IMG_8816 edit

Remember I said that I won a prize from taking a selfie photo? Here’s the prize giving picture presented by Ms. Sharon Khor.


I would like to thank Pizza Hut Malaysia for this opportunity. Hopefully everybody will love the new selections from Pizza Hut. Do visit your nearest Pizza Hut today to give it a try! :)

Monday, August 18, 2014

WINNER! Loreal Paris White Perfect Total 10~

Hello everybody! As you may know I did a little contest with Loreal sometime ago.

And here is the result!



Nor Elle & Fatimah Khaidir


Manjit Samra & Elana Khong!

I have send out the messages to you through facebook. Only one of you needs to fill up the form for each dup. Do check your facebook inbox messages or in “others” tab. :)

Thank you for joining the giveaway contest! Hope you all like the gifts!

BOTD : Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color

IMG_8869 edit

Tadaa! Hello everybody! Today is the day when I would want to review this one lipstick that you can only get it online here in Malaysia! It’s the Wet n Wild Megalast Lip Color! By just reading the name of this lipstick, you’d know that at least it is a lasting lipstick.

I was approached by Joanne of ColorsCosmeticsMalaysia website. Colors Cosmetics Malaysia (CCM) sells a lot of overseas brands of makeups and accessories. Those brands which are not being sold in any drugstore in Malaysia you may search here at CCM. They might have it! :D

IMG_8867 edit

So this little baby has a lot of other colors as well! Ranges from cold to warm color! I was being told that this lipstick lasts for about 4 hours which is super great! It is also claimed to have semi-matte finishing but I disagree with this statement whole heartedly. It is a matte finishing lipstick and not semi matte. It feels dry on the lips when applying therefore, what makes it a long lasting lip product!

IMG_8873 edit

It does not feather, cake and glides very smoothly on my lips! Which is a plus for a matte finishing lipstick! I adore this color that I chose which is Rose-Bud. Once you applied this lip stick on, it wont dries up your lip skin even though it has a matte finishing texture. I have a very very sensitive lip skin and it tends to be dry if I applied a non suitable lip products but with this one, I am safe!

IMG_8871 edit

The color of the lipstick is gorgeous! I know I do have weird looking lips but what can I do, I have sexy lips and I know it. Haha! :P Rose-bud is a light pink color, suitable for everyday wear. I wear this to work and surprisingly, no one suspect anything at all! Maybe the color of this lipstick is similar to my lip color as well. One application of this lipstick is enough to cover the whole lip as it is highly pigmented!

IMG_8872 edit

Just look at that sexy color. Who would want to resists!

This adorable lipstick, you can get it from

Colors Cosmetics Malaysia


RM16 (excluding posting)

Get it now before it is being sold out!

Till then,


Saturday, August 16, 2014

BOTD : Whitening Lightning Color Your Smile Lighted Lip Gloss

Happy Saturday all! It’s my blogging day today. I have set my mind to blog at least 3 times per week. Hopefully I could achieve that target. Well anyway, today is a beauty product review blog entry and I have been playing with this product for nearly 2 weeks now. I think it is sufficient enough for a review right? Hehe.

I would like to ask you, have you heard about Whitening Lightning products before this? If you have been on YouTube and have been watching YouTube videos for quite sometime and if you follow Jaclyn Hill on YouTube, you will definitely going to recognize this brand instantly.

Whitening Lightning starts as a whitening products for teeth. Their teeth whitening products are quite well known and does shows results instantly with regular usage. I would love to try their teeth whitening products too maybe in the future.

IMG_8653 edit

The products that I purchased from Thefashionette_Sisters is their Lighted Lip Gloss line. Well, talking about lip glosses I bet if you have been following me for a while, you’d know that I do not really like lip glosses. I did try to like them but some just makes me feel like in trauma wearing lip glosses. I prefer lip creams instead of lip glosses. Lip creams are just like lip gloss but less stickier.

IMG_8654 edit

This lip gloss is just like the others. With its clear plastic packaging, looking sleek and yummy! I love square shaped products. Easier for me to store and place it anywhere and it looks really nice on my eyes.

IMG_8655 edit

It has a normal doe foot applicator with a hint of led lights inside the cap for application in the dark purposes. I don’t think that is good as when you are trying to apply it during day time, you cant see the gloss color while you apply. I hope that they could do some sort of an on/off button for us to off the lights whenever is not needed.

IMG_8664 edit

It also comes with a useable mirror for faster application. But to some pros, they could just apply any lip products without even looking in the mirror. I can do that too, with a lip balms. Haha.

Want to know more of the best things about this lip gloss? Do stay and read more. First of all, when you see the word lip gloss what pops out of your mind? To me, sticky and shining glossy watery texture. I hate sticky lip glosses and that makes me feel a little bit trauma to use lip glosses. Therefore, after several hours watching YouTube videos, reading reviews and all those important stuffs I decided to give this one a try.

IMG_8660 editIMG_8665 edit

Only one application of this lip gloss, gives the lipstick / lip cream like effect of the lips! It is damn pigmented! This is so not a gloss to me and definitely not an ordinary sheer lip gloss.

It does feels a little bit sticky but as long as it feels like a lip stick kind of texture, I am okay with it. This is a gorgeous barbie pink color named FIJI, which makes me look like a drag queen when ever I wear it which is nice. It makes other people think what gender I am actually. HAHA. :P

IMG_8663 edit

Trying to pose like a poser here. Haha. Well, as you can see that pigmented Barbie pink lip gloss that I have there. It is very pigmented for a lip gloss. I can just use this alone without any lipsticks underneath.

list WL

If you are interested in purchasing this lip gloss, you may click on the link below (Instagram) :


But it is on stock basis. You can ask for the latest stocks available through her Whatsapp number.

One tube for RM88 (excluding postage)

Till then,


Friday, August 15, 2014

Drama Review : Rindu Awak 200%

Hello everybody! I think in this entry i would want to cakap campur campur sikit. Haha. Well, i am not a TV person. I am more towards laptop / gadgets person. In fact, i tengok TV pun through my iPad or sometimes laptop. I don't really know why i am like that. Maybe because i have certain channels that i like to watch that others don't and whenever i want to watch TV, there's always someone watching. Therefore, this section Drama Review wont be up quite regularly lah ye. 

Nowadays, everybody is talking about this one drama, Rindu Awak 200%. I pun terjebak sekali since tengok kat TV during Raya holidays. Well, i used to be very active in watching Malay dramas especially those yang tayangan dia petang but since dah kerja, i did not watch TV that much. I can even survive without watching TV for a month or two. I used to follow each episode of Manjalara, Sutera Maya etc. All those dramas with a lot of episodes that feels like it is never ending macam drama Spanish! Haha.

Why is this drama so popular? I have done my own studies and found out that people do watch drama because of the main actors. Kalau handsome & cantik, laku lah drama tu. And the only yang pandai berlakon is the main actors only. The rest tak perlu nak pandai sangat. Like this drama, the two main actors memang sepadan je berlakon. I like Zul's acting cause it does not look like he's acting at al. Bersahaja i could say. Maybe that's why people like him so much in this drama. Plus, there is no man like that ever i guess. Haha. We girls like to dream big, aren't we? 

First of all, this drama is an adaptation from Alaf21 Karangkraf novel, written by Liyana Zahim. I am a reader, i dont really like books turns into a drama but i was really really keen to know if the script is 100% from the book ofrthe script writer needs to adjust a bit here and there? Well, i guess i have to be part of the drama to know how is it? Macam mana nak jadi pelakon eh? Haha. :P For me, Zul Ariffin's name did rise up a lot during this drama series. Maybe because he's a good looking man and a good actor as well. I know he's buff, he has the look and whenever he talks, it's like the words yang keluar from his mouth tu no matter how sharp it is, it will sound blunt to all. Faham ke tak? Haha.

I am not going to talk about each episodes, but i think some of the scene is just not right for me. That's the problem when you tend to convert a book / novel to a drama / movie. Some just looks good in our imagination and not in visionary. I am not a good drama critic but i know some people might notice there's a slight improvements needed. Ada konti yang tak jaga, pelakon pakai makeup during tidur. Nampak macam kurang logical kat situ. But then again, that's not the major problem lah. It's nothing basically but still i would like to say that since Zul Ariffin acting is so natural, some unnatural things yang terjadi menampakkan macam tak best pulak. And one more thing, some of the pelakon can't even act. Well, i am not saying any names here and i am not an actor's critique, but i think i can act more natural than them. Well, just saying. :P Sorry if i offended anybody here. Hehe

Well, i know everybody memang tengan gila kat Zul Ariffin now. I think kudos to Ayda Jebat as well for a superbly acting scene. Boleh berlakon scene menangis dengan jayanya! 

Well, i think i shall comment more on this drama soon. Still trying to finish all of the episodes. Yes, i watch this drama through my laptop through :) Savvy tech sangat kan? HAHA. 

Next Drama to review : Kristal Maya (ada my brother!)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Hello everybody! Finally I get my hands on these brand. I have heard, read, watch a lot about this brand already. Some say it is expensive but good, some say it is just a so so brand and could not compete with other pioneer brands like M.A.C or Bobbi Brown.

To me, NARS is an urban new brand here in Malaysia. Out of all of their makeup items, I picked two things which I think I would use until it finishes.

IMG_8673 editIMG_8675 edit

Like what you see? Want me to do a review about these two products?

Do let me know!


Till then,


Monday, August 11, 2014

BOTD : Glam Glow YouthMud-Mask Review


Hello everybody! Yes! I am back again with another review that I am really satisfy with! Well not that I am not satisfied with all my previous review but this time, it’s like baby’s butt satisfy! Why so? It started because of this mask called, Glam Glow.

I was quite lucky to be part of the review team for this face mask. I have been eyeing on this mask, been watching a lot of YouTube reviews about it and yes, I have been nagging about the price of this mask as well. Well, for me a mask will always be a mask. It wont be showing up any results on the first application and you have to use it quite frequently to see the result.

I was TOTALLY WRONG with this one.

Introducing, Glam Glow Mud Mask! A mask that is being RAVED about in so many countries in the world now! And it is worth the rave I tell you!


Do not judge the inside by its bottle. I know the tube is quite tiny but this is the most powerful tiny little tube of mask that I have ever laid my hands on! I swear to you if you still have not yet try this product, do go and ask for a sample from someone who sell its sample size and try it. I know the full bottle can be very expensive but trust me, once you got your face covered with this mud mask, you’ll find that other sheet masks are just plain…ordinary.


As the tube that I received is quite smudgy on the front side, the back side is perfectly fine. It is just that I could not read some of the writings cause it is way to small for my eyes to read.

Designed as a 10-minute professional ‘facial in a jar’ for behind-the-scenes use in Hollywood’s Entertainment, Music, Fashion & Award industries, YOUTHMUD™ provides immediate camera-ready glowing skin. NEW Patented TEAOXI® technology with real Green Tea Leaf is the ‘magic’ behind our
powerful anti-aging and anti-wrinkle results, delivering fresh antioxidants directly into the mud to hydrate, balance oil production and fight free radical damage. French Sea Clay works to detoxify & awaken the skin by drawing out impurities, while Ivy helps tone, tighten and lift the skin. Revitalize dull, dry skin with Volcanic Rock multi-level surface exfoliation & experience smoother, brighter, softer skin. Get your Youthful Sexy Glow back in just 10 minutes.

Sourced from Glam-Glow website


This is not some ordinary mud mask that you can get from the naturals of volcanic places. Yes those are the most effective mud mask ever as it’s au naturale, but this one is not bad either! What I really do love about this YouthMud Mask is that it has REAL GREEN TEA leaf inside the mud itself! As many of us know, green tea has a lot of benefits in it and one of it is to become an antioxcidants. It also has some tiny beads of scrubs / exfoliators leaving our skin really really smooth and soft after application!


I know I did have WAYYY to much fun applying this mud mask! I know I did applied just a thin layer of it cause I do not want to finish it off just by one application. Boo hoo I am a cheapskate. :P


Just ignore my acne marks but look at that beauty mud mask, drying there on my face. Once applied, this mask will dries up in just about a minute and those black thingy are the green tea leaves. I know it looks gross once you pumped it from the tube (but this mask is actually selling in a jar so you have to scoop it out) but the scent of the mud mask is simply clarifying! Surprisingly, it does not tingles my face skin at all which is really nice! It has a very nice and clean feelings and it does not suck my face skin that much, making me still can move my lips and nose a little bit. Well, maybe because I just applied a thin layer of the mask.


Shine bright like a diamond! Yay! After 10 minutes, I washed off the mud mask with warm water and this is the result of my face! Well, you can’t see that much of a difference but you can absolutely FEEL a huge difference between before and after. My skin feels really smooth & soft right after! Even the exfoliators are not that harsh so it does not leave any redness on my face skin after I rubbed my face with it during the mask clean up.

So far, I have applied this mask twice after I received it and I am absolutely in LOVE with it. I am no more being skeptical about this mud mask anymore and I think, I might be purchasing this one soon! I know! It is expensive but believe me, you will never regret buying this face mask ever! I don’t really raved a product that has been raved before but this one is different cause it really does work and I do feel the differences!

I would like to thank the Butterfly Projects Malaysia for this opportunity and thank you Glam Glow as well!


The Butterfly Projects Malaysia Facebook :

Glam Glow Facebook :

Till then,


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