Tuesday, August 26, 2014

BOTD : Urban Decay Electric Palette

Hello everyone! Thank you for keep on supporting me all this while. I have been buying a lot of makeup items for the past month and now it is the time for a review / haul on the Urban Decay Electric palette!

At first, when I saw this palette at Sephora, I was reluctant whether I should get it or not. It costs quite some Ringgits so I really need to do more review about this palette. When I have decided that I am going to purchase it anyway, it was out of stock. Luckily my home town in Penang has Sephora outlet and when I went there, they do have it in stock so I straight away purchased it. Yahoo!

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I knew the existence of this palette for quite some time actually. It was way before they even out in the USA! I subscribe to xsparkagex YouTube channel and she received this palette for a review and I managed to watch several of her tutorials using this palette. From the packaging itself, you know that this is not some ordinary boring neutrals palette. It’ll be the palette that you have never seen before.

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At the back of the box, it stated the names and colors of the pigments. Bright, vibrant colors all together. This palette has 10 pigments, very nicely picked colors I would say. I am not a bright colors kind of person that is why I need to further my research on this palette before I purchased it.

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Just look at those yummy pigments. I know some of you might say, what? Who is going to wear those colors anyway? Bright pink? Blue? Well, I am like that too. Keep on asking questions on who, why when am I doing to even use this palette. But, I purchased it anyway and I am really really really happy with the colors and quality of the pigments as well.

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These are the swatches of the top row of the pigments inside this palette. Please bear in mind that these swatches are WITHOUT any primers what-so-ever and it is being swatched using my fingers and not a brush.

Revolt : Shimmering silver with silver micro dust.

Gonzo : An aqua blue color. It has a matte finishing to it.

Slowburn : A vampy red color and matte as well.

Savage : Really cool tone pink color. Matte as well.

Fringe : Turquoise blue color with tiny silver dust in it. Shimmer.

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I can surely say that the bottom row are my favorite pigments inside this palette. It is way creamier, way easier to handle and way easier to blend. And of course, these are without any primers.

Chaos : Matte royal blue color.

Jilter : Satiny finished maroon color. NICE!

Urban : Satiny finished purple.

Freak : Satiny finished mint green. My favorite color ever!

Trash : Gold digger gold with a gold specks in it.

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This palette includes a useable dual ended brush as well! One side is a normal eye shadow brush and on the other side is a smaller version of an eye shadow brush, suitable for lower lash line application.

So far, I have been loving the colors inside the palette but the bottom row really does makes me want to use it even more! It is creamier, really pigmented and last really long!

Just bear in mind that whenever you apply these pigments, please use a primer as it will stain your eyes. You would not want a red eyelids don’t you? I know this as it did happened to me previously.

You can also use these pigments as an eyeliner as well. Do wet just a tiny bit of your eyeliner brush and use these to create a bold color eyeliner.

I really do love this palette and I suggest if you are still contemplating, you can take your time and do more research on this. I know some might think that they wont be using these color anyway then why should they buy it? It is all up to you to decide. I am loving my palette at the moment!

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