Friday, August 15, 2014

Drama Review : Rindu Awak 200%

Hello everybody! I think in this entry i would want to cakap campur campur sikit. Haha. Well, i am not a TV person. I am more towards laptop / gadgets person. In fact, i tengok TV pun through my iPad or sometimes laptop. I don't really know why i am like that. Maybe because i have certain channels that i like to watch that others don't and whenever i want to watch TV, there's always someone watching. Therefore, this section Drama Review wont be up quite regularly lah ye. 

Nowadays, everybody is talking about this one drama, Rindu Awak 200%. I pun terjebak sekali since tengok kat TV during Raya holidays. Well, i used to be very active in watching Malay dramas especially those yang tayangan dia petang but since dah kerja, i did not watch TV that much. I can even survive without watching TV for a month or two. I used to follow each episode of Manjalara, Sutera Maya etc. All those dramas with a lot of episodes that feels like it is never ending macam drama Spanish! Haha.

Why is this drama so popular? I have done my own studies and found out that people do watch drama because of the main actors. Kalau handsome & cantik, laku lah drama tu. And the only yang pandai berlakon is the main actors only. The rest tak perlu nak pandai sangat. Like this drama, the two main actors memang sepadan je berlakon. I like Zul's acting cause it does not look like he's acting at al. Bersahaja i could say. Maybe that's why people like him so much in this drama. Plus, there is no man like that ever i guess. Haha. We girls like to dream big, aren't we? 

First of all, this drama is an adaptation from Alaf21 Karangkraf novel, written by Liyana Zahim. I am a reader, i dont really like books turns into a drama but i was really really keen to know if the script is 100% from the book ofrthe script writer needs to adjust a bit here and there? Well, i guess i have to be part of the drama to know how is it? Macam mana nak jadi pelakon eh? Haha. :P For me, Zul Ariffin's name did rise up a lot during this drama series. Maybe because he's a good looking man and a good actor as well. I know he's buff, he has the look and whenever he talks, it's like the words yang keluar from his mouth tu no matter how sharp it is, it will sound blunt to all. Faham ke tak? Haha.

I am not going to talk about each episodes, but i think some of the scene is just not right for me. That's the problem when you tend to convert a book / novel to a drama / movie. Some just looks good in our imagination and not in visionary. I am not a good drama critic but i know some people might notice there's a slight improvements needed. Ada konti yang tak jaga, pelakon pakai makeup during tidur. Nampak macam kurang logical kat situ. But then again, that's not the major problem lah. It's nothing basically but still i would like to say that since Zul Ariffin acting is so natural, some unnatural things yang terjadi menampakkan macam tak best pulak. And one more thing, some of the pelakon can't even act. Well, i am not saying any names here and i am not an actor's critique, but i think i can act more natural than them. Well, just saying. :P Sorry if i offended anybody here. Hehe

Well, i know everybody memang tengan gila kat Zul Ariffin now. I think kudos to Ayda Jebat as well for a superbly acting scene. Boleh berlakon scene menangis dengan jayanya! 

Well, i think i shall comment more on this drama soon. Still trying to finish all of the episodes. Yes, i watch this drama through my laptop through :) Savvy tech sangat kan? HAHA. 

Next Drama to review : Kristal Maya (ada my brother!)

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