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Nuffnang Raya Open House #NNRaya

Hello everybody! I was being invited by Nuffnang to join their 2014 Raya open house last week. It was indeed a joyful moment for me as I love open house! Like seriously! Haha. If I could, I’ll go to every open houses invitation that I received. I love seeing the foods and desserts and drinks. I do not eat that much though.

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I arrived quite late around 5pm as I do have other houses to attend beforehand. Therefore I have no idea what is happening, and I don’t really know who is attending the open house. It’s merely bloggers who knows each other and I am there, being just a small blogger which no one know about. It is quite scary. Haha. And oh yes, I did climbed up the Broga Hill earlier that morning. Yes I do! Haha.

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* Broga Hill moment! I shall do a blog about this soon! *

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First thing first when I entered the gate, I saw this pretty girl, coming my way as she is leaving at that moment. Her name is Ayu! :) We chit chat for a while and I asked her where is the registration counter. She guided me and we split after that.

I went straight to the registration counter to register and was expecting a goodie bag. But I was quite disappointed that to have to goodie bag, I have to do certain things ( I know wayy too much diva demand! haha :P)

After registered myself with a plus one which is my boyfie, we had to play some games in order to get those goodie bag. I really want one. Haha. Being used to received goodie bags from attending several events, I know I can be quite demanding. We took some photos around the house. Well, I also met with Iqa during my registration time so we took a photo together! :)

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This is me, at the U mobile room. Since they are doing this open house at a real bungalow house, there are rooms for activities. For example U mobile room has the activity of do a free call to win some prizes, do tweet u mobile or something like that.


This is the Ambi Pur room where you can play Batu Seremban & Congkak there and also to take pictures with the given AmbiPur products to win some AmbiPur prizes! So that is how their goodie bags turn out to be! Pretty nice idea! :)

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There is also an unlimited photobooth for us to take pictures and have fun with the props by Wow Booth! I love Wow Booth as the pictures are really really bright with some really nice background when they printed it out! <3

Right after our photo booth session, I met with this incredible food blogger which I sendiri pun kagum which is Mahamahu!

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Just look at how sporting he is when I asked to take a photo with him! Haha. Do visit his blog guys! You’ll feel really hungry after that I can assure you! :D

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Also one of the activities are to pinned in some notes on the note board so I did write Selamat Hari Raya on a small piece of paper and pinned it on the board. :D Another activity checked!

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Last but not least, I have to write what is #thebestfree that I could think of. To me, the best free is Smile. I know very cliché but that’s the truth I guess. Smile, it is free after all. :)

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So now it is time to redeem the prize! or should I say goodie bag. Hehe. I have not completed all of the activities but I think it is okay as not many people are sporting enough to be friends with me as I am a really non famous blogger. Nevertheless, I did have fun and that’s all that matters! :)

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So this is some of the items inside the goodie bag! Ambi Pur collections, some Carama vouchers and Doof’s vouchers as well! Not to forget Joy Dishwashing liquid too!

Sorry I did not take the photo of the foods. :( Well, I actually had to leave early as well to run some other errands. But I did have fun despite by just being there for nearly one hour. The Nuffnang people were soooo friendly and I do hope that I could join their future events.

Thank you Nuffnang Malaysia for the invite!

Till then,


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